Hello there! My name's Reika Hino. You probably heard of my name, right?

Ermm.. I guess not.

Anyway, I sing just like most pop idols do. The only difference is that I don't want to be a pop star. I hate even the thought of it. Maybe someday, I can be a normal student and I'll make sure that it happens soon!!


At last! I can have this moment to share with my one and only..

Sooper doper extra delicious and uber creamy sundae, You're mine and I am yours…

There was a loud bang and planks of wood flew over of what used to be the door. Apparently, Ms. Clara has more disappointing stuff to say. I closed my eyes and prayed sooo hard..

Kami-sama, please take her away.. I promise to be a good girl! I promise to do my homework, I won't pull pranks for one whole day, I'll wash my clothes, I'll try to…

"Get ready in 20 minutes, Pumpkin, Photo Shoot at 3:00 sharp"

Before I could promise waaay more stuff, I paused and thought of what Ms. Clara said..

Hell yeah it's shooting! There's gonna be bodies flying around everywhere!

I know I'm slow, you don't have to rub it in..

-Fast Forward-

The photo shoot was hell! The photographer must be Satan! The only pure souls in there are Ms. Clara's and the Editor-in-chief of the magazine.

To hell with these clothes! They're so itchy, I would rather bathe in sugar and let the ants feast on me..

"Show more expression.."

"Smile wider.."

"You're smiling to wide, tone it down.."

"Why the hell did you frown? What do I look like? A TV drama?"

I swear I'm gonna make this photographer regret he was ever born…

After a few snapshots and lots of complaints from the Big-Ass photographer, the day was pretty much done. I fixed my things and went inside the car. While going home, we passed a certain beach. At a certain point, it made me feel a teeny bit homesick..

"Pumpkin, you did great a while ago! Although the photographer is a bit of an ass, isn't he?"

"Uhmm.. yeah"

She stared for a while with a confused face. It wasn't unlike me to say just two words in a conversation..

"What's wrong Pumpkin? Are you sick? Are you hungry? PMS?" Ms. Clara said with a voice full of concern.

"No.. I'm fine.. Just thinking.."

"You shouldn't think much about various things, Pumpkin. It may make you look old. America doesn't want an idol who looks like she is 57.." Ms. Clara joked.

Maybe I should try and think more about stuff. In that way, I'll look old and nobody would want me and I can go home and be with my family.

I sighed. I looked to my side and Ms. Clara patted my head like my father used to do when I was younger.

"Sometimes, in order to have happiness, you must give up your dreams but you must remember that you can't give up your happiness for your dreams. It's about doing the right thing or doing the thing that makes you happy. Feeling pain is a good thing. As long as you feel it, you are alive, you are human at nature. Being alive and being a part of something in this world is the greatest thing experience, Reika. Don't forget it."

When Ms. Clara calls me "Reika", it's something serious that one snicker might get you to hell. I thought it over and knew that Ms. Clara understood what kind of pain I'm in. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

I looked out the window and stared at the beach.

Being alive and part of something in this world is the greatest thing to experience..

I smiled and slowly drifted to sleep..


Cell phone?






I need to bring all my clothes with me. Even the ones that itch..

Better yet, bring sugar…

Urgh! If there was just a way to get out of this mess..


I grinned widely and got my cell phone to dial a number. A life-saving number. ..

No… It's not 911..


"Pumpkin, check your luggage twenty times! I don't know what we'll do if you manage to forget a tank top!"

This maybe the last time that I'll hear Ms. Clara's voice, I might as well enjoy it. Time to put "OPERATION: FREEDOM" to action.

"Uhmm.. Ms. Clara,"

"Yes, Pumpkin?"

"I need to go to the bathroom. I'll make it ultra lightning fast!"

"Okay, Pumpkin. Be sure that you make it "ultra lightning fast" The plane's leaving in a few minutes."

I kinda used my "ultra lightning speed" to run away..Finally, I can get out of hell. I take one last look at Ms. Clara. I thought of the things she did to make my career successful. She sacrificed a lot to help me in my career after all. Her family, friends and her own career as well. She became my 2nd mother when my real mother is busy in Hokkaido. I love her too but I need to sacrifice to be where I truly wish to be..

Not far enough, I saw Tsukino. You know.. Most people have their own look-a-likes.. Apparently, I got close to Tsukino and we became close friends. I called her up yesterday and explained the plan. Suprisingly, she agreed..

"Hey Tsuki-chan!"


"So, you ready?"

"Yep, let's do it."

-After a few tumbles in the Powder Room-

"Tsuki-chan, remember not to talk until the plane's gotten off, okay?" I said as I felt slightly weird not wearing my own clothes.

"Okay, Are you sure you're gonna be fine? It's a long flight back to Japan. Can you make it alone?"

"Yep! I sure can! Believe in me!" I said with full confidence.

I hope I can get back to Japan before Ms. Clara notices anything.

After a few farewells and a few notes to take, we finally set off to our separate directions.

"Good Luck Rei-chan, I wish that you may be able to seek what truly makes you happy." Tsukino mumbled softly and headed off towards Ms. Clara's direction.


"There you are, Pumpkin. Run along now. Get your valuables with you. Good thing you made it in time. The plane waited for a few minutes when they found out that Reika Hino isn't on the plane yet."

Tsukino merely nodded and got her bag with all her necessities including the cellphone that Reika gave her to have their communications. She sighed and thought of the consequences that might happen if Ms. Clara found out sooner or later.

Troublesome Reika, what are you up to now??


Passengers of flight 3CH, please proceed to the terminal.. The plane is about to take off in a few minutes. Thank You.

Ms. Clara's speech knocked some sense into me. While the other me is setting out for stardom, the real me is going to find freedom. True freedom, that is. I suddenly knew what my true happiness is…

It's about being with the persons I love the most …

"Japan, here I come!"