Title: Consequences of Disobedience
Author: D. Mitch
Rating: PG for spanking.
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characters. ;)


(PS/SS pages 148, 149 U.S. Edition)

"Look!" said Malfoy, darting forward and snatching something
out of the grass. "It's that stupid thing Longbottom's gran sent him."

The Remembrall glittered in the sun as he held it up.

"Give that here, Malfoy," said Harry quietly. Everyone
stopped talking to watch.

Malfoy smiled nastily.

"I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find – how
about – up a tree?"

"Give it here!" Harry yelled, but Malfoy had leapt onto his
broomstick and taken off. He hadn't been lying, he could fly well.

Hovering level with the topmost branches of an oak he called, "Come
and get it, Potter!"

Harry grabbed his broom.

"No!" shouted Hermione Granger. "Madam Hooch told us not to
move – you'll get us all into trouble."

Harry ignored her. Blood was pounding in his ears. He mounted
the broom and kicked hard against the ground and up, up he soared;
air rushed through his hair, and his robes whipped out behind him –
and in a rush of fierce joy he realized he'd found something he could
do without being taught – this was easy, this was wonderful. He
pulled his broomstick up a little to take it even higher, and he
heard screams and gasps of girls back on the ground and an admiring
whoop from Ron.

He turned his broomstick sharply to face Malfoy in midair.

Malfoy looked stunned.

"Give it here," Harry called, "or I'll knock you off that

"Oh, yeah?" said Malfoy, trying to sneer, but looking worried.

Harry knew, somehow, what to do. He leaned forward and
grasped the broom tightly in both hands, and it shot toward Malfoy
like a javelin. Malfoy only just got out of the way in time; Harry
made a sharp about-face and held the broom steady. A few people below
were clapping.

"No Crabbe and Goyle up here to save your neck, Malfoy," Harry called.

The same thought seemed to have struck Malfoy.

"Catch it if you can then!" he shouted, and he threw the
glass ball high into the air and streaked back toward the ground.

(PS/SS pages 148, 149 U.S. Edition)

Later that evening, after dinner, Draco Malfoy and his
cronies, Vincent Grabbe and Gregory Goyle, were lounging in the
Slytherin common room, telling a few of the older years about their
flying lesson.

"Potter managed to catch the damn thing," Draco
scowled fiercely, recalling how Potter had zoomed after the Remembrall
and how easily he had caught it. "Didn't even crash his broom." His lips
lifted into a smirk as he recalled what happened next. "Then old
McGonagall came out howling like a banshee. I'm surprised they didn't
chuck him out. I suppose that'll be Dumbledore's doing, can't expel
Saint Potter." The fair-haired boy scowled again. Why did Potter
always receive such preferential treatment? So bloody important
just because of a stupid scar on his forehead.

"But Draco's challenged him to a Wizard's Duel tonight at
midnight," Crabbe pitched in.

One of the third years listening in shook his head. "Not a
very wise idea, that. Don't you remember Snape's list of rules? If
you're caught…"

Draco scoffed, waving his hand to dismiss the boy's words. "I
won't be caught."

"Because you won't be going, Mr. Malfoy," came the silky
voice of the Head of Slytherin House.

"Professor Snape!" Draco exclaimed in surprise as Professor

Snape stepped out of the shadows. How much did he hear? Draco
thought, a bit nervous. Surely Snape didn't know about the incident
during flying lessons.

"Come with me, Mr. Malfoy," Snape ordered. Not bothering to
see if the boy would follow, for he knew he would, Snape strode out
of the common room and towards his office.

Grabbe and Goyle shook their heads at Draco.

"You'd better go, Draco," Crabbe said.

"Yeah, he seemed angry… You don't reckon he heard all that,
do you?" Goyle asked.

Draco eyed the entrance to the common room. "Yeah, I think he
did." Casting a glance at his housemates, who had all stopped what
they were doing when they noticed Professor Snape, he left the common
room and made his way to Snape's office.

"In." Snape ordered, holding open his office door to allow
Draco to pass. He made his way to his desk in three long strides,
gesturing the chair in front of it. "Sit."

Draco hastened to obey the command, seating himself on the
hard wooden chair. Snape sat across from him, dark eyes boring holes
into him, and he squirmed.

"Madam Hooch came to see me this evening, Mr. Malfoy," Snape
began. His tone was neutral, but Draco knew that underneath that
calm lurked a brewing storm. "Do you know why?"

"No, sir," Draco replied, averting his eyes as the Professor
raised a brow at him.

"She came down to inform me that she had taken thirty points
from Slytherin this afternoon." The Potions Master smoothly informed
the Malfoy heir. "Because one of my first years decided to disregard her
order to keep both feet firmly on the ground whilst she escorted
Neville Longbottom to the Infirmary.

Draco's head shot up. "Professor, I didn't –"

Snape silenced him with a glare. "I know you aren't thinking
of lying to me, Mr. Malfoy, as I just overheard you bragging of the
incident to several of your Housemates. Furthermore, I discover that
you have challenged Harry Potter to a Wizard's Duel, which is, as I
am sure you are aware, very much against the rules of this institution."

Draco fought the urge to squirm in his seat. He hadn't
forgotten the first night of term when Professor Snape had sat down
with all of the new First Years and clearly gone over the rules of
Slytherin House and outlined the consequences of disobedience and
misbehaviour. Here it was the first week, and already he was called
to Professor Snape's office!

"So not only have you defied a professor of this school, you
have also planned on breaking yet another school rule. Have you
anything to say for yourself?" Snape's voice was dangerously low.
He'd told all of his new students, in no uncertain terms, that anyone
caught breaking Hogwarts School rules would receive punishment
from him, regardless of points taken or detentions assigned from
another professor, and he had outlined what they could expect.

"No, sir," Malfoy replied. If only I hadn't decided to boast
to all the common room, he wouldn't have even known about the
Duel! "But, Professor, I didn't really intend to show up for the

Professor Snape ignored him in favour of walking around his
desk. He walked to the far corner of his office, pulling from it a
high-backed, armless wooden chair and placing it in the center of the
room. Draco watched warily as the professor sat in the chair.

"For your disobedience and your intent to break school rules,
you will be receiving a spanking. Remove your outer robe and come
here, Mr. Malfoy."

Malfoy's eyes widened. "Professor Snape, you can't… My
father..!" He protested even as he stood from his seat. Panicked
he may be, but he wasn't stupid enough to outright disobey
his fearsome Head of House.

"Your father, having been a friend of mine for many years, is
quite aware of how I handle disobedience in my House. And I am quite
aware that it is no different from how he handles your disobedience
at home, Draco." Draco flushed dark pink, staring at the
ground. "Now, quit stalling. Remove your outer robe."

He fumbled with the clasp of his robes. He folded them rather
messily and sat them in the chair he'd recently vacated. "Professor,
couldn't you just – detention or…"

"To me, Mr. Malfoy." Professor Snape said in reply.

Draco hesitated a moment. Part of him wanted to disobey his
professor, to run the other direction. The other part of him screamed
that it would be suicide to do anything but walk to where his
professor sat waiting. Finally, feet feeling like lead, Draco made
the few steps it took to stand in front of his professor.

"Lower your trousers." Snape's voice was even, but his eyes
flashed with impatience.

Blushing brilliantly, and feeling thoroughly humiliated, the
boy fumbled with the button of his trousers. He unzipped the fly,
casting Professor Snape a pleading glance. The glare he received,
warning him that he'd best obey and quickly, had him hooking his
fingers in the waistband and lowering his trousers to his knees
before he really consciously thought of it.

The Potions Master took Draco by the wrist and guided him over his
lap, easily shifting him into position. Draco, cheeks hot and red
with embarrassment, squirmed against the hard thighs beneath him,
groaning and covering his face with his hands as Professor Snape
deftly reached into the waistband of his pants and pulled them to
join his trousers at his knees.

Smack! A yelp escaped the boy as the first sharp swat landed
on his vulnerable behind, more from surprise than any real pain.
Several more followed in quick succession, and Draco clenched his
teeth as the sting began building in his bottom. Snape spanked slowly
and methodically, each stinging smack echoing off the dungeon walls
like shots from a cannon, allowing enough time between smacks for the
sting to spark in the tender flesh.

By the fifth smack, Draco was twisting on his professor's
lap, trying to get away from the punishing swats. Professor Snape's
arm encircled his waist, holding him fast as more blistering smacks
fell on Draco's unprotected bottom. Tears were stinging the young
boy's eyes and he was crying out with each swat.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! "Ouch! Professor, please!" Draco
cried as Professor Snape targeted his tender, previously un-smacked,
sit-spots with increasing force behind the smacks; his bottom felt
like it was on fire, the professor's hand seeming as hard as steel as
it crashed unrelentingly onto his bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! "I trust you will, in future,
remember the rules, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape questioned from above him,
voice raised to be heard over the echoing sound of the swats and
Draco's own crying.

"Y-yes! Yes, s-sir!" The boy cried vehemently. Tears were
streaming, unchecked, down his reddened cheeks. Professor Snape
targeted his last set of smacks on Draco's thighs and Draco howled,
lying limply over his professor's lap.

Smack! "Let's hope so, Mr. Malfoy." With one last, almighty
SMACK!, he ended the punishment. Draco's bottom was bright red, his
thighs dark pink, and the boy just lay over his lap sobbing for all
he was worth. Shaking his head with a sigh, he rubbed Draco's back
gently, waiting for the boy to get control of his tears.

Draco, for his part, tried to focus his attention more on
breathing than the fire in his behind. The hand rubbing his back
soothingly helped and, a few minutes later, Professor Snape helped
him to his feet. Draco pulled his trousers and pants up, hissing as
the material scratched over his thoroughly spanked flesh.

Professor Snape handed him a handkerchief and he used it to
dry the tears from his eyes and face. He Summoned the boy's robes and
allowed him time to redress.

"You will report to my classroom Sunday morning at nine to
earn back the points you lost," Professor Snape ordered. "And I would
suggest you stay in your dormitory tonight, lest you wish to find
yourself in this same position."

"Yes, sir," Draco replied, voice shaky and hoarse from his

"You may go."

Draco stiffly made his way back to the Slytherin common room,
ignoring his friends calling out to him when he arrived and heading
straight for his dormitory. He pulled the hangings around his four-
poster shut, and settled himself on his stomach, hugging his pillow
tightly. Who would have thought his Potions professor would have such
a hard hand? One thing was for sure, Draco wouldn't be breaking any
more rules! Or at least, he thought ruefully, reaching back to rub
his throbbing bottom, I won't be getting caught.

Professor Snape watched the Malfoy heir walk out of his
office, his lips twitching in a slight smile. Shaking his head, he
stood and took the chair, replacing it in the corner of the room.
With a smirk, he exited his office, intent on finding Mr. Filch and
letting him know to be in the trophy room at midnight. Mister Draco
Malfoy may not be there, but he would bet Mr. Filch would find
Misters Potter and Weasley out past curfew!