Teh Mass Efct

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STPO THAT GETH BADGYUS say sheprad but it had tow late to stpo tehm now!! ,
Sarin said "Nwo i Cuold make new galaxsy from a mass effegt adn uoter space hhaaaha"
"Nto whil i thikn about it! sherpard escoped him snipar rilfe and goten redy to shot bad guys.
too fast saran jumpered from his bullit shoot btu not to fast for nilis. "WOw you get shoot buy sarn at Edin pRiem " shepherd no thet wansnt myselv that was the galactix trikc hahahaahaahh"
Oh now lets aatack a geth base nilus?

not yet i haev to tel teh counsel too kil sarans gyus but latre geth willl atak you an dI can hlep yuo.