Chapter 4

Part I

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a space of void. My body felt cold and the piercing cold sliced at my skin. However, every minute that passed, I began to feel better… my body was becoming numb. It felt like all my emotions were being sucked out of me, quietly a voice echoed from somewhere.

'A world full of Jealousy...

A world full of Hate…

A world full of ignorance.

Become numb… detach yourself… become free of your sins'

These words echoed in my head, I didn't understand them, but I found a strange kind of comfort in them.

'Become numb… become detached… become free of my sins…' as I repeated these words in my mind, gradually I felt myself dissolving into nothingness.

"YURI! YURI! YURI!" It sounded like Wolfram.

"Your Majesty!" I heard worried calls.

"His body's becoming colder! Hurry more blankets! Prepare more warm towels!" I heard Gunter's voice.

I tiredly opened my eyes not understanding what was going on.

"YURI!" Wolfram called worried staring into my eyes intently.

'Become numb… become detached… become free of my sins…' These words were etched in my mind. Only these words seemed to make any sense at the moment.

"What's all the fuss about?" I asked everyone as I got myself up peeling away the layers of hot packs and blankets off of me.

"You've been out cold for days! Your Majesty, are you feeling all right? What happened?" It was Conrad.

I stared blankly at everyone, I felt a sense of detachment from everyone. The feeling of closeness that I once had was gone and I began losing myself. It felt like I was beginning to sink into some kind of void.

Strange as you may think, I didn't hate this feeling at all.

"YURI! Get a hold of yourself!" I looked to Wolfram who was very worried; I saw tears forming in his eyes.

"Why are you crying?" I asked wiping them away. Seeing his tears, made me feel uncomfortable and strange. As if something heavy fell on top of my heart.

"Yuri, you can't die! I'll never forgive you!"

"Silly, why would I die. I'm perfectly healthy, see?" I said stretching out my arms flexing some of my nonexistent muscles and managed to put on a smile for him. His eyes lit up a little, although they were still flowing with tears. He wiped his tears away and smiled.

I felt happy seeing Wolfram smile like this, I began feeling silly for giving into what a dream was telling me to do.

Suddenly, a random memory flashed across my mind

"Yuri, be careful okay? If something happens, don't forget that I'll always be here for you." She put on her best smile, although she had tears flowing like I was drafted off to war.

"Mother, I'm going to be okay. I'll be back okay?" I commented giving her a light hug.

Father behind her just gave me a reassuring smile.
"Although you're a Maou now, don't forget that you will always be our little boy."

I smiled.

"Bye See you again soon." I peeled myself away from my mom who seemed to not want to let me go.

"Yuri! Are you okay?" Wolfram looked at me worriedly.

"I want to see mother again." I spoke quietly.

Wolfram looked at me confused.

"I remembered mother… and father… I want to see them." I spoke with force letting them know I wasn't going to change my mind. I got up and started to unbutton my PJs to change into my normal clothes.

"But you're still-" Wolfram spoke to try and stop me.

"Wait, this might be for the best. There might be more than one way to regain his memory. We don't know if what the doctor said is true… there is no proof. But, the doctor never said it needed to be romantic love, maybe a mother's love is all he needs" Murata spoke calmly.

Wolfram looked like he didn't want to agree with Murata but gave in.

"Then I'm going too! I refuse to part from Yuri while he's in this state." Wolfram puffed his cheeks stubbornly and held onto my arm tightly like I would disappear from his sight any second now.

"All I have to do is step into water right?" I asked unsure and looked to Murata.

I stepped into the bath holding onto both Murata and Wolfram's hand and began to sink into somewhere. I began to panic, but before long I was in the room from the memory. The bathroom.

"YURI? IS THAT YOU?" I heard excited footsteps and the door slammed open.

"OH YURI! I missed you so much!" She locked me into a tight embrace and cried.

"I was beginning to worry because usually by this time you'd be back, but you weren't anywhere to be seen." She cried happily.

I just smiled feeling a little warm.

"I'm home."