Bo and John stepped out of the elevator into the hallway. "Well, we finally did it." Bo said, putting his hand on John's shoulder.

"Yeah, and we have you to thank for that, Commissioner." John said, smiling.

"Well, you deserve most of the credit, McBain." Bo said.

"I'm just so glad this is all over with and we can get on with our lives." John said.

"You mean yours and Natalie's?" Bo asked with a grin.

"Ha ha, very funny." John said, smiling.

They walked down the hallway, stopping as they got to the door.

"Well..." Bo said. "Do you want to do the honors?"

"Sure." John said He reached for the doorknob and paused, hearing a faint sound.

"What is it?" asked Bo.

"Not sure." said John. "Sounds like music." He listened again.

"Yep, that's what it is. Simply Red."

"Well, go on in there and tell him." Bo said. "Tell him we got Haver!"

John looked through the window. Then he let go of the doorknob.

"What's wrong?" Bo asked.

"Ah... nothing. You know, I think I'll come back and deliver the news later." John said, smiling. Without a word, he looked at Bo and nodded.

Bo peered inside, smiling at what he saw. Marcie and Michael, standing in the middle of the floor, their arms wrapped around each other as they slowly danced to the sounds

of Simply Red. Their foreheads touched as they paused for a moment to share a kiss.

Bo moved away from the window and smiled at John. "Yeah, you're right. Maybe we should come back later."


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