Chapter Two

Part Three

The sound of Fiest rushed through the room as Spencer stretched across the floor with her laptop in front of her and aim on screen. She let out a small giggle from some joke that Ashley had written to her though aim. She wittily replied with something to say.

"Who are you talking to?" Sawyer asked taking bundles of photos out of her shoeboxes.

"My...friend?" Spencer said smiling and cocked her head. Her earlier discussion with Ashley still hadn't cleared everything up. Plus, usually when discussions result in sex things become a little hazy or the other way around.

Sawyer took a seat on her floor across from where Spencer was sat up. She enjoyed the easiness Spencer possessed, making living in the Carlin household a little more comfortable. It was only her forth day here, but she was settling in pretty well.

"Friend?" Sawyer asked suggestively.

Spencer frowned for a second, "'s complicated."


"It's my ex," Spencer paused for a second, not wanting to scare the girl off. She didn't know if Sawyer was accepting of gay people or what, but given her personality, so far she didn't seem like the judgmental type. "Girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, I can see where that can get complicated." Sawyer commented as if it wasn't anything for a girl to be dating a girl. "Girls are so complicated."

Spencer was a little shock, "You date girls?"

The older girl chuckled, "Uhh, Spencer, that's usually what lesbians do."

"Wow, that'" The blonde said a little shocked. She was still working on becoming straightforward about her sexuality. She wouldn't sit around and lie if someone asked her, but she wasn't as enthusiastic as Sawyer was either.

Sawyer laughed for the first time since she arrived. Spencer watched the laughter break from her lips and erupted.

"What's so funny?" Spencer asked.

Sawyer shrugged but continued laughing. After a second, Spencer joined in, loving the easiness of the situation.

After a few minutes of hearing the laughter, Paula made her way to Sawyer's room. She was happy the young girl was becoming so comfortable. She had been worried about the girl when she was quiet for two whole days.

She opened the door finding both girls on the floor holding their sides. She waited a second for them to calm down.

"You girls alright?" She asked with a smile on her face. She never knew that a smile could be so radiant until she looked at both the girl's faces.

"Yeah," Sawyer answered, straightening herself up.

"What's so funny?" Paula asked walking into the room and taking a seat on the bed above them.

"I don't know," Spencer said trying to contain herself. "Random laughing moment."

"Ahh," Paula nodded her head.

Spencer smiled at her mother before the ping of a new message flowed onto her screen. She smiled at the link to download a picture. She clicked on the blue text and a huge smile popped onto her face. A completely adorable photo of Ashley forming a heart with her hands covered the screen. Spencer's heart fell ten stories at the gesture. It made her smile, wish everything could just be okay, and back to how it used to be.

b Ohiogirl89: /b that was so cute.

b rockstarprincessash: /b It was hot, not cute. I don't do cute.

b Ohiogirl89: b Oh come on, it was adorable.

b rockstarprincessash: /b No, hot, sexy, gorgeous. Not cute!

b Ohiogirl89: /b Haha, whatever you say.

b rockstarprincessash: /b I'm hot.

b Ohiogirl89: /b Your conceited.

b rockstarprincessash: /b that too.

Spencer chuckled to herself and shook her head at the girl she was talking to. Ashley really was an egomaniac. Spencer smiled at the thought of her and Ashley hanging out in Ashley's old room. It felt like such a long time ago, the time where she had no care in the world.

b Ohiogirl89: /b Well, Sexy, what are you up to?

b rockstarprincessash: /b about to head to the studio

b Ohiogirl89: /b Aww, poor baby

b rockstarprincessash: /b well, you can come with me?

b Ohiogirl89: /b I'm busy with homework

b rockstarprincessash: /b oh, well, I'll talk to you later. love.

Paula looked down at Sawyer, "What do you have there?"

"Just some pictures," Sawyer answered, beginning to spread them out in front of her.

"Can I sit?" Paula pointed to the spot next to her next to her on the floor. Sawyer nodded her head and Paula gingerly took a seat next to the girl. She watched as the young girl meticulously laid out each picture. "What are you doing with them?"

"Trying to figure out which ones I want to put on my picture board," Sawyer said gesturing at the large board above her bed.

Seeing her mother take a seat, Spencer's attention turned to the ten pictures lying on the floor between them. She noticed the large stack of other pictures lying in Sawyer's lap. She moved her laptop to the side to get a better look.

Paula pointed to one in the center, "Are these all you?"

Sawyer nodded her head "Yeah, I was about six in all these."

Paula studied the smiling face of the child in the picture as she shyly stood behind a slightly taller girl. Sawyer's hair was a brighter red hue from the sun and looked like a halo of reddish brown curls around her head. A tiny caramel colored hand clutched the sun kissed hand of the other girl. Both girls held large smiles with their front teeth missing. They stood in the small tide of the ocean with matching Power Ranger bathing suits on.

"You look so adorable!" Spencer said leaning in to see the picture.

Sawyer ducked her head and blushed, "Thank you."

Paula examined the picture closer, wanting to get to know more about the girl. "What is the story behind this?"

Sawyer examined the picture closer and smiled. "I used to live here on and off for a while."

Paula looked surprise, "Really?"

The dark hair girl nodded her head, "Yeah, my mom came back and forth."

"For what?" Spencer asked cautiously.

"Random things. I never really knew why. I just knew I would be dragged back and forth from Indiana to here. There were a couple times I didn't have to go with her, but it doesn't matter." Sawyer said looking sadly at the pictures.

Spencer followed her gaze to the rest of them. She noticed that all ten of them had the same little girl from the previous picture. The dark eyes reminded her of someone but she just couldn't place it. The little girl's eyes held a sparkle in them that no one she knew held.

Paula sat the picture down next to the others, "You mean she just left you here?"

Sawyer nodded, "It was a good thing actually. I was really close to my best friend and her family. My mom worked for them, so I was always there anyway..."

"She left you with the people she worked with?" Spencer asked astounded that anyone would leave their child.

Sawyer smiled sadly, "They were my second family. I would rather have stayed with them."

Spencer nodded her head not really knowing what to say. She could honestly say she knew how that feels, but it wasn't as bad as the girl sitting across from her. She thought on it for a second and realized that her life had been pretty easy. She was thankful for that.

"Do you still talk to them?" Paula asked curiously.

Sawyer shook her head sadly, "My mom wouldn't let me. She was jealous at how close I was with them."

She reached for the picture Paula held in her hand and the older woman handed it to her with a soft smile. She put all the photos in the bundle and set them to the side. The sad smile was wiped off her face and replaced with a happier one.

"Thank you again, Paula." Sawyer said sincerely. In all honesty, the eighteen year old was moved by the Carlin's. They were being completely selfless by letting the teenager live with them, and not to mention taking care of her as if she really was apart of their family. These pictures only reminded how when she left Los Angeles those some years ago, she had left her heart. She was beginning to think that there was a possibility she could find it again, even if it is a little bit given to her by this family.

Paula smiled as the girl and pulled her into a hug. Spencer watched from a few feet away and felt empathy for the girl. She joined her mother in on the hug. They sat there for a moment, clinging onto the reality that was family.