Shuichi Shindou opened his eyes to see a blinding white room he didn't recognize. The only sounds which could be heard were the slow seconds of a clock ticking by and someone else's breathing. He sat up and looked at the calendar that was sitting on the table beside the bed he was on.

"March twenty-sixth?!" He exclaimed upon reading the date. He immediately wished he didn't freak out like that, because a sharp pain shot through his stomach, causing him to double over and gasp.

"Hey," a familiar voice crooned to his left. Shuichi sat up and turned, only to be pulled into the arms of Eiri Yuki.

"Y-Yuki!" he breathed.

"You damn brat. Don't do that again. You had me so worried," Yuki muttered, his voice trembling.

"Yuki, what happened?" Yuki pulled out of the hug and stared at him with worry showing in his eyes.

"You don't….know?"


"We were actually hoping that you could tell us."

"All I can remember is walking home after having lunch with Hiro, something hitting my head, and then waking up here. And that was on the eleventh."

"We only found you the other day. God it was…scary…the way you were just…"

"Just what?!" Yuki ran a hand through his hair and stood up.

"I've got to go. My editor's been chewing my ass because I've been so busy looking for you these past two weeks. I'll be back at home when the doctors let you out."
"Yuki…you were worried?"
"That's about the first thing I told you when you woke up you damn brat. I'll see you later." He walked slowly from the room, hands in his pockets, and head bowed slightly. Shuichi was overly confused. Normally, he would be ecstatic about Yuki admitting to being worried about him, but right now…he just wanted to know what had happened. There were a few things that had stuck in his mind though.

Tatsuha Uesugi.

Tohma Seguchi.

Those two faces stuck out clearly in his mind as he tried to remember what had happened. And…there was someone else…but he couldn't quite place a name with the face…There was a light knock on the door and two familiar faces poked their heads into the room.

"Shu?" Hiro asked, stepping inside the room. "Are you actually awake?"

"Or was that just your novelist friends crap sense of humor?" Fujisaki asked as he followed Hiro into the room. Shuichi looked over at them.

"Do either of you know what happened?" he asked quickly.

"Hello to you too," Hiro said sarcastically as he took the seat which Yuki had occupied just a moment ago.

"Sorry," Shuichi muttered. "But one of you has to know what happened, right?"

"No. You just left my place that day, and then the next morning I got a call from your boyfriend saying you didn't show up at home that night."

"And no one saw or heard anything from you until just the other day," Fujisaki added.

"But…why cant I…remember what happened?" Shuichi muttered.

"Ahh, whatever. It's in the past now," Hiro said, his optimism shining through as always. "How're you feeling?"
"Really good actually!"

"I brought something for you."

"Huh? Really?" Hiro reached into his pocket and pulled out a box of strawberry pocky, which disappeared from his hand in the blink of an eye. Shuichi tore the box open and began eating. "Ooh, thank you Hiro!!"

"No problem," Hiro laughed.

"So did I miss anything important?"

"Just a concert," Fujisaki said. He was obviously trying to lay the guilt trip on Shuichi. It worked. The pink haired singer slowed down his pocky intake.


"But don't worry!" Hiro said quickly, not wanting Shuichi to feel bad. "Ryuichi sang for us." Shuichi smiled and continued eating his pocky.

"That's good."
"Ahh, which reminds me. He's going to be stopping in someti-"

"SHUICHI!!" cried a voice from out in the hall. A second later Ryuichi was on the bed, hugging Shuichi like they hadn't seen each other in years. "Shuichi! You're back to your own sparkly self!"

"Ryuichi! Glad to see you," Shuichi laughed.

"Wah, Kumagoro missed you, you know. Shuichi should warn people before he goes poof and isn't seen again!" Ryuichi pulled away from the hug and shook the stuffed rabbit in Shuichi's face.

"I'm sorry."
"Don't apologize to me, apologize to Kumagoro!"

"Oh, err, sorry Kumagoro."
"That's okay Shu-Chan!" Ryuichi said, doing his best to make it look like the rabbit was talking and not him. Shuichi laughed at his attempt. Ryuichi tilted his head sideways, confused, then started laughing too, though he didn't know why.

"It's good to have you back," Hiro said as he stood up. "But me and Fujisaki've gotta go."

"Oh! How come?" Shuichi replied.

"Tohma, K, and Sakano have been spazzing at us for slacking off." Shuichi flinched at the sound of Tohma's name. "Shu?" Hiro asked, noticing his action.


"Why did you flinch?"


"Hmm. You know, Tohma-" Shuichi flinched again. "and Sakano really shouldn't be complaining to us. I mean, you disappeared for two weeks. We have a right to slack off and worry about you, right?"
"Yeah, I suppose."
"You know what Kumagoro thinks?" Ryuichi said firmly, putting the rabbit on top of his head and laying on his stomach so he was looking at Shuichi. "Kumagoro thinks that Tohma-" Flinch. "should be more considerate! And he should be a little smarter too. He needs to learn that unless he go sleepy-sleepy in a bed he wont get any rest at all!"

"So true," Hiro said. "Come on Ryu. You're commin with us."

"Awwww, but whhhyyyyyy?" Ryuichi moaned.

"You're gonna ware out Shu before he really gets a chance to even recover. Come on." Hiro picked up Kumagoro off of Ryuichi's head, and as a result the childish pop star quickly jumped off the bed and ran after Hiro.

"Bye bye Shu-Chan!" he said. "Be sparkly!"

"Bye Shuichi," Hiro said, waving Kumagoro just out of Ryuichi's reach.

"Bye," Fujisaki said simply, following the other two out.

"See ya," Shuichi said, somewhat sad to see them go. He slumped back in the bed once they were gone, a single stick of pocky protruding from his mouth. He looked at his hand and saw he was shaking.

"Shuichi?" a doctor asked, sticking his head through the doorway.

"Hmm?" Shuichi replied, taking the pocky from his mouth.

"Ahh, so you are awake." He entered the room. "Good. How're you feeling?"

"Pretty good."
"You don't look good."
"Don't I?"

"No." Shuichi sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed and gasped. His legs were lined with bruises.

"Ahh, just a warning," the doctor said. "Once the pain medication wares off, you'll be incredibly sore. Call me when that happens and I can get you more medication."

"Don't be so worried Shuichi. It's fine." He turned and almost left the room.

"Wait!" Shuichi said quickly. "You have to have some idea of what happened, right?!"
"Not really, no. I'm sorry. There just wasn't any evidence. We're guessing that someone wanted revenge and…well…tortured you. That's really the only way to put it."

"What have I ever done…?"

"I don't know. That's why we were hoping you could tell us what happened, but if you don't remember then…"
"I remember bits and pieces, but its really nothing."
"They must've used some kind of drug on you. Your tox Levels were rather high when you got here the other day."

"The other day…everyone keeps saying that…which day was the other day? Yesterday?"
"The day before."
"Ahh. Thank you."
"No problem." He left, and Shuichi quickly turned his back to the door and shed his hospital gown, then stared down at himself. He was bruised, and there were a few burn marks. He put the hospital gown back on and noticed his wrists. There were bloody bandages wrapped around them. He bit his lip and hesitantly took one off. He gasped and looked away as he saw the Jagged cuts crossing his wrist and the rope burns around it. He quickly redid the bandage and laid down, mind racing.

"Someone…tried to kill me," he whispered to himself, turning on his side and pulled the covers over his head, hoping no one would see him crying. But he needn't worry. There was no one there.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S NOT THERE??" Yuki screamed into the phone. The doctor held it at an arms length from his ear as Yuki let out an incredibly long and loud stream of curses.

"He just disappeared this morning!" he said quickly. He didn't want to have to be the one to call Yuki, but he didn't have a choice.


"Mr. Yuki! Calm down! You need to help me find him!! His painkillers will run out soon, and wherever he might be he'll collapse from the pain! Where do you think he is?!"
"I don't know! He's not here….I'll start looking for him." He hung up the phone and ran from his house, not bothering to put on a coat or to grab an umbrella as he ran into the rain.

"Come in," Tohma Seguchi said absentmindedly from his office. He was busy working on some paperwork. The door creaked open and Shuichi stepped inside, closing the door behind him and plastering himself to the wall beside the door.

"Ahh, Shuichi," Tohma said as he looked up. "Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?"
"I am…," Shuichi replied quietly.

"So why aren't you?"
"I…had to talk to you."

"About what?" Tohma knew exactly what he was talking about, but the drug he used should have erased his memory…what was he doing here with knowledge about what had happened?

"About…the past two weeks."

"When you were missing?"

"Well sit down and talk to me." Shuichi didn't move, he only pressed himself flatter against the wall.

"That's okay. I'm fine standing. I just have to ask though…"

"Why is it…that every time I try to remember what happened….I see two faces…Tatsuha's…and yours?"

"I-I don't know."

"Why did you stutter just now?"
"I'm hurt that you would accuse me of something like that Shuichi."

"I'm not accusing you of anything Mr. Seguchi…I'm just wondering why that is…I figured I might as well come to you first…since if I went to Tatsuha he' d probably flip and tell Yuki."

"Well…I suppose that makes sense. Is there anything else you needed?"

"No…that's it…I'll just be going now."

"Ahh, but wouldn't you like to join me for lunch?"

"Err, no thanks. I've got to get back before they realize I'm gone and call Yuki. I'll see you when I'm back at work sir."
"Good bye Shuichi." Shuichi nodded a bit, and left the office. Tohma waited a moment, then picked up his phone and quickly called Tatsuha.

"Yello?" Tatsuha answered.

"Its Tohma."
"Ahh. What do you need?"

"A stronger drug. He's starting to remember."


"Mmm, my feet are sore," Shuichi complained, stopping for a second and leaning against a building for support. He was receiving strange looks from passer-bys…Who wouldn't look at him funny though? He was clad in only a hospital gown and a pair of jeans in the middle of a heavy downpour. He reached up and rubbed his head, feeling drowsy. "Urg…it all…hurts…" He felt himself go weak at the knees. "Oh crap…The medication…"

"Shuichi!" called the familiar voice of Hiro.

"Uurgh…" Shuichi moaned. He collapsed to the ground, feeling more pain then he'd ever felt before.

"Shuichi!" Hiro knelt down beside him, holding the umbrella with one hand and scooping Shuichi up with the other.

"Hiro…it huuuuurts…"

"Hold on. I'll get you back, but I need to call for help."
"Hirooo…" Hiro whipped out his cell phone and quickly dialed Yuki's number.

"Yuki, I found him," he said quickly. He quickly told Yuki the address, then hung up. "Hold on Shuichi. Yuki'll be here soon. " Shuichi nodded painfully. Sure enough, Yuki was running down the street in a minute's time, and he was kneeling down beside Shuichi in an instant.

"Shuichi?" he asked.

"Mm…," Shuichi murmured.

"You damn brat, quit scaring me like that." He carefully lifted Shuichi into his arms and wrenched the umbrella from Hiro's hand and holding it above their heads. Hiro didn't object. He followed Yuki as he raced to the hospital with the shaking Shuichi in his arms.

"You shouldn't have done that Shuichi," the doctor said sternly. "You could've seriously hurt yourself in the condition you're in."

"I know…,"Shuichi said sadly, his head bowed in order to keep from the penetrating stare of Yuki's furious yet caring eyes.

"What were you thinking you dumbass?!" Yuki snapped.

"I…I had to…" Shuichi tried to stop it, but he couldn't keep the tears from dripping from his eyes down his face and onto the sheets of the bed. Yuki was beside him, holding him in his arms, in a second.

"I don't mean to be mean, but you really are an idiot," he said softly.

"Yuuuukkiiiiii….I don't mean to be a pain like that…"

"I know, but if you really don't mean it, then stop dragging your sorry ass to NG studios when you're nothing but a stitched together lump of flesh." Shuichi looked up and stared at Yuki with misty eyes.

"Is that…is that really all you think of me as right now?" Yuki glared at him.

"Obviously not you moron. It's an expression…sort of. Just don't do stuff like that!"

"O-okay Yuki…I wont."

"You're lucky Hiro was there," the doctor put in. "If he hadn't found you when he did, you'd be in ten times more pain then you were after laying there in the rain." Shuichi nodded, then sneezed. "And you've gone and caught yourself a cold too!"

"I don't have a cold…"

"Yes you do."

"How would you know?!"
"I'm a doctor Shuichi."
"Right…I know…" He shook his head. "So when am I going to be able to leave here?"
"In a few days I'm guessing. And I'm sure Mr. Yuki will be there to make sure you don't overexert yourself, right Mr. Yuki?" Yuki murmured something and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah," he said after a moment. "It's not like I have a choice, right?" Even though he knew Yuki didn't mean that, Shuichi couldn't help but feel hurt at that comment.