Authors Note: If you haven't read the book Hidden Passions then you will probably not understand where this story came from. I have read this book about 17 times and each time it gets better and better (if you have the change and haven't read it yet, go out and get the book, it gives you so much insight to what with the characters before the show came on the air.). The romance between Sam and Ivy just had me hooked. It is a true feel good romance shattered by some family issues. I would have loved to seen this place out on my TV screen. After reading it through I decided that I wanted to write this story and change the outcome of it. I hope you enjoy it. The only thing that I ask is please read and review)

Chapter 1: Ivy Winthrop-Crane

Looking over the cliff, down into the crystal clear water below, Ivy Crane sat on the edge just taking it all in. She ran her fingers softly over her slightly swollen stomach. She was only about three months along but with her small frame she was already starting to show. This should have been one of the happiest times in her life but instead it was filled so much sadness and so much dread. Ivy was stuck in a loveless marriage, a painless business deal that was arranged by her father and Alistair Crane, all at the expense of Ivy's true happiness. Unfortunately for Ivy she found out about the business deal after it was to late and was forced to stay in the marriage. She sighed softly remembering that night like it was yesterday.

"You may not love her, but you could do a whole lot worse than the governor's daughter. And from the looks of her. She'll be a hell of a good roll in the hay tonight. The Crane family will need heirs, don't forget that either. It's one of the things that keeps a family-run company appearing strong to outside investors."

Those words literally made her sick and sent her into the night.. Into the arms of the man that she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with, the man that she though would love her forever. Sam Bennett

"Sam, I know how you feel about me... and that you want to be with those other women. It's just that I needed to be close to you tonight."

Sam didn't want to be with any other women and they both realized that the summer of hell, not hearing from each other and believe each other gave up on the other, was caused by her father. Just to get her and Julian together to save her father's business. Her dad had a huge part in ruining her life.

"Say you'll marry me Ivy."

She had agree and promised to meet him the next day after she had her marriage to Julian annulled but that all changed as Ivy was met by her father and Alistair and learned the sad truth and what the impact might do to them. She agreed to stay in the marriage for her family sake and was silently delighted to find out that she was pregnant. Six weeks along with Sam's baby. She had made a vow to herself that no matter what she was going to protect this child. Even if it meant lying about who the father was and keeping the truth from the only man that she ever really loved. Ivy knew that if Alistair knew the truth he would not only destroy her but her family as well and she would never let that happen. So once she was sure she was pregnant she bedded Julian and claimed him to be the father.

Ivy sighed as she looked out to the water. It always looked beautiful this time of day and she always came here when she needed to think. It was the only real place in the world that she could be alone with her thoughts. She ran her fingers over her tear stained yes, the new found tears slowly running down her cheeks. "I am so sorry Sam. But I am doing this for..." She sighed a bit. "I am doing this to protect the people that I love and care about. I am doing this to protect you.." She cried softly as she repeated the sentiment over and over again like a broke record. She looked up to the sky wondering if her was staring at the same one thinking of her and who he might be laying next to.