Chapter 2- Sam Bennett

"Sam you know there is only one person in the world that I love more than anything else. You make me smile and you make me laugh and I love you much."

Laying in the bed Sam Bennett looked over at the girl. She was draped in nothing but a sheet. He sighed softly as he looked over the women before him. The sex, once again, was empty. Just like it always has been. Just like it was every time after Ivy. There was nothing there that counted at least not in the heart. He knew that he didn't love this girl, but like he didn't love the other ones he slept with and he made it very clear that he was not looking for anything but the physical parts of being with a women.

A few days ago Sam heard the crushing blow that nearly sent him over the edge. Ivy had come back from her honeymoon pregnant. She was carrying Julian Crane's child. She didn't waste any time jumping into bed with him and know that she was having another man's baby was the worst thing in the world for him to contend with. They were supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. They were supposed to be married but instead of that, she married a man that she claimed used her. A man that she claimed to hate. Sadly no matter who he was with he would lie there after a night of sex thinking of her, wondering what she was doing, if she was going to be a good mother to her child, if she was laying next to Julian, telling him that she loved him, making love to him. Sam sighed once again as he slowly got up from the bed sliding his pants on. He slipped the shirt up over his head and threw his shoes on. Taking a deep breath he walked to his car and got in. He drove down the highway stopping on a deserted side road. Placing his head on the steering wheel he thought back.

Are you sure you will be okay? Please won't you let me take you back to your parents house?

No, I told you I want to handle this Sam. I'll drive the Jaguar back to the Crane mansion, tell Julian I want an annulment, then let my parents know what I have decided. Tomorrow morning, it will all be over. I'll have my things packed and ready for us to drive to Boston. Then we will finally be together.

Sam closed his eyes tightly trying to forget that day ever happen as it played over in his mind.

Ten O'clock sharp, okay Ivy? Don't be late for our new life.

Sharp. I promise my love. Nothing could keep me away from you now.

He wiped away a few of the tears that started to fall from his face. He hated to cry over it but he couldn't help it. Not the way that he left. "How could you do this to us Ivy? How could you do this?" He questioned himself knowing that no answer would come. He wanted more than anything to confront her. Just to ask her how she could lie to him about everything. Ask her why she did it. But deep down inside, he knew why it happened. Julian was the man she loved and she just wanted one last night with the local boy. He gathered himself together, took a deep breath and driving down the road. He needed to think. Yesterday he decided that he was going to take that job in Boston, he needed to get away from Harmony. For weeks he Boston police had been begging him about taking a internship up there. They were even willing to help him finish his schooling. As much as he tried to put it off he knew that deep down inside doing it would be the best thing for him. It would get him away from Harmony. He found himself at Mount Overlook. The one place where he knew he could just think. The place that maybe his thoughts would not come to her.

He parked his care and got out stretching. The air up here was so clean and clear. Clearing his head here was the perfect thing for him. It was the place that he could just sit over the cliffs, stare down at the water and relax. He walked over to the cliff, his mind seemingly lost into the clouds. As he walked a bit closer, he ran straight into someone. The sun was blaring in his eye, and he could only tell that the person was a women. He reached his hand down to help them up. "I'm sorry I just wasn't paying attention. Are you oka...?" His voice quickly trailed off as he finally saw her face his heart feeling like it was nearly ready to stop. "Ivy."