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AN: This starts right after the Deimon Devil Bats wins against the Bando Spiders. And no one knows about Sena except for, the obvious: Shin, Hiruma, Ramon/Monta, Kurita, Mizumachi (who keeps forgeting), Kakei, and Musashi.

"Yeah!" The whole Devil Bats team was celebrating in their locker room the victory over the Banjo Spiders. "Here we come Christmas bowl!" They all shouted as the excitment continued to build in their over crowded sweaty locker room. Every guy had chest bumped at least fifty times, were covered in water and Gatorade (that their over exiled quarter back had poured on them) and still hadn't even taken off their cleats let alone their pads.

Suddenly a gun shot went off (several in fact).

"Were ganna kill anyone in our way!" Hiruma said with his genuinely evil smile "Even Senriou Dragons and Ojo Knights!"

"Yeah!" His riled up team mates cheered on. More gun shots, more chest bumps.

Finally they began to settle down as the weariness of the day finally caught on. More of them sat down to take there pads off and engulf every last drop of water in their water bottles as they replayed to the teammate beside them a great play they'd made during the game.

Finally the locker room was almost empty. Three tired and happy players remained, or at least two.

Sena Kobayawa a short boy no taller than 5' 2'' (but he had just begun to start a growth spurt that would show mager changes in a month or two), with brown hair, bright brown eyes, a good strong pair of quick legs and a great build for a small little dude. He couldn't lift much but he had learned to take hits and run down a field instead of away from it. He use to be a gopher and wimp but now was the star running back for Deimon, known only as Eyeshield21 to the rest of the world.

The second was the spiky haired blond, the hidden ace and deceiving quarterback, Hiruma. His gun in hand, as always, he furiously looked over plays and began fixing stuff for their next game (though they still weren't positive as to who they were up against, but they had an idea of a few contestant one in particular. His pink chewing gum formed pink bubbles that popped every so many minutes just to reform.

Sena at this moment was A) to tired to be concerned with what he was doing and B) would have been to afraid to ask even if he wasn't.

The third player was Musashi the Devil's kicker. He had just cut his brown hair into a spiky (and way to long) Mohawk, as punishmeant for being a year and a half late for a kick. He was tall and resembled an old man more than the actual seventeen year old he was. Without the stud beard he could actually look his age (but for reasons unknown he keeps growing it back and some how managing to keep it at studs. If you wanna beard get one, if you don't then shave it for Crise sake!).

The three sat in the room quietly, except for an occasional bang from Hiruma's gun. This was no surprise to any of them when it would randomly go off.

Musashi finished undressing and packing his bag. He stood up from the bench and swung his bag over his shoulder.

"I'll see you two tomorrow at practice!" he said in his rough voice. "Hiruma, good luck!" he said and gave a confused Sena a glance on his way out.

"What the heck was that about?" Sena asked more to the empty room than to Hiruma himself.

"Who knows with that damn oldie? Most likely with putting the play book together for the first game of the finals!"

"Oh!" was Sena's only comment as he continued to just sit there and lean back on the bench.

'So dense!' Musashi thought to himself as he waited around the corner for something to happen. After waiting for a few minutes, and nothing happening, he sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets and exited the locker rooms back out on to the field. 'Stupid idiot! Wont even let me get a peek huh?'

'No way in hell!' Hiruma thought 'You can try and spy all you want! If you wish me luck and do that no good will come of it!'he grinned evily as he put his play book away in his own bag.

"You heading out Hiruma?" Sena asked as he noticed Hiruma begining to take off his own pads and begin to change.

"Hmm? Nah not yet!"

"I thought not! You're usually the very last one out!"

Hiruma was a bit touched that Sena had noticed. He slipped his navy blue shirt on over his bair chest. His white leg pads still on as well as his dirty socks and kleets.

"No black today either?" Sena noted.

"Nah! I don't always wear black you frikin shrimp!"

"Yeah...okay!" Sena said as he finally pushed himself up and lent down to start slowly prying his cleats off his swollen feet. "Ouch!" he said as he got one of his shoes off and threw it in his bag.

"Your feet hurt?"

"Yeah! Must have been to much running!"

"Why you say that?"

"My feet, knees, whole legs, arms, and my right and left sides hurt."

"Well you did get hit around a lot!" Hiruma noted, which would explain the other aches, as he himself took off his own cleats.

'He's not yelling at me? That's definitely strange!' Sena thought as he attempted to get his other cleat off.

"But the rest," he paused to think. "Hey stand up!"

"Huh?" Sena said as he removed his other cleat.

"I said stand up!"

"Uh, okay!" Sena stood as he was told to.

Hiruma compared their heights.

"I think you've grown a bit midget!" he said as he sat back down and began to pry his filthy socks off now as well.

"Really?" Sena asked excitedly.

"Would I lie Baka?" Hiruma asked him.


Hiruma gave him a look.

"No!" An excited sena replied as he quickly began to take his socks off and then sat back down to take his jersey off.

Hiruma rolled his eyes.

'Am i that un-trust worthy?' Hiruma thought to himself before he found himself glancing back over at Sena.

"Ouch!" Sena moaned again as his jersey came off.

Hiruma was surprised by all the bruises. And Hiruma having very sharp eyes caught several scars that seemed to be quite old.

"What happened?" Hiruma asked as he leaned over and poked at a new bruise on Sena's side that was covering a very old scar.

"Ouch!" Sena complained. "What there?"

"Sorry! Didn't realize it hurt that much!"

'...being you Hiruma I'd expect that! And then cursing at my weakness!'

"It's from when Akaba-san hit me!"

"No." Hiruma said "I meant the scar!"

"Oh," Sena said and seemed to think whether to tell him or not.

"Are you going to tell me?" Hiruma pressed annoyed at such a long pause.

'Ouch!' Sena muttered to himself as he felt Hiruma's finger dig in to his bruise once again.

"It's not a very interesting story!" Sena replied as he began to unbuckle his pads. 'he'd probably find out eventually but whatever!'

Hiruma bent down lower so his face was level with the injury.

"Hmm? What are you doing?" Sena asked as he noticed Hiruma's face becoming very close to his side.

Hiruma's tongue came out and began to lick the injury softly. (Almost like a cat.)

"WHAA!" Sena squeaked. "Wha-Wha-what are you doing!" he managed as he backed up against his locker, that he had just been taking his pads off in front off to put away.

"I thought it may feel nice!" was Hiruma's reply. "I mean it looked like it really hurt!"

Sena was blushing bright red.

"B-b-but," Sena stammered

Hiruma looked at him lifting his eyebrow waiting patiently.

"You still don't just go licking people's wounds like that!"

"Hmmm!" Hiruma said "Really now?" he smiled smugly.

"R-r-really!" Sena blurted.

"Well," Hiruma said as he approached Sena again, this time as he approached Sena's blush deepened and he backed further in to his locker. "what if I told you," his hands came up against the wall of his locker on both sides of Sena so he couldn't get out. "that the only person's wounds I wanted to lick," he said this as he lent back down tourds Sena's wounds on the sides of his body. "are yours?" His tongue meat skin tenderly again.

Sena squeaked once again in shock.

"Hi-Hi-Hiruma..." he barely managed as Hiruma's tongue rubbed over the wound. Sena had to admit it felt nice against his hot sweaty skin. His bruises hurt badly and Hiruma's nice cold tongue was a bit welcomed. "St-st-stop!" Sena managed convincing himself this was bad. "Hiruma!"

"Feh!" Hiruma said pulling his face away "Whatever!"

Sena sighed out of relief. The two remained quiet as Sena sat there for a few seconds before deciding it was a good idea to finish changing out of his football uniform a bit self conscious now. He slipped his shoulder pads off and put them in his bag then he slipped his baby blue shirt with a grey stripe and a dark navy blue one in the middle on. He then quickly changed his leg pads. He shoved it all in his bag and pulled his black shorts up rapidly. Then he put a pair of black socks on followed by a pair of white tenishoes (sp?). He hopped up off the bench to leave.

"Bye!" he yelled but when he reached the door.

"I wasn't not joking Sena!"

Sena blushed a light pink as he looked at Hiruma.

"I want you to go out with me!"

Sena, still facing out towards the hallway, was shocked by this.

"A-are you a-asking m-me out!" he stammered almost dropping his bag at the response.


When Hiruma didn't get a reply he shut his locker locking it and spinning the dial. He picked up his own bag, slung his gun over his shoulder and headed out the door. Sena moved out of his way. At the entrance to the fields from the locker room, Hiruma turned.

"I expect an answer by the end of our game against Shinriuyo! That gives you a week!"

Sena stood there shocked.

"O-only a week!" he whispered after Hiruma had disappeared. "A week!" he squeaked.

Next day

Sena was thinking over what Hiruma had said the night before as he rummaged through his locker for the things he'd need for first period.

'"I expect an answer by the end of our game against Shinriuyo! That gives you a week!" What makes Hiruma think we'll be playing Shinriuyo any way?' Sena wondered as he closed his locker and turned running straight in to Ramon. 'And i thought we had two weeks!'

"Hey Sena?" Ramon asked Sena as he almost walked right past him in the hallways headed to their first period.

"Yeah Ramon?" Sena asked half heartily.

"Whats bugging you?"

Sena blushed a bit.

"Ah it's nothing!" he said waiving his hands back and forth in front of him. "Really nothing!"

"You sure?"


"Alright, but if you ever need anything, like any help or anything, feel free to ask me, kay?"

"Y-yeah!" Sena said smiling.

'How am I suppose to ask you if it's okay for a quarterback and a running back to go out? Especially when it's Hiruma?' This made Sena actually stop and think about this. He sat in his first period class thinking this over. 'It is Hiruma! What's he going to do to me if I say no?' Thoughts of torture went through his mind. 'Oh boy what have I gotten myself into?'


Sena sat up immediately.

"Yes sir!" he said instantly.

"I've called your name several times! You responded for roll call but then decide to space out in my class?"

'I, responded, for, roll, call?' Sena looked around the room to look for the person who had helped him. Ramon shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

'Thank you!' Sena said mentally. Ramon reading the message through face expression nodded to tell him it was no problem.

"Come solve the problem on the board !" the teacher said annoyed at Sena's lack of attention in his class.

"Yes, sir!" Sena got up and worked on the problem for a total of five seconds.

'I think that's right! Is it? But that seems to easy!'

Sena put the chalk down and slowly returned to his seat. Everyone including Ramon were surprised he'd solved it in seconds.

'Maybe Hiruma's starting to where off on me!' Sena thought as he walked back to his seat. '...Nah! That could never be it!'

"Th-thats correct!" the teacher stammered amazed at the perfection of Sena's math skills. 'He should be on the math counts club!'

Math class passed rapidly and soon the bell rang for the students to go to there next class.

" Sena, will you please stay for a minute?"

"Uh! Good luck Sena! Monta told him patting him on the shoulder. "See you at practice!" with that he ran out of the class room to his next class.

Sena put all his stuff together and grabbed his back pack as he walked to the front of the class room and stood in front of the teachers desk.

'I hope this isn't about my grade!'

"Yes ?" Sena asked wondering how long he'd have to stay in at lunch (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing to miss lunch practice with Hiruma, Kurita and Musashi. Most importantly Hiruma.)

"I want you to join the math counts team."

"What?" Sena asked in case he had miss heard his teacher.

"I want you to be on the schools math counts team!" he repeated. "You were able to complete that equation so easily without even looking at your work once! Please? I know that your playing football right now but the math counts team only meats during lunch!"

"Uh," Sena thought for a second.

'This may not be a bad idea! Then I wont have to see Hiruma quiet as much! At least not this week!'

"Sure why not?" Sena said.

"That's great!" exclaimed happily "We start Wednesday at lunch."

"Wednesday?" That's not what Sena had thought. "You guys don't happen to start tomorrow?"

"No, we usually don't meat until the tennis season is over. I coach tennis as well! Its kind of hard to run them both at the same time you know?"

"Oh!" Sena said 'dang! That means I have to deal with Hiruma for the next two days during lunch!'

"See you tomorrow sensei!" Sena said as he went to leave.

"Oh and Sena,"

Sena stopped a foot from the door and looked at his sensei.

"Why don't you do that kind of work on your home work?"

"Uh, haha!" Sena laughed nervously.


"There's the bell I better get going!"

"Alright here's your pass!'

"Thank you!"

Sena ran back to his math teachers desk and grabbed the purple piece of paper and ran off down the hall way to his next class.


"You are now excused for lunch!"

Sena yawned and stretched out.

"Five classes over and done with! Three left to go!" He sighed and began to put his stuff back in his back pack.

"Hey Sena!"

Sena almost jumped out of his seat.

"Oh," he sighed with relief "it's only you Sinko."

"Yep! Something buggin you?"

"uh well!"

'Should I ask Sinko about this? He's a third year T.A for our English class and he seems really nice! He also knows a lot about everyone at the school. Scary...he almost know as much as Hiruma...'

"Yes?" Sinko asked his face now very close to Sena's. His golden locks covering his bright blue eyes and light colored skin. His looks gave away the fact that he was mostly German.

"Uh..." Sena blushed a bit at the closeness. "C-Can I talk to y-you about s-something private?"

"Sure!" Sinko sounded excited that Sena had come to him for help. "What are friend's for?"

Sena's face was still a bit flushed but he was glad he was going to trust Sinko and talk to him about this, he really needed to talk to someone about it.

"I'll meet you under the old maple by the Sakura tree's! That way you can get to football quicker after we eat!"

"Oh..." Right football "Thanks Sinko!"

"No prob! See you in a bit!"

"Okay!" Sena said as he watched him leave to go buy lunch. "Better go get my lunch." Sena grabbed his backpack and ran out of the class room to his locker.

A few minutes later (XX minutes till practice)

"Sinko." Sena called his backpack was leaning up against the old oak, his lunch spread out around him and half eaten.

"There you are!" Sinko said as he came bounding over, a huge grin on his face "Catch!" he called as he threw something towards Sena.

Sena caught the parcel with ease and looked at it to reveal that it was a chocolate covered dumpling.

"Thanks!" Sena said grinning.

"No prob! Nice catch, wouldn't expect any less from the ace running back in all of Tokyo!" Sinko said playfully punching Sena's shoulder.

"Thanks, but I'm not that good! Not yet!" a determined look settled on Sena's face "Someday though, someday real soon,"

"Ah don't worry," Sinko said bringing him in a half hug like a friend would "you'll beat him! I'm sure of it!"

Sena smiled happy that his friend believed him that much. He nodded his head. Sinko was his only friend out of football and he was the only friend he had told personally about being Eyeshield 21 the ace runner on the football team, and his determination to beat Shin.

"I'll make sure to!"

"You better!" Sinko said as he let Sena go and began to dig in to his lunch. "Now what did you want to talk about?" he asked before stuffing his own fried dumpling in to his mouth.

"Oh," Sena said as he began to recall the real reason he'd asked him to join him for lunch."well, y-you see, um..."

Sinko just looked at him waiting patiently as he continued to eat his lunch.

"Well, what I'm trying to say is," Sena stopped and thought of a good way to ask what he was wanting to ask 'Does Hiruma tourcher (sp?) people who say no to going out with him?' didn't sound like a great question to just ask.

"do you know anyone who has ever dated Hiruma?"

Sinko paused, not seeming all to shocked by this type of question (Sena had pictured him choking on his next dumpling after he had asked it). He thought for a moment before it came to him.

"Yes," he paused to swallow "Two people in fact! A boy and a girl!"

"So Hiruma's Bi?"

"Yep," Sinko continued as if this was a normal topic with him while Sena twitched at the discomfort of this type of conversation. But it was he who had decided to trust Sinko and so he would listen to all he could tell him. "he doesn't seem to mind as long as your loyal. If your un-loyal then you better watch out because his little black book, just got thicker under your name!"

'Oh boy!' Sena shuttered as he thought of being put in to his little black book. 'I'd be gone in a minute! Then again i could already be in there...'

Sena, happy that Sinko didn't ask any questions and that he could confide in him completely knowing he wouldn't pry and wouldn't tell anyone. He and Sinko talked.

"So what exactly happened when these people went out with him?"

"Well out of the two I know of the girl, she had asked him out and he said yes, but he never seemed really interested!" Sinko told Sena as he tried to remember the exact details of when they were going out. "Well that was when he was in his first year. Any way the boy was a bit different i don't know who had asked who out but they were more, do I say it? Playfully? They liked to tease teachers and make them queasy, they'd do the same to guy's who were homophobic (guy's from out of the country that is). Otherwise they were pretty low key and seemed more like good friends! That lasted only a few weeks before they split and the guy got a girl friend."

"Aha," Sena said "well how do you know they were going out?"

"Well, let's just say that guy hasn't been heard of for a while and I have a feeling it has something to do with someones little black book!"

-Gulp- Sena didn't know what to do about this.

'Oh god! Is this my fate if I say no? What happens if I say yes? I really don't know what I'm suppose to do here!'


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