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Recap...(I knew there was a word for this)

"Sakuno, I'm...I'm sorry" Apologized Ryoma while looking anywhere but her face.

"What are you apologizing for" Asked Sakuno, even though she already knew. H-He hurt me so much and now, five years later, he wants to make things better? FIVE years later? Five whole freaking years? Thought Sakuno, angrily.

"You know... for choosing tennis over you" He said just above a whisper. Just then...

"Mommy/Daddy what are you doing in the closet?" Asked Sakura and Yuki who were standing there, in front of the opened closet door.

The said parents turned around.

"Nothing, Sakura, Yuki are you guys hungry?"Asked Sakuno, trying hard to change the subject.

"Oh. YEAH! Momma I'm starving!" Cried Sakura.

"Me TOO!" Cried Yuki.

The four walked downstairs into the dining room. During the meal the kids laughed and talked about their favorite shows and games, the parents watched and smiled sadly.

They both knew that they were going to have to separate the twins and make them say goodbye....soon.

New Chapter...

By the end of the meal it was already 3 o'clock, time goes by quick when you're having fun Thought Sakuno. She was currently washing the dishes when suddenly two arms wrapped around her waist. The action nearly made her drop the plate, nearly. She knew who's arms those belonged to, she felt it many times before, way before, a long time ago, in the past; Ryoma's embrace.

How could he even touch me? Does he have no guilt? She thought angrily. Ryoma snuggled his head into his ex-wife's neck, breathing in her scent. It's been too long. He thought sadly.

"What. Are. You. Doing?" Sakuno asked through clenched teeth.

"I'm hugging. Why?" He answered.

"How can you be doing this?" She asked, this time not angry, but sad. The tone of her voice told Ryoma that he had crossed the line. The brown haired woman didn't let the Tennis star answer.

"Don't you have any SHAME? Do you feel ANY guilt?" She questioned, with tears threatening to fall. He stayed silent, knowing that he should just let her scream at him, let her release all the emotions that were bottled up inside her, all the loneliness, sadness, anger that she felt over the years because of him.

He was ready for anything, a slap or a punch, but none of that happened. He looked down at the mother of his children and saw her figure shaking; she was crying. A wave of guilt washed over him. The reason she's crying is because me, this is all my fault, everything.

I did this.

Sakuno's Pov (point of view)

What am I doing? Tears haven't fallen in a long time. I promised myself that I wouldn't cry, so why? Why am I crying? Crying is a sign of weakness. Why am I showing weakness?

End of Pov

When Sakuno made a sign to move away, Ryoma held onto her tighter, refusing to let her go.

"Let me go." She murmured, just loud enough for Ryoma to hear. 'No,' was his simple reply as he held her in his strong arms.

"Please." She begged quietly, "Please let go of me."

The strain in her voice, the tears that cascaded down her face every time she said a word, it hurt him. The sight of her so vulnerable, so broken, it tortured him. Knowing that he was the cause of all this pain, it's killing him.

He let go of her, freeing her from his arms, he looked away, guilt etched in his expression.

"I'm Sorry." He whispered, walking away. The words were said too quietly, Sakuno barely heard it, but heard it nonetheless.

When his presence was no longer in the room, Sakuno fell to her knees. I'm so stupid! Why does he make me feel this way? Why, after all that he's done? Why am I still in love with him?

She stayed like that for a while, on the floor crying.

With the Kids

The twins have been watching T.V. intently since lunch was over. Their favorite show was having a marathon.

"Ne, Onii-chan, Do you really think that we can get my mama and your papa to get together?" Sakura asked when the anime was on commercial.

Yuki turned to his younger sister and smiled. "Yeah, You don't have a daddy and I don't have a mommy, so it's perfect!"

Before Sakura had time to doubt, Naruto came back on the screen and their attentions were focused solely on the T.V.

"Kakashi is so COOL!" Yelled Yuki as he jumped up and down on the couch.

"NO, Sasuke is Cooler!" Retorted Sakura who was, also, jumping up and down.

With Ryoma

The Tennis star walked up the stairs, heading for his room. He finds a drawing that Yuki and Sakura drew, most likely during his shower, on the floor and a small smile slowly appeared on his face. He peeked into the living room and saw his two children jumping on his couch together, laughing, smiling. If only it could be like this everyday. They don't even know that they are twins. He thought sadly, heaving a sigh.

Ryoma walked back into his room and laid on his king size bed, one that he use to share with Sakuno, and just reminisce on the past.


A very pregnant Sakuno walked into the empty house, grocery bags in hand.

She put the food down and carefully walked toward the light switch, as she flipped the switch no one came to greet her.

"Jun?" She cried out, not bothering to even call for her husband.

Right, I sent him on a small vacation since I almost killed him with that mood swing.

The brown haired woman chuckled at the memory.

I guess it's just me tonight, and Ryoma-kun, if he comes home. She thought sadly. This house is way too big.

Many of Sakuno's nights are spent like this. She would come home to nobody, because her good heart sends Jun on much needed vacations, make dinner, and eat all alone. Sometimes, maybe, Ryoma would come home by dinner, on an empty stomach, and he would eat with her.

The pregnant woman wobbled across the kitchen, cooking dinner, not knowing that Ryoma has been home, and watching her, the entire time.

Our tennis star had come home early that day because practice had been cancelled, the trainer called in a sick day, and Ryoma felt a little, tiny bit, guilty for leaving his wife alone; I haven't been with her for 3/4 of her pregnancy. If not more. He thought.

About five minutes after he got home, his wife entered, holding a big grocery bag, Pregnant woman shouldn't be holding heavy stuff. He noted, but before he had a chance to enter Sakuno called out to their butler, who was not there. Why didn't she call MY name?

Echizen Ryoma chose to just watch and see what his wife does when he's not home and she's all alone.

He saw how she wobbled across the kitchen and cooked dinner with a hand on her back, supporting it. Even if she was a ditsy and clumsy as a girl, she grew out of it, eventually. Ryoma noticed how the entire time, even if she pretended that everything was alright, how his wife looked sad, depressed;


When she finished making dinner, Sakuno set the table, but dropped a spoon. Darn, now I have to pick it up, one of the cons of being pregnant; you cannot pick stuff up when you're bloated. Sakuno noted in her head.

Ryoma watched as his wife attempted to pick up the spoon that was laying on the floor, she was a couple inches away, that being the most she can bend with the size of her stomach. The tennis star laughed inwardly at how funny his wife is, his laughter stopped when he saw Sakuno trip on a random tennis ball and fall in slow motion.

Sakuno closed her eyes tightly and put her arms around her belly, trying to protect her unborn children. She was awaiting her impact with the ground but it never came, opening her eyes, brown orbs stared into her husbands cat like ones,

"R-Ryoma-kun? What are you doing here? I thought you weren't home." She asked, voice slightly trembling.

"Hn, you almost fell, mada mada dane." He smirked, his earlier concern gone.

End Flashback...

I can't believe I didn't think of spending more time with her, she was lonely, even back then. If I would have done something, we wouldn't be like this right now,

our family wouldn't be torn apart.

Our children would know that they are brother and sister.

I would have saved a lot of tears from falling.

I would have saved a lot of heart ache.

I'm so stupid. She has always been there for me and I took her for granted.


Another flashback came up.


Ryoma was in bed sleeping, this was one of the days that he had the day off, no tennis. It's been nine months since he impregnanted Sakuno and she was ready to give birth any moment, so his mom and dad made their son stay with his wife.

"You should be there when Sakuno-chan is giving birth to our little grandbabies!" His mom cried out excitedly, one day.

Suddenly his phone went off.

"What?" Ryoma answered.

"Hey, guess what? You have a game! It's very important and I know the misses will understand, this game is going to decide the future of your tennis career!" Cried his manager over the phone. "Yeah, yeah I know your wife is gonna pop soon, but this is important! So you're going if you like it or not!"

The Tennis pro didn't have any say in the matter. The next thing he knew, his manager was at his door, with his stuff.

'Wait, Ryoma-kun, where are you going?" Sakuno cried, running up to him and holding his hand, forbidding his to leave.

"Well, , your husband here is going to play in a very important math, wish him luck!" Explained his manager.

"Wait outside." Ryoma ordered his manager. When the manager was out of sight, he turned to his wife.

"I'm sorry Saku-chan, but this is important." He apologized. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "Will you be back in time?" She questioned.

"Yes, I will, I promise." He said, giving her a swift chaste kiss he walked out the door. Before he left, he heard Sakuno whisper.


End of Flashback...

I didn't even get there in time. Che, what kind of person am I?

She was hurting so badly.

Her own HUSBAND wasn't there for her when she was giving birth.

After much thinking and contemplating, the Tennis star sat upright.

I will do whatever it takes to make everything better. We will be a family again.


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