Hi all

Hi all! I know you're not supposed to post Author Notes as chapters, but I just want to let you guys all know something. I'm really, really sorry for how long I've left this fic – reality has been really demanding of me lately and the free time I've had for fanfiction has been spent reading it, not writing it! I guess the fact that I finished the first installment has lulled me into the thought that I can leave this series for a long time – I'm really sorry about that.

This is partly one of the reasons I have for 'restarting' the series – rather than being a series, it will be one or two stories as a whole, with much longer chapters. 'The Core of Power I: Bonded Souls' will be divided into the first two or three chapters of the fic, and as I write more Harry's school years should take up more and more chapters. It's easier for me to write that way, and I've always liked reading one fic that encompasses Harry's entire schooling rather than a series with one story per year. Hopefully, there will be longer chapters and while this will put a delay on updates, I hope I'll be able to regulate update time.

As soon as I finish this A/N I'm going to set to getting this next fic up and running, as well as writing some chapters that you guys haven't seen yet. I hope you'll all stick with me on this one.