Title: Authentication of Bittersweet

Author: Valentine.Nolan

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the South of Nowhere characters. They belong to the-n and Tom Lynch.

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Pairing: Spashley and others.

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Summary: "It'll all be alright in the end," she whispered to the young girl as she placed an anguish kiss against her lips. The promise was made and the hope of it being fulfilled is what carries both girls along throughout their days.

bChapter One.

Gamble Everything for Love.

Part One


She had woken up in the same position she had fallen asleep in, still tangled up in Spencer's arms. Delicately, she softly laid a kiss on the blonde's nose. Her lips were barely touching the skin. Spencer's eyes slowly came open, blinking the sleep away from her eyes.

With a sleepy smile she spoke, "Good mornin'."

Ashley smiled mischievously and bent down to lay a kiss on Spencer's bruised lips. She let her tongue lightly dart out to taste the girl's skin and tease her lips apart. Before she deepened the kiss, the brunette pulled back and looked into the deep blue eyes in front of her. The light hues staring back at her lustfully. She could feel Spencer's heart beat against her own chest and felt the blonde's hands clutch at her hips. She let out a soft hiss as the other girl's nails dug into previously broken skin.

She never remembered Spencer ever being like this before.

She liked it.

Spencer shifted her leg and brushed it against Ashley's naked sex. Ashley moaned at the deliberate contact. She was not ready for such forward actions and began to wonder when the girl had become so open. She knew it was partly her fault for not knowing, giving that the last six months they have been anything but lovers. It still hurt her to think that she had lost so much time with the girl lying underneath her, but she was glad that the girl fixed that the previous night before.

Showing up at her doorstep in a trench coat with nothing underneath is the way to go.

All at once, a rush of heat and unfulfilled desire flooded both girls' senses. The previous night had been soft and loving, re-exploring each others, and was meant to be something beautiful.

It really was beautiful, perfect even.

Now, as Spencer flipped the two of them over and crushed her mouth into Ashley's, it had turned into something molten and desperate. Spencer slipped her thigh against the rapidly growing wetness of Ashley's arousal.

"Spencer," Ashley hissed at the growing heat in her center. Her hiss soon turned into a loud scream as Spencer's teeth came in contact with Ashley's hardened nipple. Spencer's tongue swirled around the reddened area and then biting down again and tugging the small pebble with her teeth.

The older girl moaned as she arched her back to try to get closer. "Sp...Spencer, please, I need you."

Spencer smiled against her fleshed, but ignored the plea of the older girl. Instead, she tasted the sweetness of Ashley's other nipple and sucked it into her mouth. She let her teeth rack against the coral colored pebble and let her right hand come up and knead the girl's other breast. She knew what she was doing. She was being a tease in all the best ways. She flicked her tongue across Ashley's nipple causing the girl to cry and arch her back into her mouth again.

"Fuck," Ashley cried.

Spencer's free hand began to slowly drift down between them. Her fingers danced across Ashley's taunt abs and lightly scratched at the smooth skin under her belly button. She was going agonizingly slow.

Spencer stopped her torture on Ashley's breasts and looked up at the girl innocently. She smiled softly, cocking her head to the side, "Now, baby, what do you want?"

Ashley breathe out, "I want you to touch me."

"Where?" The blonde said angelically.

"My clit, please." Ashley begged the younger girl.

Spencer smiled wickedly and slowly kissed her way down the girl's breast. To Ashley's displeasure, her hand that was so close to what the girl had wanted was taken away.

Spencer slowly kissed her way down Ashley's stomach and cut across to her thigh. She kissed her way from one thigh to the other, ignoring Ashley's rising hips. Her hands came back up and spread Ashley's legs apart so she could situate herself between them. She bent the older girl's knees and had her open before her eyes.

Ashley watched her blue eyes turn darker with hunger and heard "so beautiful" escape the blonde's lips.

Spencer let her middle finger softly and lightly trace up the brunette's entrance before bending down and replacing her finger with her tongue. With a gasp, Ashley bucked her hips of the bed causing Spencer's tongue to rack across the older girl's clit.

Both girl's moaned as Spencer's torture came to the end and she dove right into her task at hand. Spencer brought her hands up and spread Ashley's legs apart even more, causing the gorgeous tanned lips to spread apart and the pink little nub to peek out. Spencer smiled and took it between her lips. Her tongue darting out and attack the nub into a sweet fight.

Ashley's arousal was intoxicating to the other girl and caused her to go down to her primal roots. She flicked Ashley's clit with her tongue repeatedly, taking breaks between and softly lick at the hardened nub.

"Oh, fuck! Spencer, more!" Ashley tried to get out as her hands came down to rake through Spencer's hair.

Spencer pushed her hands away and mumbled a "don't touch" without taking her attention away from Ashley's clit. She grinned against the flesh. She brought her hands back down to where she was working and positioned two fingers at Ashley's entrance before taking the sensitive nub between her teeth. Ashley hissed at the intense feeling from her clit. Spencer couldn't have timed it better as she drove her fingers into her girl's tight entrance.

Ashley bucked wildly as Spencer's assault on her clit didn't stop and nor did her fingers pounding in her, slightly curving to hit the right spot. Spencer wrapped her free arm under on of Ashley's legs and brought her in closer.

"That's right baby," Spencer growled up at her lover. The way Ashley's body dripped with sweat and the morning sun hit her body made Spencer suddenly think there could not be anything hotter than this.

"Oh, yes, yes, please yeah," Ashley cried out as Spencer added another finger into her molten core.

Spencer moaned against her clit, loving the taste of the dripping girl. She never thought this was how she would spend her morning but didn't regret one second of it.

Ashley began to have no control over her hips as she began to turn erratic and wild. The feeling that Spencer was making her feel was intense and overpowering. Spencer's fingers were soaked and moving quickly in and out of the older girl.

Harder and harder, faster and fast.

With every thrust and every nibble, Ashley's cries became higher and shakier. Spencer began to feel Ashley's thighs shake and shiver around her. She grinned into Ashley's heated mound. She felt Ashley's walls tighten around her fingers and her orgasm begin to take over. The velvet muscles constricted and her clit pulsed. A gush of liquid came from Ashley's center and coated Spencer's hand as her orgasm only intensified.

Spencer thought, "I wish I could hear her cum all my life."

Ashley's moans and cries of pleasure only made Spencer drip more as she let her girl ride out her orgasm. Spencer brought her free hand down between her own legs and rubbed at her own clit. One hand was working herself, while the other was still pleasuring her girlfriend.

She was so close to her own release when Ashley came down off her orgasm. Spencer laid a soft kiss against the older girl's sex before taking her fingers out and coming up to give her a soft kiss. Ashley smiled down at Spencer, "Am I that hot that I make you touch yourself?"

Spencer rolled her eyes, "I can see your ego hasn't came down."

"Not one bit," Ashley grinned. "Let me help you."

As hot as it was to watch Spencer touch herself, she felt the need to touch the girl herself. She knew that she had brought the other girl to orgasm several times the previous night but she needed to do it once more.

She slowly dragged her hand down the blonde's body but to only stop as a sound interrupted the girls.

"Beacause of yoooouuuuuu."

The sound of Kelly Clarkson's voice boomed throughout the silent room as Spencer let out a sigh and reached for her phone. She smiled a small smile at Ashley before answering the phone.

"Hey...yeah...when...now...sure...'kay...love you too." Spencer spoke softly and in a different tone than she had spoken with Ashley earlier. Her voice sounded like the old innocent Spencer. The Spencer who didn't have anything or anyone that could hurt her. The naive Spencer who thought the world wasn't such a bad place.

She looked at Ashley apologetically, "That was Dad, I have to go home."

Ashley looked a little disappointed, "Now...but..."

"I know, but he says it is urgent." Spencer said rising to her knees. "Family meeting."

Ashley nodded her head and rose to sit up. She smiled softly at the blonde and tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. The way the sun hit her gorgeous face gave her angelic features. Ashley wished things were different. She wished that she could embrace the girl and have everything be perfect. She wished that she was there six months ago and didn't hesitate.

But her wishes always fell on deaf ears.

"I love you, you know that right?" Ashley said a little shyly. She wasn't used to being this vulnerable but knew she had to be honest with the blonde.

How else would she be able to keep her girl?

Spencer smiled, "I love you too, but I have to go."

Spencer stood up searching the room for her discarded trench coat and hills. She looked at them for a second thinking that showing up at home in it probably wouldn't be the best idea. She smiled at Ashley and pointed to her closet. Ashley nodded her head and motioned with her hand to go right ahead.

As the blond went off to borrow some clothes, Ashley spoke loud enough for her. "So, Spence?"


"Are we okay?"

"Of course, why wouldn't we be?"

"I mean," Ashley took a breath, "Are we 'us' again."

Spencer walked out of the closet and looked seriously at the girl. "Do you want to be?"

Without hesitation, Ashley nodded her head, "Yeah."

"We need to take it slow," Spencer stated. "I mean, the whole relationship thing. I can't get hurt again."

"There is nothing in the world that could make me hurt you," Ashley said seriously and quickly. For some reason the words she had spoke to Spencer so many months ago on the girl's couch rang throughout her head. i "I want you...but I don't want to hurt you."/i

"I just want to go about this right. So much has changed since we broke up," Spencer said trying to convey to the older girl that things would be different. "I have changed."

Ashley nodded her head, "I know and I swear Spencer things will be different."

Spencer took a breath and raked her hand through her hair.

"I love you," Ashley said meaningfully.

Spencer smiled and leaned forward to place a chaste smile on the girl's lips. She pulled back, combing Ashley's hair out of her face. It was such a simple and intimate gesture that meant so much to the older girl. She needed that.

Spencer pulled back and walked backwards to the edge of the room. She smiled, "I know." With those simple words she turned and headed out of the apartment.

Ashley listened as the door clicked and flopped back against the pillows.

She got her girl back.

i"I think."/i

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