-shifty eyes- I'm not actually doing a 30kisses, I just wanted to do a bunch of different pieces centered on a single theme, and mix and matching various 30kisses lists was a good way to center on one theme.

Theme 21: chess

Misa was never very good at chess.

And still she was here, between L and Light, in a chess match that could very well mean the end of her life.

She hated chess. And she hated being on both sides. L's ebony black pawn, and Light's snow white Queen. Oh, they didn't think she knew, but Misa was smart, much smarter than she'd ever let them realize. If they knew she was smarter than she let on, then push and shove would become bend and break and she didn't think she could take that.

Instead, she played the silly blonde girl and let them dance their little dance.

Secretly, she hoped that when the game was over, she'd be the last one standing.

I know this one's kinda short, but. Eh. I'll update this as I write them and when I feel like it, pretty much. -wanders off to find food-