Areas Of Aptitude

Areas Of Aptitude

Lots of people dismissed Shrinking Violet, himself included. Brainy hadn't meant that her shrinking powers weren't admirable, and, in some cases extremely useful, but…she was no Superman.

Brainy was finally starting to realize that his crush – if that was what it was; maybe it was simply hero worship – on Superman, had…worn off.

Violet had capture his attention, however, and not just by assisting him in connecting Lightning Lad's new arm. She was the one who had offered him comfort when he'd been confronted by the specter of his ancestor. She was the one who wouldn't let him act emotionless in the middle of a battle situation.

She was one who currently occupied his thoughts eighty-five point two percent of the time. Specifically, romantic thoughts.

Brainy had never kissed anyone before, but he wanted to now. However, while he might have a higher intelligence quotient than any of his other colleagues, his bravery occasionally became in doubt.

To put it simply, Brainy was a tad bit afraid to approach Violet. He needn't have worried, though, for Vi, as she preferred to be called, had apparently added mind-reading to her arsenal of super-powers. At the conclusion of a successful experiment involving nanite reconstruction of Lightning Lad's arm after a particular vicious battle with Imperiex, she turned to him, smiled, and grew just tall enough so that their lips were at the same height.

Once she pressed her lips to his, Brainy needed no further instructions. He might have been the smartest member of the Legion, but he would never underestimate Violet's abilities – in any area – again.