"Your Majesty! You still have a thousand more papers to sign!" Gunter hollered frantically as he chased me.

"I'll be back soon! Let me take a short ten minute break, okay? My arm's sore and my eyes hurt from staring at all those documents!" I said running backwards waving goodbye.

"Your Majesty!" Gunter said tripping over his own feet. I laughed, simply waving goodbye.

"If it's really that important, you can just sign it for me! I trust you!" I shot him a bright smile. It sent Gunter's face flushed red and fainted (probably due to anemia, his nose is sensitive and bleeds often).

I rolled around the grass admiring the blue blue sky. The Sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the era of peace has finally settled.

I broke away from my random thoughts when something in the corner of my eyes caught my attention. It was a field full of beautiful white flowers. They looked like roses, except they weren't quite roses. They carried no thorns and they looked more delicate than the roses I've seen on earth.

I walked over and squatted next to a patch of them admiring their beauty. I should take some home to Gunter; he loves flowers. Maybe he will forgive me for leaving in the middle of work.

I happily looked around, looking for the prettiest ones amongst them all. I found one and as I picked it, it started to sparkle like a diamond ring.

I gasped at its beauty. No word could describe how graceful it was. It was as if it belonged to heaven itself. I brought the flower up to my nose. It carried the fragrance a gentle whisper of a delicate spring breeze. I smiled to myself thinking how much Gunter would love these.

A strong wind blew my way causing me to lose my grip on the flower.

"Ah! Wait!" I frantically ran to it and caught it just barely at its stem. I sighed in relief. But, the flower began exploding into a bright white light and dissipated into thin air.

"What the…? What's happening?"

Suddenly, my mind went blank.