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I'll never give up on you

The black '67 Impala was the only car cruising along the dusty country road on this mild early May afternoon. Dean Winchester, contrary to most other occasions, was in no hurry to get anywhere. Today he just enjoyed driving his baby. The windows of the Impala were rolled down and the tape player played Back in Black by AC/DC loud enough so the birds and every other living being within a miles range could enjoy it also. Dean was tapping his hands on the stirring wheel in tact with the music, while singing along.

Sam, who usually would just shake his head about his brother's taste in music, was leaning back in the seat and let the wind blow through his thick brown mop of hair. He watched his brother, enjoying the enthusiasm the older man showed. It still amazed Sam how much fun Dean could have driving his car and listening to his favorite music.

Things had been going well for them for a change. The last three hunts they've been on had gone down without a hitch. Other then a few bruises and scratches neither one of them had received any injuries. And what was even more important, no one had been killed or injured after they had taken on the hunts. In the past their motto seemed to be 'If it wouldn't be for bad luck, a Winchester wouldn't have any luck at all'. Now this really seemed to have changed and maybe they've should be weary of this but for once they decided to take it at face value and just enjoy their strain of good luck.

As the song ended Dean turned the volume down and gazed over to his brother. He was glad Sam was relaxed and seemed genuinely happy. It was good to see him this way after all that had happened in the last six month. Loosing his girlfriend the same way their mother died and with it the opportunity to live a normal life, being back on the road hunting and their father missing had taken a lot out of his baby brother and had made him moody and closed off. Only in the last few weeks did he finally start to let his guard down and enjoy life a little more again.

"Hey, Dean, don't you think you should try to wipe that stupid grin off your face and watch where you driving?" Sam interrupted his brother's thoughts.

Dean turned his attention back to driving but answered without loosing a beat, "Baby knows where she is going, don't you girl?"

He stroked his hand over the stirring wheel before leaning forward and patting the dash. Sam shook his head, sometimes his brother's behavior was beyond words. So he just choose to ignore it.

"How much longer till we get there?" He asked instead.

"About an hour, what, do I have to stop for a potty break for little Sammy?" Dean smirked.

"Should I remind you of the many breaks we took on the way here just that you could relief your pea sized bladder?" Sam countered, before he went on, "No, actually, I just thought it would be nice to stretch my legs and get some food but I can wait for another hour."

"Well, let me know if you can't, I really don't want to carry your freakish long body around, just because you are starving." Dean smirked, ignoring the long suffering look his brother gave him, before suddenly changing the subject, " So what is this hunt all about anyway? You didn't tell me too much, just that two men died and it really seemed to fit a supernatural pattern. "

"Actually, I don't know that much either. This old lady, her name was Marlena Chambers died six month ago. She left her house, or better her mansion to the town, probably because she didn't have any living relatives. It is being renovated right now and turned into a museum, so nobody has been living there since then. The only people spending any time in there are the construction workers, that work there every day. In the last two month two of them have been found dead. Cause of death was unclear and both were found in the same room."

Dean thought for a moment, then he asked, "Any previous supernatural activity in the house?"

"No, that's what's weired, nothing until now and the old lady died of natural causes, she was 98. Lived alone all her life, no siblings, never married, no children. Was always an upstanding member of society, went to church and volunteered until a few years ago. Nothing that would point to her doing the killings." Sam was clearly puzzled.

"Don't worry, we figure it out, don't we always? Let's just get there, then you can do your geek boy thing and find out what's going on."

Although Dean kept his response light, the wheels in his brain were already turning, trying to figure out were to start. One look at his brother told him he wasn't not alone in it, Sam had that look on his face that he always got when he was trying to solve something. For either of them hunting was like a great book or in Dean's case a great movie, once you started you couldn't get away from it until it was finished.


It was late afternoon when Dean pulled into the town that was their destination. Driving down main street it looked like any of the other towns the brothers been to. Small stores lining up on both sides of the street, alternating with a bank, several restaurants and the mandatory 24 hour diner. Traffic was heavy due to the hour and school being out for the day. This seemed to be the hangout place for the local youth.

The elder Winchester finally found a spot and parked the car close to the diner. He looked over to his brother, waiting for approval before getting out of the car. Instead of responding, Sam just grinned and peeled his long limps out of the car. He was not going to stand in the way of his brother's desire for greasy food, at least not today. Matter of fact, he felt up for a burger and some fries himself. Feeling generous, he even held the door of the diner open.

After sitting down and ordering the food from the matronly waitress, Dean left to use the rest room, while Sam opened his lab top to start to research. His fingers were flying over the keys and his face was tense in concentration, he didn't notice his brother sliding back in the seat or the waitress bringing the soda's they ordered.

"Must be be finding something interesting?"

Sam jerked, startled out of his enthrallment by Dean's voice.

"Man, don't do that, if I would've had a gun on me, you would be so dead now."

"Sorry, didn't know you were this jumpy." Dean apologized, "So did you find anything?"

"Not yet but I might be on to something. The house was build in the late 18th century by one of the founders of the town, Jonathan Chambers. That means until now it was always in the hands of the family. That the last Mrs. Chambers left it to the town could've possibly enraged the spirit of an ancestor." Sam explained.

"Definitely worth looking into." his brother replied, "But let's eat first."

He gave the waitress a smile and thanks as she set his food in front of him. Ready to start eating he looked at his brother and could hardly believe what he saw. Sam had already taken a big bite out of his burger and now was stuffing several fries into his mouth.

"Dude, what's going on?" He ask in disbelieve.

Sam chewed and swallowed, then lifted his hands, fries in one, burger in the other, and gave him an innocent look. "Man, I'm starving, we haven't eaten since this morning."

"Isn't that usually my line?" Dean smirked, "And what is it about you eating a burger anyway?"

His brother didn't grace him with a response this time, continuing to eat and as he finished the last of his fries, reaching over to Dean's plate for more.

The older slapped his finger's, protesting loudly, "Hey, keep your hands off my food, you want more, order your own."

Waving his hand at the waitress, Sam called out, "Can I have a piece of your apple pie?"

"Sure sweety." she called back, getting a plate and cutting a big piece, before topping it with lots of cream, "Here you go, enjoy."

She put the plate in front of Sam,smiling at him before giving Dean a disapproving look, "Something wrong with your food? We usually don't get any complaints around here."

"No, ma'am, nothing wrong with it, just like to watch my kid brother dig in." he answered, hardly holding back a laugh.

This was almost surreal, as mostly it was Sam who needed to be encouraged to eat, while he, Dean, was the one who stuffed his face with anything he could find. Although it was nice for a change to not have to push his brother into eating. Ever since he was little, Sam would take only the very minimum nourishment if he was sick or in any kind of emotional distress. Seeing him like this meant things were looking up and what more did he want for the kid.


When they finished their meals and went back to the car, Dean decided to pay the Chambers House a visit. By now it was almost 6 PM and the likelihood of finding any construction workers left working, was little to none. Sam had agreed with his plan, eager to see the historical building.

It was easy to find, lying on the outskirts of town, it was surrounded by a beautifully trimmed hedge of wild roses. There was no fence around the building and so the brother made their way up the walkway towards the mansion. Due to the tall hedge, the view from the street was partially obstructed and so it was not until they actually entered the property, that the charm of the mansion came to light. Being rather plain by itself, the white framed windows stood in stark contrast to the dark red brick of the walls. Ivy was growing up the walls and along underneath the roof. The front door was also white wood and the arched frame around it had lots of ornamental flowers and leaves.

"Wow, look at it, this is late 18th century architecture at its best." Sam called out, "They call this Adams

or Federalist Style, after the Adams brothers who developed it out of the Georgian Style that came right before it."

"Dude, you're such a geek." Dean grinned, although he couldn't deny his amazement with his kid brothers knowledge.

A smile appeared on the other hunter's face, "Jess and I took a summer class on American architecture. It was really amazing. Jess was so into it, I couldn't help but like it too. She just had this thing for beautiful old buildings. She planned to buy one after college and fix it up."

He stopped, looking lost in thought but the smile never disappeared.

Dean gave him a slightly surprised look but didn't say anything. Up to now, whenever Sam would talk about Jess it seemed more like an accident and he usually interrupted himself and got the 'lost puppy' look on his face. It appeared, his brother's heart was finally starting to mend.

"Lets do this before this house gets old and falls down." Dean walked toward the door and bend down, pulling the case with the lock picks out of his back pocket.

It took him only seconds to open the heavy door. Waving at Sam, he slid inside the house. The younger Winchester followed, quietly pulling the door closed behind him. Both simultaneously pulled their flashlights out of their coat pockets and shone them around the entry hall.

"Why don't I take the left and you take the right side and we meet here again." Sam was already on his way before he finished the sentence, leaving his brother standing in the middle of the hall.

Dean shook his head and walked off to the other side. Looking through all the rooms, making sure he would miss nothing, he was disappointed when he came up empty. Making his way back to the hall, he almost collided with Sam.

"Dude, watch where you going."

"I will as soon as you clean out your ears." Sam responded, "I've been calling for you for the last five minutes."

"Sorry, I didn't hear you, must be the thick walls in this house."

"Yeah, couldn't be that you get hard of hearing in your old age, could it?" Sam grinned.

"Who is getting old? Better watch it kid, I still can kick your ass with one hand tied behind my back."

"Wanna bet?"

"Don't have to proof anything to you." Dean smirked, "Let's go and check the upstairs out."

Sam smiled and followed his brother up the stairs.


The upstairs floor had 6 bedrooms and two bathrooms. While the bathrooms had all modern commodities, they were still kept true to the style of the era when the house was build. The bedrooms were fairly equal in size and layout, decorated with lots of flowing fabric and family paintings on the wall. It wasn't until they came to the last, that it changed.

This bedroom had none of the flowing fabric. The curtains were plain and straight and the bed had no fancy pillows or quilts. It would have looked like a servants room, if it wasn't for the large painting on the wall. Sam was instantly drawn to it, unable to move his eyes from it. It depicted a beautiful young woman, dressed in the style of the early to mid 19th century. She stood in front of a hedge of wild roses, just like the one that surrounded the property. Her red hair was flowing in loose curls over her shoulders and framed a flawless face with full lips and a small straight nose. But it was the bright emerald colored eyes that caught his attention the most. It almost felt like they were staring at him, looking right into his soul. A strange tingling was flowing through him, making him shiver.

"You ok?" Dean had noticed his brother paling slightly and the shiver that ran through him.

Sam gave him an almost confused look, like he had been far away, before he answered, "Yeah, there is just something about this painting. The eyes seem so real."

"Yeah, gives me the creeps." Dean agreed.

He went closer to the picture and read the plaque in the bottom of the frame, "Rebekkah Chambers, 1795 – 1817. Wonder what killed her?"

"She might be who we are looking for." Sam agreed, "Lets see what we can find out about her and come back tomorrow night."

Dean agreed, he too had the feeling they were on the right track.


After leaving the house, the brothers started looking for a place to spend the night. For once they got lucky , instead of one of their usual crappy motel rooms, they actually found a decent hotel that was locally owned. It was still preseason and the building was under renovation, which made the rooms dirt cheap.

Dean was thrilled with the shower that actually had pressure and enough hot water to enjoy it as long as he wanted, while Sam was almost ecstatic when he turned on the lab top and found the connection was super fast and top of the line. By the time his brother reentered the room, he was again so engrossed into his research, Dean's hand on his shoulder made him jump up and almost pull the lab top of the table.

"Dude, you have to be more alert, if I was a demon, you would be either possessed or dead now." This time it was older brother who did the teasing.

"Right, that's what we put the salt lines on the window sills and the door for. Man, you almost owed me a new lab top." Sam replied without loosing a beat.

"No way, can't help it, if you are such a klutz." Dean smirked.

"I might be a klutz but at least I'm a smart one. Found out there is a few books about the history of the town and particularly of the Chambers family, that are kept at the local library. Sounds like it might be just what we are looking for."

"Guess it's going to be a fun filled day for you, doing what you like to do best, bookworm."

Sam grinned, Dean knew he couldn't get him with this remark, research was what he was best at and what saved their butts more than once in the past. He turned around and walked into the bathroom, hoping that there would be enough hot water left for him to take a short shower.

When he came out half an hour later, his skin was still tingling from the massaging shower head and the never ending stream of hot water. He found his brother had ordered in and was half through the first pizza. Taking a piece and sitting down on the bed, Sam grabbed one of the beers, that were sitting beside the box.

"What're you watching?" he asked

"Ghost Hunters, you know those guys, they seemed to get a lot of readings but they sure haven't met a spirit face to face yet. Guess they're lucky because I sure don't think they could handle an angry spirit."

"So why are you watching then?"

Dean grinned, "Nothing better on, unless you wanna watch porn."

"Guess Ghost Hunters it is."


Sam was up early the next morning. Even though the bed was the most comfortable one he had slept in for month, his night had been restless. He didn't have any real nightmares but the intense green eyes from the pictures seemed to stare at him whenever he fell asleep. Finally he got up and decided to take a walk. Quietly he dressed and wrote a note for his brother, knowing Dean would flip, if he woke up without Sam being there.

When he returned Dean was nowhere to be seen but from the loud off-key singing and splashing coming from the bathroom, he was obviously enjoying himself. Having brought back breakfast from the diner down the street, Sam decided to give the in room coffeemaker a try. It wasn't that often they could enjoy this luxury and he was fully intent on using it. By the time his brother came out, the coffee was done and Sam had set the food on the table.

Dean was happily surprised to find the variety of food sitting in front of him. Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, hash browns and not to forget the fruit his little brother didn't seem to be able to live without.

What really drew him in was the scent of the steaming coffee. Taking a big gulp from the hot, almost black beverage, he looked at his brother.

"Now that's the life, soft beds, whirlpool tub, good food and great coffee."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Sam grinned.

"What else would I want." Dean stretched his legs.

"I thought girls were the most important thing in your life, or did you loose your touch?" His younger brother teased.

"The great Dean Winchester loosing his touch? No way, man, sometimes you just have to sit back and take a break. Girls appreciate you more if you make yourself spars. Believe me kid, making them hot and then disappearing for a few days is the best way to have them all over you, when you get back."

Sam couldn't hold his laugh back, his brother was so full of himself. But one thing was sure, women liked him and he always treated them well.

"So what's the plan for today, Sammy?" Dean changed the subject.

"The library opens at nine, it's just a few blocks from here. I'll go over and work for a few hours, see what I can find. You can pick me up around noon, I'll call you if I get done earlier."

"Sounds like a good way to spend the morning for you. I think, I'll go and talk to some of the workers at the house, see if I can find out something new." Dean stuffed the last bites of his food in his mouth and washed it down with the rest of the coffee.

He took the car keys from the table and opened the door. "Oh and Sammy, I would wipe that egg off my face before I go out, it just doesn't look good in case the librarian is female. I know how those old maids always fall for you."

He pulled the door shut fast, before the empty food container, his brother was throwing at him could hit him.

"Idiot!" He heard his brother's voice coming from the other side of the door.

Dean chuckled and walked over to the elevator, pleased with himself and the world.


Sam had no trouble finding the books he was looking for. The library had a small section that proudly displayed books, magazines and tapes dedicated to the history of the town and its surrounding area. Grabbing what he needed, he sat down at one of the tables and opened the first book. It took only a second for him to become totally engrossed it.

As he came to the section about Rebekah Chambers a strange feeling assaulted him, making him shiver. Closing his eyes for a moment, he saw the emerald eyes staring at him again. It was like they were talking to him, only he was unable to understand their message. Opening his lids, he shook his discomfort off.

'Sam, you're loosing it." He scolded himself.

Concentrating once again on his research, he still couldn't shake the impression of the intense orbs continuing to observe every one of his moves and reading every thought he had.

Finally he looked up and checked his watch. Realizing it was almost noon, he closed the book and put it on top of the other two. As he walked over to the check out desk, he was hit by a sudden pain, that pierced through his temples like a dagger. Stumbling, he held on to a pillar, the books dropping to the floor with a loud bang. His other hand went up, as he used his thumb and middle finger to apply pressure to his temples at the same time as he squinted his eyes shut to try to soothe the stabbing ache.

"Are you alright?" He heard a soft voice ask, before he felt a chair pushed up behind him and a hand gently grabbing his arm, "Here, why don't you sit down?"

Gratefully he took the offer, bending over as he sat. After a few minutes the pain finally let off and he carefully opened his eyes so see an attractive thirty something woman crouched down in front of him.

Her face showed honest concern.

"Can I call someone for you or do you need a ride? My lunch break is coming up and I could take you wherever you need to go." She offered.

"Thanks, but I think I'm fine now and my brother is supposed to pick me up anyway." He gave her a tired smile, suddenly feeling very worn out. "Thanks for the offer though, Miss..."

"It's Mrs. Sommers but around here we are not that formal, everybody calls me Jamie." She pointed at her name tag, that identified her only by her first name and the title head librarian.

The young hunter couldn't hold back a smile, Dean would be surprised, in his opinion all librarians were old maids, that no man would look at. This one though broke the mold, obviously she was married and very pretty, in a way that even Dean would appreciate.

"You want to take these books with you?" Jamie interrupted his thoughts. She picked the three hard backs up from the floor and held them out to him.

"If I could, my brother and I are just here for a few days, we are staying at the Conley Hotel a few blocks from here."

"No problem, just bring them back when you are done or leave them at the hotel front desk. We have many tourists in summer, that like to check out some of the local history books, so the hotel offers to collect them and bring them back to us once a week. Saves us a lot of trouble. Just give me your name and your room number."

Sam blushed, he couldn't believe he hadn't introduced himself, "Sorry, I'm Sam Watson, we're staying in room 243."

She took the book over to the desk and put the information into the computer before she scanned them. By the time she was finished, Sam was on his feet and standing in front of her. She handed him the books with a smile, "Here you go, just promise me you won't just sit there and read all day. Take some time and have some fun. This is a great little town with a lot to see and do even in the pre-season."

Sam grinned, "I think I can do that, my brother is going to make sure, that I'm not just reading."

"Good, now are you sure, you're feeling ok, or do you want me to help you?"

"No, I'm great, don't worry, my brother is probably already waiting for me. But thanks for you help. I'll try to bring the books back as soon as I'm done with them." He gave her another smile before he walked away.


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