Author's note: Hey guys

Author's note: Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, so I hope you guys like it!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Twilight books. Stephenie Meyer does.

My Breaking Dawn Story

Edward drove me home to tell Charlie the news that we are getting married. I can't think straight. Charlie's going to be mad. Edward saw my worried face and said, "I'm here Bella," Smiling that crooked smile that I love so much.

I couldn't help but smile back. Edward stopped the car in front of Charlie's house.

Edward was already there opening my door when I looked out my window. We walked to the house.

I tried to walk slowly but Edward walked at a faster pace then I did. We got to the door quicker then I'd hoped. I opened the door and started walking in. Edward followed me holding my hand.

"Bella is that you?" Charlie asked from the living room.

"Yes," I said softly walking with Edward to the living room. We stopped when we got to the living room.

"What's up Bells?" Charlie asked getting up to face us.

"Well… um…" I started to say but then stopped.

Edward started talking looking at me then Charlie "Charlie I have asked Bella if she would marry me," he said still looking at Charlie.

Charlie looked at me for a long time then said, "And…?" still looking at me.

I said nervously, "And I said yes." I stared at Charlie waiting flinching.

"Bella…" he started to yell but then looked at Edward and said "I would like to talk to Bella." he said looking at me again.

Then I started saying "Da-.." then Edward looked at me and said "Yes sir." kissing my forehead then leaving me. Why did he do that? Why did he leave me with this??

"Bella.." Charlie started to say sitting down. "Come sit by me," he said very softly. I thought that maybe this would be easier then I thought sitting down by my dad.

"Dad," I said then looked at him.

He started to talk, "Bella your 18 years old. You're too young.."

I interrupted him saying, "Dad you can't say tha-," He interrupted me. I stared at the floor.

"Bella look at me." Charlie said

I look up into his eyes. I couldn't tell if he was mad. "Bella, is this what you want?" he asked me.

I nodded. Charlie raised his voice a little and said, "You want to marry that boy who left you and hurt you?" he paused and then started talking again. "What if things don't work out, Bella? What if he leaves you again?" He looked at me seriously.

I can't believe he brought this up again after I told him that Edward wasn't going away. He's going to stay with me forever. Edward and I are one and I feel lost without him.

Charlie started talking again. "Bella you're too young to make that decision right now," he started to walk away when I stopped him.

"Dad I am the illegal age of moving out and I have made the decision to marry Edward, he's all I want why not?" I asked.

Charlie stared at me, and then said, "What about Jacob? I thou-"

I interrupted him and said, "Dad, Jacob is my friend, my best friend. I love him as a friend, but Edward I want to be with forever. I don't want to leave him." I looked at Charlie and he was looking at me. We looked at each other for a long time.

I finally looked at the floor again. Charlie came and gave me a hug. I started to cry hugging Charlie back. We stood there for a long time when finally my Dad whispered, "Don't cry Bella if… this… is… really what you want…" he pause as I looked at him and smiled hugging him tighter then before. He hugged me then said, "Bella don't do this if you don't want to."

"Dad Edward is all I want," I said giving him a stupid look then ran upstairs to my room.

When I got there Edward was sitting on my bed with a big smile. I stood there looking away from Edward and folded my arms frowning.

"Bella I'm sorry," Edward said before hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. I couldn't help but smile, but then I frowned again remembering I was mad at him.

"You said you wouldn't leave me with this," I said mad at him. I went to my bed and sat down. Edward followed me sitting by me.

"Bella I could see that Charlie was going to go nowhere with me there… Besides I was up here the whole time listening," Edward said patting my bed. I just looked in his eyes for a long time. Finally Edward said smiling, "Do you forgive me?"

I didn't answer. I just sat there looking in his eyes. Finally Edward leaned in to kiss me. I couldn't help but kiss him back. We were kissing on my bed when we heard a knock on the door.

"Bella, it's Renee, she wants to talk to you," Charlie said in the hall.

"Kay," I said before looking at Edward again.

"Your forgiven," I said before going out in the hall to get the phone from Charlie.

I came back in and sat next to Edward in my room. I looked at Edward. He was looking at me. I clicked the unmute button and said, "Mom…"