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Barragan's Bargain

Barragan stood and his commanding presence drew the attention of most of the people, except those Shinigami still intent on arguing. "You," he said to Aizen, "have forfeited any right to express your opinion."

"But," Aizen said with disbelief.

"You," Barragan said to Nemu, "are less than what you seem."

The woman's face took on a supercilious and arrogant expression. "More than what I seem," was her response.

"No, less. Do not correct me." Barragan did not seem pleased to be contradicted.

Anger darkened Nemu's face. "You don't know whom you address."

Ichigo had been watching the interchange with interest as his disquiet grew. Until now he'd thought he was pretty free with his sexual tastes, but he was becoming rapidly less attracted to Nemu. He wanted to remove the feel of her body and the memory of having sex with her by indulging with a variety of partners as soon as possible. The main problem he could see was until this current crisis over the ownership of Aizen done with he couldn't carry out his plan. He wished it would be finalised quickly.

"Your name is Kurotsuchi, I believe," Barragan's voice was cool.

All the other arguments had stopped and all eyes seemed to be watching what was happening between the two antagonists.

"That is my name," Nemu said and smirked.

"But you aren't Nemu Kurotsuchi, are you?" Rukia interrupted. "You can't be Nemu."

As the implication became clear, Ichigo felt like vomiting. He only knew of two Kurotsuchi's: Nemu and her father. If that wasn't Nemu, then he'd had sex with the 12th Division Captain and the idea repelled him. The smug smile that appeared on 'Nemu's' face made him feel even worse.

"I am Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi," 'Nemu' declared with pride.

"I feel sick," said Ishida.

"You feel sick?" Ichigo said. "How do you think I feel?"

"Mayuri, I know that you felt you were being left out of all the fun, but did you have to indulge your sick pleasures by doing this?" Shunsui's calm attitude was cracking as he spoke.

Mayuri laughed with contempt. "I didn't do this for the fleeting physical pleasure. I came here to study the Arrancar and to capture the traitors. I want to study them, especially the power that Sosuke wields. He won't be permitted to keep any secrets from me. I was not included in the party so I took that fool's place." As he spoke, his body changed slightly.

"Where's Nemu? What have you done with her?" Kira sounded very concerned.

"Nemu is confined in the Seireitei. I will release her once I get back with my subjects."

Glancing at the others to see their reaction to the news he noticed that Barragan was paying very close attention to Mayuri. He gestured and suddenly the 12th Division Captain was seized by Szayel and Nnotira. Neither seemed happy with the contact.

"What is the meaning of this?" the man screeched.

"A man that can change into a woman! Do you think I'll let you leave? You're now a member of my harem, pretty one. I'll trial you in both forms." Barragan settled back comfortably on his throne and smiled happily.

Ichigo swallowed hard. If he kept quiet, Barragan might not notice him and he could escape becoming a member of the man's private pleasure house.

The announcement caused a number of conversations to break out. He overheard a few protests, but most of the Shinigami seemed ready to accept the demand. For some reason, Ichigo was not surprised.

The 10th Division Captain stepped forward and addressed Barragan with a grudging respect. "We want Gin and Tosen and then we will leave."

"I want to go with them," Halibel rushed in front of Toshiro, clutching Komamura by his hand. "I'm marrying this man."

The shock on Barragan's face as he looked at the Captain almost made Ichigo laugh. But then the words sunk in. Marriage? Who'd get married when there were so many willing partners available? And what did Halibel see in the guy?

"I cannot permit that," Barragan thundered. "He is one of our enemies."

Halibel crossed her arms and looked at Barragan with assurance. "You're taking two Shinigami to serve in your harem and you won't let me marry one?"

Barragan slammed his hands down on the arms of the throne. "I am your king."

"So?" Grimmjow asked. He had looped his arm over Orihime's shoulder while his hand caressed her bust and she didn't seem inclined to protest. "What's a king anyway? I didn't vote for you."

"I rule."

Grimmjow made a face. "Not me, you don't."

"Nor me," Halibel agreed.

Barragan glared at his rebellious 'subjects'. "I blame you for this," he told Aizen. "If you hadn't kidnapped the boy none of this would have happened." The smile that crossed his face chilled Ichigo who decided to hide behind Toshiro. He found Rukia crouching there also.

"Why are you hiding?" he hissed at her.

"I don't want to stay here. I'm scared he'll want to add me to his harem as well."

"That's why I'm hiding," Ichigo admitted. "Want to make out?"

"Shhhh," Toshiro said through clenched teeth. "I don't want him to notice me either."

Byakuya, fully dressed and in full control of the situation strode and stood in front of Barragan. "You can keep both Aizen and Kurotsuchi. We will take Tosen and Gin who are of no use to you and possibly no use to us either."

"Your people have corrupted my followers," Barragan yelled, his skin purpling in rage.

"I do not regard Sosuke Aizen as one of mine. You can discipline him as you see fit. We will be leaving now."

"What about me?" Halibel had her arms tightly around Captain Komamura's neck.

Byakuya stood for a moment lost in thought. "I can see no problem with you escorting us back to the Seireitei."

Barragan was standing now. He leant forward and wrath filled his voice. "You cannot make that decision. Who do you think you are?"

A cool smile touched the Captain's lips. "I know who I am. I do not answer to you and will not permit you to add me to your harem, in case you were planning that. It would be in your best interests to sanction our departure."

"Aw. Do we have to leave right away?" Renji asked and then flushed as his Captain bent a stern glare on him.

Barragan spluttered but then his interest was caught by Kurotsuchi who had nearly struggled free of his captors. His eyes fixed on the person he said curtly, "Leave. Do it now before I change my mind."

A quick contact to Urahara and the portal opened. They all quickly filed through, some still naked, some semi-dressed and Ichigo made certain he was one f the first to leave. He ignored the imploring cries from Aizen who tried to attract his attention. Why did the man think he'd help?


A few days later Ichigo was sitting under a tree, his back supported by the trunk while he thought about his life. Being a Shinigami, substitute, deputy, unseated human with supernatural powers was proving more interesting and complicated than he'd originally thought. Scratching his chest he scowled slightly as he remembered some of the down side; sneaking around, hiding the truth from his family, trying to find time to study, being kidnapped by Aizen, but there were rewards. Rewards he enjoyed.

Smirking, he placed Zangetsu across his knees. He was tired but he knew why. It was days before he'd been permitted to return to the human world. Since then he'd not had enough sleep and too much activity during the day and the night. He wanted a break. That was why he was sitting here alone, in the park under a tree. Only a few people would be able to find him, but he thought they might leave him alone, for the present. Returning to the Seireitei had nearly exhausted him as the celebratory orgies seemed to follow each other without pause.

The rustle of feet stepping on leaves drew his attention and he noticed two people approaching him. Looking up he found he didn't recognise them or their species.

Before greeting them a small thought crossed his mind. "I hope they won't abduct me. I haven't recovered from last time."


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