Disclaimer: I do not own this game known as "Harvest Moon"

Disclaimer: I do not own this game known as "Harvest Moon". Take all your commentary to Natsume. That is all.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Like a Horse And Carriage

It was just another typical day in Mineral Town, really. I was working the usual routine of tending the crops, caring for the animals, venturing into the mines for materials and valuables, gathering up herbs to help my buddy Dr. Tim, and heading into town to be a patron and chat it up with all the locals. If this had followed the usual routine I've come to expect since the past year or so I've been around, I'd then head home to my furry companion Yogi, and maybe catch some shut eye after watching some weird cartoon romance about a Demon Lord and his captive princess. However, since a few weeks back, I've had a slight alteration to this routine… and something more to come home to nowadays.

Anyway, I head back home around 5:00 p.m. as usual, opened the door, and, for some reason, am still a little surprised to see a cheerful pink-haired lady on standby in my very own kitchen. This, folks, happens to be my wife, Popuri… who just so happens to share my appreciation for chickens.

Now, I probably know what you're thinking, if you had put that last sentence into consideration. Despite the camaraderie I share with her in the name of chickens, of course that's not why I married her. That's ridiculous. More precisely, that's outright stupid. To be completely honest, the idea of wanting to be legally bound to her came as a bit of a surprise to me.

No, apparently, my experience at love in Mineral Town just had to be a really peculiar one. First of all, for some reason, over half of this town became convinced that I was smitten' with the local crazy, my mortal enemy, Ann. I don't completely understand why this became the local buzz around town, especially when she usually served me a heaping bowl of "bitchfest", but it's safe to assume that trashy love/hate romance novels were responsible for this. One of the few citizens immune to the local gossip was my childhood buddy from the city, Karen. Instead, she had caught on to a friendship I shared with another girl and made attempt after shameless attempt to hook me up with the local librarian, Mary. If it hadn't been for the fact that she saw past the "Ann" propaganda, I would've made her regret teaching me how to fight when I found the time. But for now, I am just thankful that she isn't as prone to gossip as most of the town… and for a good friendship that withstood the test of time, of course.

Confidentially, as awkward as this feels, there may have been a time where I actually was… "interested" in Mary, as you well. Her quiet personality more of my type in the beginning, and I was very much surprised we hit it off so easily, but I guess somewhere along the line it turned out to be a mere crush. Instead, I decided to appreciate the relaxing friendship we shared… though it helped that I found her thing for Gray to be priceless and endearing.

Right, back to the present. "Why am I married to this Popuri Chick?" some of you might be wondering. And that's a good question. When I first met the girl, she was this incredibly childish lass with the sugar-induced energy to power a thousand suns and came off as a tad on the shallow side. The only thing I could admit to finding truly physically appealing about her would be that she dresses Victorian. Damn my fetishes….

Well folks, the answer always comes back to me every time I return home from a hard day's work. These days, I'm always welcomed in the evenings by a warm, caring smile; bright, tender eyes; and the kind of embrace I wouldn't mind passing out in. Overall, she has this sweet kind of air to her that you can't help but not appreciate having around for the rest of your life. What can I say? Popuri's become a woman over time, and a fine one at that.

To be frank, this is no small feat for me to use this kind of language. I'm an anti-romantic at heart; I'd rather not go gaga over the mushy, flowery purple prose of the human soul. But this was the best I could come up with. Any more frank and you'd think I was trying to write an expository essay on my wife.

So, yeah… this has been what my life has been like lately. We haven't seen signs of a pregnancy yet, probably because we're the most awkward couple in bed in the entire world, but I'm assuming we'll work through it somehow… unless it reaches a point where we're too uneasy that we both make a mutual vow of chastity that should last us the rest of our lives. But for now, I'll remain optimistic.