A/N:this is an actual conversation on msn that my Friend and i had the other day and i decided it was good enough to be a story series!!:))) So this is Co-written by my friend Daniel.He is amazing at sounding like Jack so you can guess that he is ALWAYS the voice of Colonel Jack O'Neil and i am always the voice of Major Samantha Carter. Sometimes we throw in random characters.lol Please Review!!this is our first Star-gate Story!!

Sam- I'm exhausted ,sir.

Jack- Too bad Carter.We're at the gate. Daniel dial us home.

Daniel- Yes, sir.

Sam- Sir, we can't just leave all these people to die!

Jack- There is no time! We'll go back for reinforcements!

Sam- Jack! You're right there's no time!We can't do that!

Jack- Wait...We might not have to...I think i have a plan.We'll plant some C-4 on the Goul'd mothership and blow it to pieces!

Sam- Sir! We're being over-run by Goul'd!

Jack- You mean those snakes from the mother ship?

Sam- Yes, Sir!

Jack- Its all good.Do you have a plan Carter?

Sam- No,sir, i don't.Wait!Maybe I do! Teal'c and Daniel can distract them before they notice us.Then we can go onto the mother ship.

Jack- Good idea! The boys can fire shots and we'll go through the rings,plant the bomb on the ship, and leave.Lets go Carter!

On the ship before they can plant the bomb.

Sam- Sir! The ship is taking off!

Jack- Get through the rings, and if I'm not down in 2 minutes blow the ship.

Sam- But, sir!

Jack- No "buts" Carter!! Now get going!

Sam- Y-y-yes Sir...

Sam stumbles to the rings and with one last salute is gone.2 minutes later Jack jumps through the rings just barely making it before the ship blows up.Sam crumbles to the ground with grief, thinking that she just blew up her best friend and CO.

Jack-What are you sitting around for Carter?We gotta get out of here before the ship lands on us!

Sam scurries to her feet wiping away her tears, totally and utterly shocked.

Sam- Sir!

Jack- Lets get moving!

Sam- moving Sir!What about the guys?

Jack- What guys?The ones we just blew up?

Sam-Sir!! Teal'c and Daniel!

Jack- They're waiting for us at the gate, Remember?

Sam hears a staff weapon fired and turns around to see whats happening, but its too late.The blast hits her in the stomach and she fell to the ground instantly.Jack kills the lone Goul'd and falls to his knees next to her.

Jack- Carter? Are you alright?

Sam- Sir...I'm...hurt...

Sam struggles to stat conscious

Jack- We've gotta go!

Sam- Jack..I...I...I

Sam renders unconsciousness.

Jack- Hold on Carter.We'll pull through this.

Jack picks up Sam and carries her to the gate right when the mother ship crashes into the ground.They jump through the already open gate.

Back at SGC

Sam is laid on a stretcher in the infirmary and has a machine hooked up to her sowing her faint heart beat.

Jack- The Doc says you'll make it. You're a lucky kid huh?

Suddenly Sam's heart rate stops completely and the emergency crew rushes in with the defibrillators.

Dr. Frasier: Charge to 100!!

Still no beat.

Dr. Frasier: Charge to 200!!

Sam's heart still doesn't start.

Jack- 300, Doc! C'mon Carter!

Sam's heart starts pumping but only faintly.

Jack- Carter! Can you hear me?

Dr. Frasier: Leave her alone Jack.She needs to rest.

Sam- Sir...the pain...is...agonizing...

Jack- The Doc gave you painkillers.They should kick in soon.

Sam- I'm sorry...Sir...

Jack- Carter, There's nothing to be sorry about.It's all OK!

Sam- Yes...sir...

Jack- Now get some rest.