No Weeping Angels


A Gargoyles / Doctor Who crossover

A/N: Written for LJ user hippiebohochick in a fandomsecrets crossover meme. Not sure when in either timeline this is set, except that it is the Tenth Doctor.


"So then you sought us out because you believed we are these... 'Weeping Angels' you speak of?"

The Doctor nodded. "That about sums it up, ah..." he said, giving the very large lavender-colored creature a odd look. The human woman beside him watched the Doctor with a frown. "Sorry, don't believe I caught your name, if you've got one?" He looked the monster up and down with his mouth hanging open slightly in a puzzled manner.

"Traditionally we have no names, but you humans call me Goliath," he said with a scowl.

"Ah see, there's a mistake there," the Doctor said, wagging his finger. "I'm not a human, but a Time Lord! Common mistake, can't really tell, but I'm a good deal older than I look."

Before Goliath could respond, the Doctor noticed a much smaller creature that was obviously the same species as Goliath but looked very different, leaning around and peering at his sonic screwdriver. He frowned at the olive-skinned bug-eyed thing. "You mind?"

He seemed to only just now notice the Doctor and smiled sheepishly. "What is that device?" he asked. "I noticed you use it earlier, is it new technology? I haven't heard anything about a device that can..."

"It's not yours," the Doctor said, putting it safety in his jacket pocket. The smaller one looked hurt, scowled a little, and walked away on all fours. "Your species is certainly an interesting one. Why are you on Earth?"

Goliath raised on of his thick eye ridges. "We are native to Earth," he said. "Whatever you've mistaken us for, we are not." He opened his large wings that he had previously had folded across his shoulders. He looked a good deal more massive now. "Now," he said. "If we are done here..."

"I do believe we are," the Doctor said, shoving his hands in his pockets and smiling widely. "If it's all the same to you, I think I'll just get going now."

"You need help getting down? It's a pretty tall building," the human woman said with a smirk.

"If you've got elevators I should be able to figure out your ever perplexing human technology," he said with a bit of a snarky bite.

"Elisa," Goliath said to the human. "If you could kindly show our... guest... to the elevator?"

Elisa rolled her eyes but smiled. "No problem, big guy," she said, walking past the Doctor. "Let's go, alien boy."

They walked together in silence before they finally reached the elevator and Elisa confirmed that he was, in fact, to press the "G" button. "So," the Doctor said. "What are they?"

Elisa grinned as the Doctor pushed the button and the door began to close. "Gargoyles," she said, and the door shut, releasing the Doctor from the most awkward alien encounter he felt he'd had in a long time.