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Lunch practice 2

So Sena had been having a rough day.

Sena's math teacher, in first period, had picked on him all morning, not letting him have a moment to think. Since no one else participated he just kept picking Sena to answer it all. He really didn't like it. He felt like his teacher was testing him.

Then the day continued in a similar method, but in all his other classes he didn't do as well. Then in forth period some girls were trying to get him to introduce them to Eyeshield21 and the team, since he was the 'manager'. And then when he said (being his polite little self of course) that he wasn't sure, and that they were practicing a lot right now for the upcoming tournament they looked so sad and he thought he heard one of them call him mean as they were walking a way. To top it all, in the same period, some guy from the newspaper wouldn't leave him alone about the team, and the identity of Eyeshield 21!!

'Some nerve.' Sena thought as he plopped in to his seat for English. At least it was almost lunch... and he had practice. He hid his head in his arms with a groan.

He was soar, he was tired (he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before), his head was spinning, his ankle still hurt from yesterday, he felt miserable and he just wanted to go home.

"Hey there Sena. What's bugging my little buddy today?"

Sena couldn't help but groan at the words 'little buddy'. On top of everything he'd probably heard thirteen small jokes directed at him and knew more were on their way.

"What's wrong?" the, already apparent concern, stiffening Sinko's voice as he repeated the question.

Sena brought his head up with a bit of a huff as he turned in his chair, letting his elbow dangle over the back of the chair to look back at Sinko, who had just sat his stuff down on the table in the back that was the TAI's 'desk'.

"Ah, nothing." Sena said "Just a long day."

Which was all truth.

Sinko looked him over, his blue eyes a little troubled.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." Sena said as he brought his other arm around and crossed his two arms so he could rest his head on the back of the chair.

"Wanna have lunch again today?" Sinko asked as he settled himself down in his chair. "You can tell me all about this 'long day'."

Sena smiled.

"Sure." he said just as the bell rang. "Why not?"

"Same place."

Sena turned around to face the teacher.

"Same time." Sena said with a smile before the teachers foreign words started to fill the class room.


"Sinko!!" Sena called out as his friend came around from the back of the tree.

"Hey Se-" Sinko stopped as an oddly wrapped package was thrown at him. "What's this?"

Sena smiled.

"A small thank you. For yesterday."

Sinko looked at him quizzically.

"You really didn't have to do anything like that." he said as he set his stuff down and then sat himself down on the grass.

"Yeah. But I wanted you to know how much I appreciated it."

Sinko smiled.

"Well that's just what," he opened the little package to reveal some home made brownies (1). "friends do."

"True." Sena said with a smile. "Then take it as a token of appreciation for your friendship."

Sinko smiled.

"Thanks. I'll enjoy these."

The two smiled and then dug in to their bento boxes and talked over Sena's long day.


Sena came running out on to the field, he was running late and he didn't want to know what Hiruma would make him do as punishment, especially since he and Monta had been so late yesterday.

As he came around the bend over to where the field and track was he saw the guys had already started, they were running plays.

Sena stopped at the side lines and put his helmet on, buckling it up before deciding whether he should just go out on the field and start making runs or wait till he was acknowledged and let on.

Yukimitsu came over to Sena and gave him a small smile.

"You okay Sena?"

"Yeah." Sena said. "I just lost track of time."

"You know," he glanced back at Mamori before continuing "I think you really worried Hiruma-san."

Sena felt himself twinge inward a bit.

"He was really upset and wouldn't stop firing off his gun yelling 'Where's that damn little Chibby? Practice starts at 12:30 on the dot!!' and 'He was late yesterday! I bet he went and got himself stuck gophering for some punks on the baseball team!!' It was really full out."

"W-well I,"

"Your our star running back, and we have the Christmas bowl coming up. We're in the Christmas bowel!! So please don't get distracted yet, okay?"

Sena managed a small smile at Yukimitsu-san, he'd been on the bench all year and was really looking forward to getting to play soon, he was subbing out in practice at the moment apparently (to watch the play no doubt).

"I will!' Sena said before hearing someone, that sounded like, they were yelling at him.

"Hey you damn chibby!! Get your ass in here and start working on plays."

"Ahi." Sena said before turning from Yukimitsu and running on to the field to catch the play.

"I'm very sorry I'm late." he bowed humbly to his team mates.

"Yeah, well get your damn head in the game now and we'll talk about your capital punishment later!" Hiruma yelled.

Sena stood back up and nodded.

Hiruma's eyes seemed to be stuck on him, a small gleam behind them as he paused and then told them the play.

"Let's try a Wing-T formation now, got it you fuckers? Now-"

Hiruma gave out directions for the wing T and Sena immediately got in to the game, forgetting everything and just being out there to play.


"Good practice you fuck tarts. Now lets come back out here tonight for an even better one."

There were a few groans as the guys headed off for the locker rooms.

"What was that?" Hiruma cocked his gun and pointed it at the back of some of the guys.

"N-nothing." they echoed.

"Good." Hiruma rested his gun back on his shoulder. "Now where's that fuckin' shrimp."

Musashi passed him as he turned to look back over the field for Sena.

"Water." Musashi said in his monotone voice before continuing off towards the locker room.

Hiruma smiled as his eyes instantly caught sight of his target at the water bottles.

"Thank's you damn oldie." he whispered to Musashi's retreating form.


Sena was drinking from one of the many practice bottles. The water feeling good down his dry throat.

Suddenly an arm snaked around his small form, making him splutter and almost choke on the water. A face pressing against his head.

'He smells so good. Even when he's sweaty.' Hiruma thought to himself as he smiled at his chibby's reaction.

"You were late today." he purred in Sena's ear.

Sena was flushing, and squirming a bit as he felt Hiruma's hand pull at his practice jersey, which was (at the moment) tucked in to his practice pants.

"And," Hiruma tilted his head a bit closer to Sena's neck so that his breath could tease over the tanned skin. "you were late yesterday."

Sena cringed as the front of his jersy was now dangling over the top of his practice pants.

"So how should I punish you?"

Hiruma's hand began to pull up Sena's practice Jersey. Sena began looking around frantically, as if to find someone to help him, no one was around.

"H-hirumaAA!" Sena's flushing became deeper embedded in to his face.

Hiruma's hand had touched his hot and sweaty skin, somehow feeling cold, his breath still teasing over the nape of his neck.

"H-Hiruma," his breathing became a little panted as Hiruma's hand crept up further against his body. "P-please s-stop."

Hiruma's hand traveled a bit farther, almost reaching its goal. He brought his face closer to Sena's neck, opening his mouth as if preparing to bite him.


He closed his mouth with a small growl. Quickly removing his hand from beneath Sena's shirt and pulling his body a way from the smaller boy.

"What do you want Mamori?" he grumbled, crossing his arms in front of his chest as the manager came up to him.

Mamori came all the way up, almost putting her face right up in Hirumas.

"What ARE you doing to POOR SENA!?!?"


Sena didn't dare to turn around as the awkward silence between the two began. He could just imagine the two glaring at each other, he began to take this as a chance to try and get to the locker room before either of them turned to him, too late.

"Sena," Mamori demanded, Sena could just picture her turning to look at him. "Is that true?"

"Uh," he could now feel Hiruma glaring at his back from the corner of his eyes. "yeah."

Then Sena got an idea. He turned, smiling, to Mamori.

Hiruma was surprised at the smile on Sena's face, he pictured him still being flusterd and spluttering. But he wasn't he was smiling sweetly.

"Hiruma was just telling me what I needed to do to make up for being late yesterday and today."

"Oh?" Mamori looked angry as she turned a glare back on Hiruma. "And what exactly was his 'punishment' to be?"

Hiruma's eyebrows had gone up a bit when he had heard Sena tell Mamori this, wondering what he was thinking.

"Hmm?" he turned to her. "Well," an evil smile crossed his face "I was thinking-"

He gave Sena a suggestive look, which he actually seemed to get this time, for his face turned a light pink.


"That I'd run laps in pads starting after school until practice at 7!" Sena blurted out before Hiruma could say anything else, not trusting Hiruma to not say anything in front of Mimori, and not truly knowing what he was thinking of.

"WHAT?!" Mamori looked outraged. "We get out of school at 3:30!! You were thinking of making Sena run for three and a half hours? And then go to practice? Your going to end up killing him!!!"

Hiruma managed to hide his surprise at how Sena had interrupted him, and the strange outlandish punishment he'd given himself, though he had to admit, smiling now, it sounded like a fair punishment.

"Oh? Since when did a little running kill any one?" he was looking at Mamori but Sena could feel his grin aimed at him.

Sena gulped, mentally, and hoped that this would be over soon, he had to get to his after lunch class.

"Since no one should have to go from running that long to a sport that requires hitting other people and pounding them in to the ground!" Mamori growled.

Hiruma seemed to look a little impressed.

"So you do know one of the main points of football? I thought you didn't even know what shape the ball was."

Mamori went in to a tizzy fit. Hiruma stood there smiling, blowing bubbles and poping them, holding his gun over a shoulder, hands now on his hips. When Mamori was done she sighed.

"What if he runs from four to six? That way he gets an hour off before practice."

Hiruma seemed to think it over, he looked over at Sena. A evil smile creeping up his lips.

"Why not?"

Sena felt shivers go up his spine at Hiruma's words.

"Alright then. Its settled."

Mamori began pushing Sena off to the locker room to change for his next class.

'An hour before practice. What fun!' Hiruma thought as he tapped his gun on his shoulder pads and slowly followed the two.

Unbeknown to the quarterback, and team, a tall lengthy figure hidding in the bushes smiled and got up and walked a way.


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