Recap Chapter 19

Harry cried out and arched into Severus, half his blood rushing to the bite and the other half south. His eyes opened wide, unable to close as he was overtaken by the pleasure. His mouth hung open, a low humming moan escaping as he grew light headed and he felt a burst of power expand out.

Chapter 20

"... you told him?"


"... never seen..."

"... scared..."

"...fix this?"

"... kill him."


Harry tossed and turned, sweat dripping down his face as he struggled in his dream.


He turned onto is back, his face schrunched up as he batted away whatever it was that was poking his shoulder.

"Harry!" The whispering became more frantic. "HARRY!"

Harry sat up straight in bed, looking around for what had brought him out of his deep sleep.

Sitting on the floor beside him, looking wide eyed and panicky, was Draco. He was covered in dirt and grim, his hair standing out and his clothes torn. "Harry." Draco breathed out. His voice sounded weak.

"Draco? Where have you been?" Harry slip off the bed and pulled Draco onto his lap. "We were so worried. You've been gone for 2 days!"

"I-" Draco took a deep breath, holding onto Harry tighter, as if he thought he would vanish into thin air. "I'm not sure what happened. I can't remember much."

"It's going to be okay. Are you hurt?"

"Thirsty." Draco croaked out.

Harry pulled his wand of the bedside table and summoned a water pitch and glass from the far side of the room. Dropping his wand just in time, Harry caught both, only spilling a few drops. He poured the glass only half way before handing it to Draco. "Have you seen anyone else yet? Your father is still here."

"I'm not even sure how I got here. They... they left and I got free somehow. I have flashes of a portrait and a corridor... walking up a stair way... and then seeing you." Draco gulped down the rest of his water before holding it out for more. "I thought I had passed out again from dehydration and was just dreaming you. I'm still waiting to wake up."

"Shh." Harry whispered, his arms winding around Draco and he started to shake.

"I thought I was going to die there."


After another hour of Harry trying to clam Draco down and assure himself that he was okay, Harry called for Madam Pomfrey, Snape, and Mr. Malfoy. It took a bit convincing, but in the end, Dumbledore was not called and Madam Pomfrey promised not to tell him.

Draco was severly dehydrated and starved, it would be several days before he would be on solid foods. Not only was his hair greasy and his skin streaked with grim, his clothes were caked with dried urine and feces. Other then a few brusis and a nasty cut along his inner right thigh, Draco's physical abuse was minimum. It was his emotional well being that worried Pomfrey the most. During the whole of the exam Draco stayed by Harry's side.

"Are you sure there is nothing else you can tell us?"

"I'm sorry. I can't remember much. I was trying to find Harry and someone grabbed me. I was bound and I couldn't see anything. I was blindfolded. I heard people talking but I couldn't really make anything out."

"Are you sure?"

"Pomfrey, perhaps we could let Draco rest now?" Snape growled. "He has told us as much as he can for now. After a bit of rest and some food, he may recall more. But for now, I think it unwise to burden him so soon."

"But if we don't find the people who did this, they may come after Harry!" Draco shouted.

Everyone turned to look at him but it was Snape who spoke. "Why woud you think that?"

"They..." Draco paused, trying to remember. "I couldn't hear much. Just words here and there. They asked about you once. Then the next word I caught was 'dangerous'."

"You found him! Thank goodness!"

Draco jurked around to see Lupin standing in the door way. His eyes grew large and he scooted closer to Harry. "Please." Draco whimpered.

Lucius stood up and faced the werewolf. "My son deserves to have some dignaty left after everything he has been through so I will ask you to leave."

"I am a professor at this school and I happen to care about my students. When I heard he had been found, I came as soon as I could."

"Who told you?" Harry asked. "The only people who knew are in this room. Who told you?"

"Harry..." Lupin gave a nervous laugh. "It was a student. I over heard a few talking about it."

"At three in the morning?" Snape asked, moving closer to the other side of Draco.

"I was making rounds. It's close to the full moon, I needed to get out of my room."

"Who were they?" Harry asked, noticing the way Lupin's eyes shifted around to each person but never making contact.

"I didn't..." Lupin gulped. "I didn't stick around long enough to see who they were."

Lucius rushed forward, grabbing the werewolf by the collar and shook him. "You had those students right there and you just passed them by! They kidnapped my son! They held him for two days without food or water and you let them get away! What if they try this again? It will be on your head if they do!" Lucius snarled. "Now get out of my sight." And he slammed the door.