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A/N: I've never really thought about the romantic aspect of DBZ, but it is there and I am going to attempt to write it. If this sucks forgive me k?

Warning: This is a Bulma + Vegeta fic. And since I happen to like Vegeta it may seem a little OOC (Out of Character right?) to some people. But it's not to me because I spend too much time thinking about the depth of the characters. V-man is my favorite to do this with so, I know him better then any other character.

Bulma looked out her window to the capsule room below, where Vegeta was training.
'In my day if a man showed that much dedication about anything he'd be quiet the catch'. Her mother's words haunted her.
"He's just a stupid monkey boy, like Goku. Only, so much more," she paused trying to place her finger on exactly what it was, "mature I guess. Of course that's not to hard to be." For the life of her, she could not explain why every time she thought of him she got a burning feeling in her chest and felt light headed. She mentally slapped herself. "This is silly. I love Yamcha, I always have.
I could never love him, I don't think. Ugh, this is to confusing. I'm going to go get something to eat and sort this out." Bulma turned away from the window, almost reluctantly.
Vegeta stopped his push-ups, and looked at her window.
"Darn woman." He mumbled, trying to focus on his training. But his mind kept wandering back to how concerned her face had been for him when he had been injured. No one had ever shown that much concern for him before, not even Kakorot when he had been dying on Namek. He tried to clear his head, tried to lose the ghosts of his past in his training, as he had often done. Yet memories of his childhood came to him now because, for the first time in his life, he felt truly loved.

"But, but Frieza! There's no point in destroying this planet." A very young Vegeta once again told the destroyer of his race.
"For the last time you little brat, you are going to destroy it. You will do as I tell you!" Frieza struck the smaller figure on the back of the head, sending him crashing into the ground face first.
"But Lord Frieza I…" Frieza kicked him in the stomach before he could finish.
"You are to have no feelings toward the people you kill. They are all weaklings compared to you." Frieza had said the last sentence with an almost sweet tone, but it instantly turned cruel again. "Understood?" He kicked the child again, this time in the chest.
"I said Understood?"
"Yes Lord Frieza." He whimpered.
*~*End Flashback*~*
The pain of that memory, and others similar to it was almost too much for Vegeta's mind to bare. But still he continued training to beat Kakorot, he told himself. But subconsciously he was still trying to gain Freiza's approval, so all the pain and torment would end.

Bulma ate her dish of orange cream ice cream slowly and thoughtfully.
'What is it I see in him? He's so pig-headed and stubborn.' Surprisingly enough these thoughts weren't about Yamcha, but Vegeta. 'I mean he's consented and rude. But there's something about him that's just so right. Maybe he's…' She slammed her dish of ice cream on the table. 'No. No, no no!' But even as she was screaming it in her head, her heart was screaming yes. Suddenly she looked at herself. She was covered head to foot in melted ice cream. "Oh darn."