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Summary: Harry isn't sure what is going on at Hogwarts this year, but really, when has he ever? From whispered promises and stolen dreams, to Potion Masters and pet puppies; this year is sure to be interesting.

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Pairings: HP/SS, RW/HG, HP/GW, LM/NL (n/c), SB/RL, DM/LL, and SF/DT

Authors Notes: As an added 'warning' Sirius is still alive, 6th and 7th year has not happened and only parts of 5th year will be mentioned. Harry is 17 (or will be soon) and has come into his full power and as he is legally allowed to do magic, he is also legally allowed to have sex with whom ever he pleases unless otherwise stated. Do not flame; for you have been warned…

Chapter 1

Harry Potter, a skinny, short boy with messy black hair and large green eyes hidden behind even larger, round glasses, lay in the dirt between the rose bushes and the side of the house; taking in the cool and refreshing air.

It had been a long summer so far and it only seemed to get worse.

Dudley had been caught by a few of the neighbors beating up some children so he wasn't allowed back out until after the holidays.

Which was why, Harry could be found outside when a shaggy black dog come out of no where and jumped on him, licking his face and barking happily.

"Padfoot!" Harry laughed, hugging his godfather to him. "What are you doing here?"

"Hello Harry."

Harry looked up and smiled. "Hi Remus."

"Hey, pup, are you ready to go? Dumbledore said he sent you a letter."

Harry looked down and bit his lip. "Uncle Vernon tore it up… he did that with all my letters this summer."

"Why didn't you send us Hedwig and let us know, I would've been here sooner; with or with out Dumbledore's blessing." Remus said.

"She's gone…"

"Gone? Gone where?"

"I'm not sure, I sent her away so Uncle Vernon wouldn't kill her and told her to go somewhere safe. I thought she would've gone to the Borrow or to Hogwarts."

Remus frowned, looking down at Harry then at Padfoot. "Well, go get your stuff and we'll get going."

Harry grinned before he sat up and ran back into the house.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he ran to his room and was packed by the time Remus had made it up to him.

"This is you room?"

"Yeah, it was Dudley's second room, but they gave it to me when I turned eleven." Harry said; leaving out the fact that they only gave it to him because they thought it would make the letters stop coming.

But, it seemed Remus already had a pretty good idea about why Harry had the room, if the look on his face was anything to go by.

"We're going to the Borrow first. Sirius is going to take your stuff to Grimmauld Place. We'll meet him there after we get you school letters."

"Why did they go there?" Harry asked as he started down the stairs and handed the trunk over to Sirius, who had changed back into his human form.

"Grimmauld Place has required more spell work and we haven't been able to allow owls safely past the wards." Sirius smiled, placing his hand on the side of Harry's face. "I'll see you in a while, Pup. We really have a lot to talk about."

And with that, Sirius spun and disappeared.

"Well, I suppose we should be going as well." Remus said as he help out his arm.

Harry just nodded as he took the offered arm and felt to pull of a port key.


Harry stumbled as the ground shifted and reappeared under his feet.

The Burrow seemed just like it always was: the lawn a bit overgrown and the paint chipping around the door.

Harry grinned as he was hit with a wave of emotion. "It's good to be home."

Remus patted Harry on the shoulder. "Come on, we'll be flooing from here. Molly is the only one here right now; everyone else is waiting for us at Grimmauld Place."

"Why?" Harry asked as the passed through the wards. "Hey!"

"What is it, Harry?"

"Why can I feel the wards here, but we were able to Apperate out of Number 4?"

Remus didn't look at Harry as he started walking. "We'll talk about that later. Come now, Harry, Molly has been waiting to see you."

Harry had to almost jog to keep up with Remus. By the time he got to the door, Mrs. Weasley was waiting for him and Remus was no where to be seen.

"Hello, dear, won't you come in and sit for a bit. I have some tea and chocolate biscuits set out for you."

"Ummn… Thank you Mrs. Weasley. Where did Remus go?"

"Come sit, dear. Remus just went to Grimmauld Place with your mail. Now, you sit down and he'll be back in a few minutes."

Harry sat in one of the chairs at the table and sipped his tea. Looking up, the fire roared and Remus stepped out with a smile.

"Ready to go?" Remus asked.

"Yeah." Harry mumbled as he got up and walked into the fireplace and yelled out the destination without waiting for Remus to follow.


Tumbling out of the fireplace, Harry landed face-first in front of Sirius, who was in the process of yelling at Snape.

"You can't touch me! You are nothing but a monster. It's no wonder that you joined the Death Eaters. It's in your nature to hurt people!" Sirius taunted.

"Watch it, mutt, or I might just decide that you'll make a good potion."

"Sure it's a potion that you'll use me for? Not one of your nasty Death Eater traits?"

Behind Harry, he heard the fire roar as Remus rushed through and to Sirius' side.

"Calm down, Sirius, this is getting you no where. Just leave him be!"

Sirius took a deep breath. "Just keep to yourself and stay away from my godson!"

Harry looked at Hermione as Snape stormed out of the room, Sirius and Remus taking off in the opposite way. "What just happened?"

Hermione shook her head, indicating that she would tell him later as she led him into the dinning room where the rest of the Weasley family sat.

"Harry, dear, why don't you sit here, and Ron… you here." Molly said, pointing to their seats.

Ron smiled as he sat next to Harry, Hermione beside him. "We've got loads to tell you." He whispered as Molly busied herself with serving food to everyone. "It's the Ministry, they've been sending out notices all summer. Shhh…" Ron stopped stalking as his mother served him and Harry. "It's been in the papers, you'll never believe it."


It was well after dinner now and the house was quieting down, as everyone got ready for bed.

"It started about a week after we got out of school. Lucius Malfoy was caught, they couldn't hold him for long, but when they had him, they found out he was a vampire. A vampire! The think that the more skilled Death Eaters may be vampires too, they already killed Bellatrix Lastrange. She was one too."

"Is that what Sirius was fighting about with Snape?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, Sirius thinks old Snape is one. Come to think of it, Snape didn't say he wasn't." Ron mumbled.

"Right." Harry pulled the cover on his bed up and lay down. "We'll have to ask Siri in the morning what's going on."

"He won't tell you." Ron warned. "Dumbledore has already told them they couldn't say anything. And he had a few words with Snape too, Snape didn't seem to like what but I can tell you, I wouldn't have wanted to be Dumbledore then."

"Do you think it had to do with the vampire thing? …Ron?"

But Ron was asleep and Harry would have to wait until morning to find out…


"Ahhh!" Harry screamed as something dropped on him, waking him up from his peaceful sleep.

"Wake up, Potter."

Harry looked up to see Snape standing over him, but not quite looking him in the eye. Looking at the object dropped in his lap, Harry saw it was an animal cage.

"I wouldn't open that without someone here to assist." Snape said.

Looking closer, Harry saw there was a rat inside. "Sir…?"

But Snape was gone and Ron was a looking at Harry like the world had ended.

"Blimey Harry, that's Scabbers!"


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