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Edward's P.O.V.

"Edward!" Alice screamed. I sighed; she probably wanted to scream at me for calling off the bet with Bella. My brow furrowed, something was wrong. She looked just about ready to go into hysterics.

"Alice, what's—"I was cut off as she replayed a vision. Bella was standing over me, she was crying. I was on my hands and knees at her feet begging her to stay. She only shook her head, "I'm sorry Edward, I can't do that anymore. I can't do this anymore." she motioned to us with her hand, shaking her head again.

The vision stopped there. Had my heart been beating it would have stopped, my blood would have run cold, and I know I would have cried. But my heart didn't beat, no blood ran through my veins, and I didn't have a tear to shed.

"Why?" I whispered, ever muscle in my body going numb. It was more to me, but Alice answered anyways.

"Why the hell do you think?" Alice nearly screamed at me. She looked absolutely livid.

I had sworn on my love to Bella that I wouldn't back out…and I did. She wouldn't think that I didn't love her… would she? With chilling certainty I knew she would. Bella was going to leave me because she though I didn't love her.

But that was the thing. I did love her. So much so that I would never want to put her through the pain, the physical pains. The change, the need for blood…and the emotional pains, wanting to kill an innocent human who had never done any thing to her, of killing animals to survive, of never being able to raise and love a real family. I could never do that to my angel.

My phone Buzzed waking me from my reverie, and I looked at the number. It was Bella; I put it up to my ear, desperate to hear her voice. It could be the last time I did so.


"Hey Edward…I wanted to talk to you. Do you think you could pick me up?" she wanted to talk? So soon? This would be my good bye then. I chocked back a sob.

"Yes, yes of course, I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

"Ok…good bye Edward."

"I love y—." But I was just a little late. The phone disconnected on the other end. She hadn't even said I love you…just good bye. I started sobbing tearless sobs…these were a monster's tears. She had finally seen what I was. She didn't even love me anymore.

I pulled myself together the best that I could, and then I was out, starting the car. Maybe…just maybe I could convince her to stay. I needed her to stay.

As I started on the all too familiar rout to her house I looked at the empty seat next to me. Would she ever fill that seat again? No, she would probably send me away; ask me to never see her again. Another sob chocked out of my throat. If I had just given in… then maybe I could still have her.

This angel that had fallen from heaven had picked me, a demon from hell to spend the rest of her life with…and I blew it. I knew it was too good to be true and I had foolishly thought that I could keep this fairy tale. This last sliver of happiness that the world had to offer me.

As I pulled outside her house I watched, greedily taking in how the wind whipped her hair around, giving her a kind of majesty that was other worldly. The way her eyes were so deep they seemed to engulf me, pulling me into a place of peace, of love, of acceptance. She had never judged me, because that's who she was. She would love with all her heart, even if you didn't return it…even if you didn't deserve it.

There was something about her beauty. It wasn't human, it was far too beautiful to be human, yet it wasn't the fake perfection of my kind. My 'beauty' was a simple ploy, a trap for my pray. She had her natural beauty, though she had faults…not that anyone could ever really call them faults. It was her imperfections that made her even more beautiful… angelic really.

She slowly made her way to the car. I got out and opened the door for her. She thanked me, in a low beautiful voice, but didn't look at me. I swallowed the plea for forgiveness that was clawing up my throat, and instead, got into the driver's side.

I didn't even really pay attention to where we were going, I just kept driving. The ride was silent, neither one of us said anything. I was more then willing to hold off the inevitable. The last moments with her would be worshipped. They would be seen as the most rare and precious of gems.

I finally stopped. When I looked up I almost laughed. The meadow. Funny it should end where it all began. She got out looking just as surprised as I was. I walked over to her, extending one icy cold hand for her to take. I wondered for the hundredth time how she could stand to touch something so cold—so dead.

I helped her onto my back, revelling in her touch, her warmth, her scent. I wanted to stay like this for the rest of her days—the rest of my days, but I knew that wouldn't happen. Not now anyways.

I ran us up to the meadow, remembering the first time I had run with her. She had gotten motion sickness. It was a much happier time. The only condolence I got out of this was that she would have to get back on my back for the run back. A final touch in farewell.

As I broke through the final barrier of trees, I cursed myself at having run so fast, I could have gone slower, kept her close to me for a little longer.

I unwillingly helped her down. She walked away, to the middle of the meadow. I followed, for I always would. I would follow her to hell and back if that's what she wished. Not that she would ever go there. God would eventually steal his angel back, for who wouldn't?

I had been lucky before. When I had gotten back from Italy I was ready to beg, to grovel for her forgiveness. And I had lied. I had lied about being able to leave if that's what she would want. I couldn't. I would watch…from afar, but I would still watch, hoping for another chance.

"Bella, I am so sorry about yesterday. What I did…that was disgusting, and wrong and cowardly…" I trailed off. She was looking down, not meeting my eyes. Was I too late then?

"Bella, please I am so sorry…Bella, please look at me?" she still didn't look up.

Fine I would grovel and beg then, I would tell her just what she meant to me.

"Bella, please," I fell to my knees, "Your everything to me. I don't know if I can explain this right but…it's like when I didn't need to breath air anymore…I needed you instead. You're my air Bella; you're my blood, my heart, and the only think keeping my grounded. I need you Bella, I love you and I always will."

The tears started running down her face and I longed to brush them away. But I couldn't bring myself to touch her cheeks, where her beautiful blush rose, or her full red lips that I had the privilege of kissing, or even the milky skin that was so fragile I was terrified to touch it. Instead I grabbed her hand, ever so carefully making sure not to hurt her.

"Bella, I'm sorry, I'll change you if you want, and I won't ask you to marry me ever again—If that's what you want. I'll do whatever you want Bella; all you need to do is ask."

She shook her head, the tears still running down her cheeks, ""I'm sorry Edward, I can't do that anymore. I can't do this anymore." she motioned to us with her hand, shaking her head again.

I hung my head, letting the sobs take me now. I kept my cold hand in hers, just needing to feel the touch, the warmth of her skin. It was over then. Everything I had ever dreamed of, everything I had ever wished for…it was being pulled from my grasp.

Then something smooth slipped onto my ring finger. I looked at it surprised, my brain was not comprehending what I saw. "I can't do this anymore Edward, This is this is tearing us apart, if you don't want to change me…then you don't have too. I love you Edward, I want to be with you, and I want you to be happy. So I'm asking you Edward…Will you marry me?"

I stood shocked, just staring at the ancient ring that had once belonged to Esme. She wanted me? I couldn't make sense of the thin golden ring on my finger. She wanted me!

I jumped up taking her in my arms and spinning her around. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes." I said between kisses. She gave a little squeal of surprise that my sudden movement.

"God Bella, Yes!" I stopped spinning her around when I heard the low murmur of voices in the back round of my mind.

I looked up to see my family standing there, each of them carrying a huge smile. Mine was larger though.

"I'm getting married." I whispered, smiling wider at each of them in turn. "My God Bella I'm getting married!" I started spinning her around again, laughing.

Anyone who happened along the scene would surely think I was mad. But I didn't care as Bella and I laughed pretty much waltzing around the meadow. I could only look into her eyes, and I wondered how I had ever doubted her love. It always had and always would be written there in those dark orbs.

I was getting married to the only person I could ever love.

And she loved me.