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Psychic Journey



It was a quiet night, at least it seemed to be. But Owen Burnett( or rather, Puck )knew it was not so. A normal person wouldn't have noticed, but for the past two weeks there had been fluctuations in the city's energy field. At first he ignored it, occasional spikes in energy fields were normal especially in a place like New York. But he knew something was up when they didn't go away. Usually these energy spikes would stop after three days, four at the most. But they didn't. In fact, they just kept growing in intensity and frequency.

And Puck was loving it. Why? Three reasons; One: Each spike was a like super charge for him, it was almost like being on Avalon again. Almost. Two: He had felt spikes like these before, and it always meant that she would be coming, and that meant things would getting quite interesting. And finally, three: Only beings of magic, and very special mortals could feel the spikes. And he could tell, two of the gargoyles could feel them. Though, one seemed to be more affected than the other. Which could mean he had a larger part to play in all this. Well, he'd find out for sure soon enough. Yes, once she showed up, the fun would really start.

To be continued…

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