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"You may now kiss the bride."

And then they were married and he felt like he could breathe again, he felt complete, like a new man, like his body had flown and flown up into the sky and burst, coming together as someone entirely different, someone who'd had a life so full of happiness that he had suffocated from it and he liked the feeling he felt, he couldn't believe that he had finally gotten to this point in his life, he was so excited for his world to begin again and now he'd have a family of his own, one he'd dreamed about since he was a child, here was his chance to start anew, make life great for his children, do anything to please his wife, and here she was and she looked so beautiful, so heavenly and even the voice in his head agreed with him when he voiced this opinion to anyone who would listen, she was his and always his and the wedding, the past few years proved that he meant everything to her and he never wanted to lose her because he'd feel lost and alone and he wouldn't know what to do except wilt but he knew that they'd be together for long, so long and that thought excited him more than anything but the thrill of this moment, he was ready, he was-

"You're thinking too hard again, love. Just kiss me. " Ginny whispered to him, her smile so full of life, this new life they were about to start together. And Harry leaned forward and did exactly as his new wife told him to.