Angela: Her Sweetness and ComputerFreak101 helped me write this entire thing. Thank them. O:

"The stars are falling," Matt said from the windowsill where he'd been perched for the past two hours, just staring into the sky. Mello didn't even look up from his computer screen.


"The stars are falling," he repeated. "Let's go catch one."

There was a moment of silence, interrupted only by Mello's typing before he looked up. "They are?"

"Yeah. Let's go catch one before they stop falling."

The crinkle of old candy wrappers and soft crunching of empty cigarette cartons replaced the sounds of typing as Mello wound his way through the cramped room to the window and peered out.

"I don't see any falling stars Matt."

"They're falling Mello," he insisted. "Just come on." He slid off the windowsill and hung onto the fire escape. "Don't make me do this alone, man."

"Matt, I'm not climbing down a fire escape at two in the morning to go traipsing around the city looking for phantom stars that are still in the sky!"

Matt stared up at him silently, the light from the streetlamps reflecting off the goggles he wore.

"Mello, just come on."

He sighed. "Fine Matt. I'll go with you to catch one of your phantom stars. One hour. We're coming back at three and going to sleep, alright?"

The smile was dazzling even under the streetlamp's lighting.


He'd lost count after the third bullet had ripped through skin and cloth, only to bounce on the pavement behind him. Just a scratch, it only grazed his arm. The next shot hit his goggles, and the left lens cracked,

When the shots stopped, he stared into the sky for a moment before slumping.

The stars were falling.


"-The man who was shot down has still not been identified. One of the perpetrators was carrying several firearms, and threatened to fire at lady Takada's bodyguards; but the man was shot to death before he could harm anyone."

Mello glanced at the small screen before turning back to the road again. Sorry Matt. You weren't supposed to die. Not here.

It came out of nowhere, the pain. As the truck skidded, slamming into the church, white exploded in his vision. A heart attack, that much was obvious. As his head hit the steering wheel, he turned his eyes to the sky, in time to see the stars begin to fall.

His hand reached towards the sky for only a second before it fell back down, clutching something small and white.

I caught you that stupid star Matt...