"Can I Have A Kiss"

The war is ended, yet the coldness in the world remains. Three weeks since Voldemort fell and still the wizarding world had not recovered from the destruction and losses that occurred because of one man, one dark lord.

Hermione Granger had survived, unlike so many of the people she loved. Ron was gone, fallen from a killing curse sent by Bellatrix Lestrange. Fred was killed as well as Charlie, Ginny, and Luna. The rest of the Weasley clan was in such a mourning and Harry, poor Harry. He disappeared after seeing the cold, still body of Ginny sprawled on the ground. Her eyes had still been open, the engagement ring still on her finger. Who knows whether Harry will ever come back and if he does, will he be the same? But that is another story. This is a story of second chances, forgiveness and love.

Hermione survived because of one person. She lived because of a platinum blonde that jumped in and pushed her from the path of a killing curse sent by Voldemort himself. Draco Malfoy had saved Hermione Granger. Hermione had been shocked, to say the least. Sure Draco had pledged his devotion to good the day after Dumbledore's death, but he was still an arse and they still hated each other.

"What do you want in return for saving me?" Hermione asked Draco, who formed a hurt look on his face after hearing the sarcastic tone in her voice. They were sitting at a small café in Diagon Alley.

"Why would you ask me that?"

"Because you asked me to meet you today and it's the first time we spoke since the war. What is it you want, Malfoy?"

"Call me Draco. And as a matter of fact there is something I want. I want you to kiss me."

Excuse me for this
I just want a kiss

Hermione looked shocked. She thought she had misheard him.


"Since 1st year, you have been unattainable. You were the purest, brightest witch of the age. You were the reason I turned from my father's path. And I saved you because I didn't want to miss out on a chance to feel your lips touching mine. Just once."

I just want to know what it feels like to touch
Something so pure

"Malfoy, I-"

"Draco, please call me Draco."

"Draco, I don't know about this. We are supposed to hate each other."

"I've never hated you. I hated the way I wanted you. I hated the way Ron and Harry always got to spend time with you, hug you, sit with you. All the while I just stood outside your door, trying to get the courage to knock, but just walking away every time. I know you don't know what to think with me talking and acting this way. It's completely out of character. I know. But for so long I lived a lie, this is the true me."

"Are you sure that this is the true you, and it's not another lie?" Hermione asked, she didn't want to believe him. She wanted to get up and walk away, spitting some insult at him and him doing the same to her. But something in his silver eyes told her he was telling the truth. Damn those gorgeous eyes.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life."

Something I'm so sure of
What it feels like to stand outside your door

"Hermione, I know I don't deserve you. With all of the torment I put you through trying to hide my feelings, I can't expect you to just forgive me. You are above me in every way. You are a much better person than I can ever dream of being. But if you will just take a chance to get to know me you will not be disappointed."

I'm unworthy
I can see you're above me
But I can be lovely given the chance

Hermione smiled, despite herself. What was she doing? Her boyfriend had died just 3 weeks earlier. Hermione went to stand up, reminding herself she didn't need to be here with him. She needed to be at home, drunk and mourning her lost love. She felt a hand on her arm holding her in the chair.

"Please don't leave. You look so amazing when you smile."

Don't move
I want to remember you just like this

Draco started leaning forward toward Hermione. Their lips mere inches apart. She could smell his cologne. It had a spicy smell, similar to cinnamon. She told herself to get up and run. She told her legs to stand and get away fast. But her body wouldn't listen. Her body stayed in the chair, her body leaned forward, and her lips nearly brushed his.

Don't move
It's only a breath or two between our lips

"I can't." Hermione regained control of her body and ran. She apparated home and sat on her couch clutching her knees to her chest and cried.

Draco apparated right after her, and knocked on her door, knowing she would run to the comfort of her home. Hermione, not realizing Draco knew where she lived got up and opened the door. She nearly slammed it in his face, but his seeker sense kicked in and he caught it seconds before it hit his foot that was already half way inside Hermione's flat.

"I know why you left. I know why you're scared. Please don't be. I know you miss Ron. Shoot, I miss Ron. He was a great chap once you got to know him and got past the chewing with his mouth open." Hermione smiled.

"Look I'm sorry for springing this on you. I can't blame you for being apprehensive about it all."

I know why you left
I can't blame you myself

"I can't even imagine what must be going through your mind. It must be hard for you. But as I told you earlier, ever since you've known me I've been living a lie. I have been a mess trying to be someone I am not."

Must be hard living with ghosts and such an empty shell
I tried to warn you
I've been a mess since you've known me

"I can't promise you that we will be together forever. I can't even promise we will be together next week. I just want one kiss and we can work on everything else.

I can't promise forever
But I'm working on it

Draco went to wrap his arms around Hermione. He just wanted to press her body against his and bury his face in her bushy brown hair and be away from this dark world.

Hermione pulled away, not even letting him touch her. She couldn't do that to Ron. He had loved her. But the strange thing was, she wasn't telling herself that she loved him. She just didn't want to hurt him because he had loved her. Had she ever truly loved him? Yes, of course, maybe.

"Fine, if I can't hold you, can you just give me a goodbye kiss and I will leave you alone."

If I can't hold you
Can I give you a kiss
Can I have a kiss

Draco could see in her eyes that she wanted to. He could see in the way her body slightly leaned toward his. He loved that he could read body language so well. He took a step toward her, but she backed away, almost afraid. But afraid of what? Of finding new love?

"I see you can't decide if you want to do this. I can see it in your eyes that you want to, but your mind is telling you it can't be real. Just listen to what your heart and body are telling you. Tell your mind to sod off and kiss me. I've seen death, I have some scars and painful memories. I witnessed many people die. But I was able to save the one I cared most about and that is you."

"Draco what happens if I kiss you? Will we be together? Will it only be a goodbye kiss?"

"Hermione, I don't know. I am afraid too. I am afraid that once I kiss you that I'll never want to let go and I will never be happy until I can kiss you again and again. I will hunger for you."

I see that you're torn
I've got some scars of my own
Seems I want what I know is gonna leave me hungry

"Draco, you should go. I'm sorry, but I am not ready for this. Maybe one day down the road."

Draco grew impatient. He took a step forward and pulled her to him forcefully. He pressed his lips to hers . She was paralyzed by his kiss. She couldn't move, couldn't pull herself away and couldn't fight it. Then she realized she didn't want to. All of the pent up anger and frustration melted away in this heated kiss that he forced on her. She melted into his arms with the relief she received from his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his long platinum locks. He broke away and held her in his arms, their bodies unable to be any closer than they were at that moment. She was smiling and crying at the same time, as was he. They knew they had found the light at the end of this long tunnel of darkness when they found Heaven in each others kiss.

A/N Song is "Can I Have A Kiss" by Kelly Clarkson