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It is around 12 in the afternoon and Sakuno has just been released from her four night stay at the hospital. She was holding her new twin babies in her arms. Three days ago Sakuno gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.


The former Seigaku tennis team (except for Ryoma) and Tomoka was waiting outside the delivery room all jittery.

" What if Sakuno-chan doesn't make it? Then the baby will be motherless" (Oishi)

" S-stop saying that Oishi you are making me worried" Fuji gives Taka his racket "BURNING C'MON SAKUNO!"

Everyone sweatdrops.

Then there was a horrible scream that made all the guys jump. The screaming occured once again and out came two nurses each holding a baby one was wrapped in pink and the other in blue.

The nurses assumed that the first Person who jumps out of his seat would be the father because that is what usually happens, but once the nurses were in sight all the guys, including Tezuka, and Tomoka jumped out of their seat and ran to them.

Poor nurses, The were Tackled with questions.

" Hoi, Hoi look look every one Sakuno-chan had twins" ( I think you know who this is)

" Nurse is she okay? Did she have any problems? Is she awake?" (Oishi)


" Ii data..."

" Look how cute the babies are!" (Fuji)

" Of course they are cute, their Sakuno's" (Tomo)

" Fshhh.."

" Oh they ARE twins Eiji you owe me a dozen burgers!" (Momoshiro)

"...cute" (Tezuka)

Everyone froze when they heard their ex-buchou (captain) say the word...cute.

" A-Anou may I ask who the Father of these babies are?" Asked the nurse holding the baby girl.

Every one was silent...even Tomoka and Kikamaru.

" H-He isn't here right now" replied Tezuka.

The next three days passed by with everyone congragulating Sakuno and talking to her and keeping her company.

The babies were named Sakura and Yuki. ( I just love those names XD)


Fuji offered to take Sakuno home and she accepted his offer gratefully. He went to get the car. If anyone passed by they would easily mistaken Fuji as the father of the two babies and Sakuno being the mother.

As Fuji went to get the car, Sakuno put Sakura and Yuki into their strollers. As if on que Ryoma, the father of the twins, came running toward Sakuno.

" -pant, pant- G-Gomen Sakuno...it was an important match and I couldn't forfeit"

Hearing his so called apology Sakuno just blew up.

" Oh, so this match was more important that me? and being there for me when i'm giving birth to OUR kids? More important than helping me when I had morning sickness? or everything else? Because i'm sick of it, i'm, sick of being alone when your on you stupid trips or always waiting for you, or telling Fuji/Momo about all my problems instead of telling them to YOU!!"

Sakuno burst into tears.

" I'm-I'm sick of seeing you more on T.V. than in real life!"

"..." Ryoma had a guilty look on his face.

" I'm-I'm s-sorry but I want a d-divorce, Why don't you go and marry tannis instead since it is so important."

Sakuno left Ryoma there, speechless.

The next day Sakuno packed her stuff, while crying, and takes Sakura with her.

Ryoma stayed silent just watching his wife pack and leave him.

The only things she left was her wedding ring and Yuki, she took everything else including a part of his heart.

" Are you sure you want to do this Sakuno-chan?" asked Fuji

"-sniff- Y-yes"

" Then what about Yuki-kun?"

" Ryoma still has the right to have one of the twins -sniff- and I can't raise both of them by myself."

All morning her former senpais tried to change the brown haired womans mind but her dicision was final.

With that Sakuno left Echizen Ryoma and her son Echizen Yuki.


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