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Who would have thought that Hiruma Youichi could pull it off?

Then again, who knew that being Mamori Anezaki's husband demanded a huge amount of energy and patience?

Hiruma painfully recalls Mamori's first pregnancy. He HAD to wake up at unholy hours to get what she wanted.

Once, Hiruma went outside at 3am, to buy her a pineapple and orange spread.

After threatening the lives of 4 shop owners and dashing between 2 convenience stores - he hurriedly went back home, carrying the rare jar.

But Mamori did not want the spread by then.

And Hiruma was definitely not pleased.

Still, he endured.

Because although the challenges heightened with each out-of-this-world request she made, we are talking about Hiruma here, who, as we all know, IS out-of-this-world.

So before Mamori got pregnant with their second child, Hiruma already had plans and relations with every store in their district.

He had 'contracted' every establishment - for desperate measures.

And when he came to a local bakery, asking for cream puffs with chunks of green mango inside, the baker simply smiled and said...

"Ahh. That time huh?" He stifled a chuckle. "Mamori-san is really... imaginative." the baker continued.

Hiruma knew that all too well. And he simply continued to pop his gum, not bothering to reply.

And the baker said "Well, come back at 2pm, it'll be ready by then."

As Hiruma left, the baker laughed. The next few months will be fun indeed, not just for him but for the whole of their district.

Because when Mamori gets pregnant, Hiruma shakes the lot of them to be creative... or else. YA! HA!