Wesker groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, despite his "enhancements" he had a headache the size of Montana

Wesker groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, despite his "enhancements" he had a headache the size of Montana. It took several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room and for the briefest of moments he panicked, thinking everything that had happened over the past handful of days had been a dream. Because this room was an exact replica of the place he had been rescued from.

Then he saw Redfield chained to the ceiling only a few feet away, a bandage around his right bicep and sporting a black eye. Despite the situation he was relieved, he hadn't been dreaming and Redfield seemed to be in relatively good health.

"I see you've decided to join us, Dr. Wesker."

Wesker knew that voice only too well and turned his head to see Dr. Magus standing to Chris' left. Wesker's eyes narrowed, flicking to the small remote in his hand. He was all too aware what it controlled, the heavy collar around his neck.

"We were worried, you were asleep quite a long time."

Magus smiled, stepping toward him. Wesker watched him like a cat watches a bird, waiting for the chance to strike.

"Now, now Doctor." Magus chided, running his thumb lightly over one of the remote's buttons. "Don't' look at me like that, you would have done the same in my place. How can you expect me to pass up the chance to examine a fine specimen such as yourself? We had to have you back."

"I never tortured anyone."

"Semantics." Magus snapped, his eyes narrowing. "That wasn't very nice of you, running off like that. But it wasn't entirely your fault, now was it?"

As Magus turned toward Redfield, Wesker realized what was about to happen…Chris was also wearing a collar. He couldn't allow Redfield to be tortured because of him, he wouldn't.


Magus turned, arching an eyebrow. "Don't what?"


Magus smiled every so slightly, his finger brushing over the controller. Wesker tensed, every muscle clenched in unspoken anger. Slowly he turned his gaze to Chris. For a moment, brown eyes met yellow, and Wesker swallowed his pride. He dropped his head, hiding the shame from both Magus and Redfield.



Then Chris was screaming…

Adrenaline is an interesting hormone, as such things go. It stimulates the heart-rate, dilates blood vessels and air passages, and is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.

It can give a man the stamina to carry his critically wounded buddy ten miles to the nearest medical help, despite being wounded himself…

It can give a ninety pound woman the strength to lift a car off her dying child…

It can also give a man, already fully capable of doing both those things with ease, the power to snap unbreakable steel like it was twine…

Wesker hit the floor with a soft thud. Magus was slowly backing away as Wesker's head tilted up, his yellow eyes gleaming.

"St…stay away…" Magus stuttered, his eyes darting to the remote. "I…I'm warning you!"

"Really?" Wesker said, his voice like ice. "Warn me again."

Magus fumbled with the remote, but still somehow managed to push the right button. Electricity surged through Wesker's body, causing every muscle to lock up.

"See!" Magus yelled. "I warned you! I war…no…no…you can't…it's not possible!!"

Magus stared in utter disbelief as Wesker, beyond all sane comprehension and scientific data, took a step forward. Whatever was coursing through Wesker's body, it was being aided by a healthy dose of pure white hot anger.

Magus stumbled backwards as Wesker took another step toward him. As he did, Magus turned the dial of the remote, increasing the output. Wesker paused for a second, then took another step.

"No…it's inconceivable!" Magus shouted, as he bumped into the wall. "This can't be!"

Wesker's whole body was shaking with the effort to stay on his feet and yet he still took another step forward and another. Magus stared, as Wesker bridged the gap between the two of them.

"Fine." Magus gritted his teeth. "FINE!"

He cranked the dial to the highest setting. Wesker froze in misstep, causing him to stumble to one knee. Either by reflex or luck, he managed to plant his hands and kept from falling face first into the cement.

"HA!" Magus, laughed, taking a tentative step away from the wall. "Even you can't handle that!"

Wesker's head was hanging down, sweat running down his face. Magus stepped even closer, holding the remote tightly in one hand, as he stared at Wesker with a look very close to insanity.

"You think you are so smart, so great, bu…"

Lighting fast, Wesker's hand shot out and closed around Magus' ankle. The good doctor had exactly three seconds to ponder just how Wesker was still able to move with that much electricity coursing through his body, before Magus got a first hand sample of just what he had been subjecting his specimens to.

Wesker slowly tilted his head upwards a cold animalistic grin spreading across his face. Magus could see that look and had he not been locked into position by the massive amount of current, he probably would have panicked and run screaming from the room. As it was the most he could do was whimper the slightest bit as smoke started to waft up from under his shirt. Magus was being burned alive from the inside out.

As Magus' smoldering body hit the ground, a look of pain filled horror forever etched on his face, Wesker caught the remote. It had all but shorted out at this point, thanks to the electricity running through the former Dr. Magus.

Wesker stood up, that grin now only a slim smile, and ripped the collar off. A second later it hit the floor, bounced, and landed on Magus' still smoking chest. Then he turned, his face smoothly rolling into a look of concern as he reached for Redfield's chains.

"Redfield." Wesker whispered, easily snapping the links. "Wake up."

Chris cracked open an eye, looking slightly bewildered. The last thing he remembered was Wesker saying please, then a shit load of pain…he must have blacked out.

"What I miss." He muttered thickly as Wesker lowered him to the floor. "What the hell is that stench?"

Wesker nodded his head to the left, while he busied himself with getting the shackles off of Chris' writs. Chris looked over and came very close to throwing up.

"Well, that's the most disgusting thing I've seen in a while."

"Really?" Wesker's tone was cool, as he finished with the shackles. "Have you looked in your refrigerator lately?"

"Hah, hah, very…"

Chris was cut off as Wesker wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. Chris was a tad surprised, but responded easily as he slid his arms around Wesker's waist.

"I thought he was going to kill you."

Chris didn't say anything, not even when Wesker's grip on him tightened enough that it was becoming a little hard to breath. The embrace only lasted a couple of seconds but it seemed to help center Wesker enough that he wasn't sporting that pained looked on his face anymore. Wesker pulled back and cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair as he did so. Chris couldn't help thinking it looked adorable.

"I believe we should make our escape now, before they find out Dr. Magus is deceased."

Chris nodded. "Lead the way."