Loooong time since I updated this particular fic. Whoops, sorry 'bout that. Enjoy.

Theme 21: butterfly

It isn't until towards the end of his life that Matsuda really ever reflects on the Kira case. Things like why did it have to happen that way? and couldn't we have done something different to stop it, maybe before Kira ever became a God? are thoughts he hasn't had for along time, but they come back as loud now as they had been so many years ago, when Matsuda had been just a young cop working one of his first high profile cases.

He thinks sometimes that Light was a butterfly in a world of moths, and maybe that was why the boy had gone mad. Being the single most beautiful thing in the world could make anyone go crazy, he thinks. Like a flame, drawing everything closer to himself but burning burning burning it all away because none of them were ever beautiful, smart enough, good enough for him. (Matsuda wonders if all butterflies think themselves better than the ugly little moths that make the butterflies beautiful in the first place.)

It's a pity, he decides, that in the end the butterfly had been eaten alive by the moths in some sort of sick cannibalistic form of Justice.

(Maybe the moths are the beautiful ones, and it's the butterfly who is so ugly.)