Title: A Subtle Seducing
Author: Lisea18
Rating: M, AU
Characters (mentioned or present): Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, Sai…
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

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Author's note: English is not my first language, so please forgive my mistakes.

WARNINGS: It's come to my attention lately, since I have grown up, that is story has lots of problems. The main one being sexual assault shown in a romantised way and portrayed as ok, underestimated and even kinda enjoyed by the victim. THIS IS NOT OK. I do not for one second believe it's ok and should happen to anyone.

If you are to read this story keep in mind that it's twisted and really not ok (and that issue is just one in a number of others in this story) and if that can trigger you, please do not read.

A Subtle Seducing

"Hey dude, why didn't we take that train?" grumbled Kiba.

He was leaning on the dirty wall, hands firmly stuck in his pockets while he looked at the leaving train. Naruto was his long time friend; they had met in elementary school and had been inseparable since then. They had always stuck by each other through thick and thin. When Kiba had been kicked out of his house for adopting a stray dog, Akamaru, Naruto had frozen his ass off with him during the whole week it took for his mother to surrender. When Naruto had ended up in jail for painting "I love Sakura" on the front wall of City Hall, Kiba had been there too, cursing and trying to beat the shit out of Naruto, but still there.

The problem was that Naruto had a knack for eccentricity. For crying out loud, he dressed in orange! And worst of all, it suited him! He tended to be a little extreme in everything, especially when it came to love. After the jail incident, Sakura hadn't talked to him for days, claiming it was too embarrassing to have such a moron be attracted to her. Kiba had scoffed at the word "attract." It was an obsession.

Kiba had never believed that a day would come when he would miss the time when Naruto had been madly in love with Sakura. Really. He still remembered blowing up the school's detention record because of exaggerated declarations of undying love. He remembered buying earplugs to block out Naruto's constant babbling about Sakura. He had been through hell ever since the blond had fallen for the pink haired girl and yet… he freaking missed those times.

Oh how he had been happy when at the end of high school Naruto had gotten over his crush. Not to mention the look on Sakura's face had been priceless. After a month of Naruto not attempting to prove his love to her, Sakura had realized that she missed the attention. She had come to Naruto with a 'I pity you' look before saying sweetly, "Naruto, since you've made so many efforts, I decided to give you a chance."

Kiba had almost died laughing at the answer she received.

"Huh? Sorry, Sakura I've been waiting for you for so long that I've turned gay."

He had thought of it as a blessing, that all the pain was behind him, and that they would turn over a new page to begin anew in college. But his wish hadn't been granted. He should have known Naruto turning gay wasn't going to make him become a little less obvious. Instead of talking about Sakura all the time he babbled very loudly about guys, ogling them and making jokes about being gay. An utter nightmare. Kiba had to endure a perverted Naruto (which hadn't been the case when he was under the Sakura drug, since he was faithful to her) and undergo people's judgment because of course if he hung out with a gay man he had to be one too. And the icing on the cake, Naruto had developed a strange habit of slapping guys' asses on the train. He had stopped counting all the punches he had received by mistake. At least Sakura would only hit Naruto!

Lately Kiba had had a break; Naruto had suddenly stopped being such an exhibitionist. It could only mean that he had found a new obsession. A guy had caught his eye but his name remained a mystery because otherwise Kiba would have been hearing it every second of the day. Thus the reason why they were in the subway. Naruto wanted to show him his new crush hoping Kiba might know something about the guy.

"Look! Look! It's him I told you he would be there!" whispered his blond friend, tugging on his best friend's sleeve like a five-year-old in front of a candy store.

Kiba was then unceremoniously thrown inside the train, almost falling on a lady who smacked him on the head with her bag. Naruto grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the end of the car.

"Stop being so obvious," mumbled the blond, making sure they hadn't been found out by his crush.

Kiba wondered how many years he would receive for strangling Naruto. Would the judge grant him temporary insanity? He was thinking that he would need a lawyer when Naruto grabbed his chin and turned his head. Then he understood. The blond sure had taste. Even if he wasn't gay, maybe bi but not gay, he had to admit that the man was really hot.

He was standing near the door, his shoulder leaning against the wall adjoining the first row of seats. He was tall and slender, his white shirt clinging to his skin outlining the frail yet muscular body. It was untucked, resting on dark pants that hugged tightly a firm round ass and tapering but undoubtedly masculine legs. His shoulders weren't broad and led towards a long neck, adorned by a discreet Adam's apple. A curtain of black hair, smooth as silk hid his face and was spiked on the back with some gel. Slim and pale fingers held a book, showing a creamy skin that looked soft and inviting. Reflected on the door's window was a face that could make someone's breath catch in their throat. Thin smirking lips, aristocratic nose, high cheekbones, long eyelashes and nicely shaped eyebrows that only made the endless pools of black that were the man's eyes stand out. He was a delicate mix of femininity and masculinity; he looked like he had come out straight from a ladies' manga.

With grace he moved away from the crowd's way easily, never brushing anyone, his nose still buried in his book. He was intellectual too. He was reading Madness and Civilization; A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason by the French philosopher Michel Foucault and if the state of the book was any indication, it wasn't for the first time.

"Naruto, you don't stand a chance. He's a fucking doll," whispered Kiba, Sakura was an ugly girl compared to him and Naruto had been rejected even before opening his mouth (which always discouraged anyone who approached him).

"Tsk, tsk, he can't resist me. I'm built like a Greek god!" said Naruto, teasingly licking Kiba's ear before adding seductively, "and I'm a god in bed too."

Kiba punched him and took some steps back for good measure.

"Yeah but he won't know that before rejecting you," he snorted, "and you don't even know if he's gay."

Naruto replied with a foxy grin that boded nothing good when a disembodied voice announced their stop. The raven clapped his book close, grabbed his bag and followed the flow of people outside. Kiba nearly strangled himself as Naruto smacked the man's ass in passing, but couldn't keep muffled snickers as the abused one muttered something about annoying women.

"He mistook you for a girl, Naruto-chan," teased Kiba, easily avoiding a punch.

The subject of their conversation disappeared into the A building. It seemed that they were attending the same college. Kiba hadn't seen him before and he doubted he would have forgotten such a guy. He had to be in a different section from theirs.

"Well at least we go to the same college, that will make bumping into him easier," remarked Kiba, knowing Naruto would make sure to have plenty of accidental meetings.

Speaking of which, it was strange that Naruto had calmed down around a month ago but hadn't made a move on the guy yet. Disturbing. It wasn't as if no one would be interested in the guy either, even if he looked cold and scathing (with a smirk like that he had to) and that had never stopped Naruto. After all he had run after the scary Sakura.

"Nope, everyone I asked about him, knows him, especially the girls, but his identity is still a mystery. I don't even know what his major is!" whined Naruto.

The blond had hoped his best friend would have a clue. After all, they weren't glued together. Some of their classes were different… but it seemed that he had never seen him before. Damn. After one month of investigation he had so little information! He just knew he was in college, took the 8 o'clock train every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he read the three free newspapers every morning, he had black coffee and certainly a croissant in the morning if he trusted his sense of smell. He used vanilla shampoo, Dove soap (certainly one for delicate skin), and had a musky and woody scent. He was always spotless and wore simple but refined clothes. He never sat on the train. He disliked using his dark and fancy cell phone in public places and always wore a scowl when it rang to The Kill's 30 Seconds to Mars and especially when it was his brother calling (Sympathy for the Devil by Gun's and Roses was the telltale ringtone). He cut his nails every week so they were always the same length. He was obsessed with time, always looking at his watch. Oh and he was gay. Sai, the Gay Censor, had confirmed it just before Naruto smashed him against a seat for trying to make a move on his prey.

That was all he knew about the guy. He had tried following him inside the school, but he always disappeared mysteriously. He had played dumb once, knocking on all the doors pretending to be looking for his class, scanning the rows of students… but he hadn't seen him! And the times when he had gone to one of the lecture halls or the auditorium Naruto hadn't bothered looking, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But Uzumaki Naruto never surrendered! He would find out who he was! He already had a clue to where he lived… it was how they had first met.


The teacher had kept them. As if it wasn't enough that the damn class ended at 8 pm! It was 8:30 by the time he got to the subway. The train was going so slow he wanted to scream. Fortunately it wasn't too crowded but a stupid kid had turned the volume of his earphones so high that it felt like he was the one who had them screwed to his ears! Normally he didn't mind that much, but he was in a foul mood… and that's when it happened.

The train suddenly stopped midway. Naruto blinked.

"DONG DONG DONG your attention please DONG DONG DONG due to technical problems the traffic on line number 4 will be interrupted for 5 minutes, please excuse the delay."

WHAT? Were they fucking kidding? It couldn't be happening just now! Why? Why did the breakdown had to happen now of all times? God hated him. 5 minutes huh? As if… more like 15, if he was lucky and it seemed that today his lucky star had gone on vacation. Confirming this fact, his stomach gave a loud growl, reminding Naruto that he was starving.

They were on one of the elevated tracks and he could see the sun setting behind the buildings. He didn't give a damn right now; a cup of ramen was all he could think about. The people around him had stopped grumbling and were resigned to their fate, finding something to pass the time. He had nothing to do and there was no way in hell he was opening one of his damn school books. No way.

He gazed off in the distance. It was funny to imagine what kind of people lived in the buildings according to what he could see. An old flowery curtain with lace, he figured a grandmother lived there. A balcony full of flowers, probably a middle-age woman. Only a woman could really care for plants and only a middle-age one would have the patience to water them everyday. Superhero stickers, a young boy. Pink curtains glowing with twinkling lights, a teenage girl. The next one was strange. White curtains opened and the lights on giving him a prime view of the Spartan room: an extremely ordered desk, a bookcase, a futon, a chair,a dresser and nothing else. Everything looked so clean that it had to have been washed that morning. A woman? No, she would have put some flowers or decorations. A man? This organized? He had to be old then. Yeah, a business man.

Satisfied with his guess Naruto was about to go on to the next window when a door opened and steam filled the room. So the inhabitant had been taking a shower. He could confirm his guess then! But instead of an old geezer what met his eyes was the most beautiful guy he had ever met. Naked save for a blue towel around his slim waist, water trailing down defined and discreet muscles. Naruto wished he could lick it, taste the creamy skin, feel the firm stomach shudder under his tongue.

His unsuspecting entertainer turned and pulled out a little mirror hung on a nail on the wall. The one in the bathroom had to be too fogged up to be used. He looked as nimble hands spiked up the black hair like a hedgehog's back. Naruto purred. Yeah, whoever rubbed one got stung (1), but if you knew how to tame it, it turned soft as silk. What a nice challenge.

His pants suddenly got a little too tight as the towel slid to the floor, revealing a perfect behind. It looked so tight; it had to be heaven… would the raven moan if Naruto buried himself deep inside him? He moved, damn he could see how firm this ass was, to get some clothes from the dresser. Would he have a deep voice when Naruto threw him on his bed and fuck him into the mattress? Would he arch up? Would he… Naruto's train of thought was cut short as the raven began to turn toward the window.

"Oh yeah baby, turn over," murmured the blond, eyes glued to the scene, breath caught in his throat.

His pants were hurting him, too tight. He could already see a stain forming on the front, just spying turned him on so much he wondered what it would be like to actually feel the guy. And when the dark-haired beauty was going to reveal his precious parts to Naruto, the train gave a strong jerk and zoomed away.

Naruto gave a loud screech of frustration, grinning sheepishly with his hands cupped in front of him to hide his obvious erection, when people stared at him funny. The driver just had to be right. It had truly only taken 5 minutes. For once he wouldn't have minded a 15 minute interruption. He was starving and frustrated now. He hadn't even thought of looking at his surroundings to remember where the apartment was. It really wasn't his day.

Two days later when he saw the breathtaking figure, the one who gave him sweet wet dreams, on the train he knew his lucky star was back.


Naruto smashed his alarm clock and buried himself back under the covers. A second ringing made him groan. He rummaged around his nightstand to find his cell phone but suddenly remembered that he had put it on the floor, far enough from him so that he had to crawl out of bed to turn it off. Stretching as far as he could without leaving the bed and using a book, he managed to shut the annoying thing. He had just nestled back in his covers when his kitchen timer began to ring. This time he had no choice but to get up.

Dragging his feet he reached his kitchen, stopping the ringing and putting some water to boil for a morning cup of Ramen. Distractedly scratching his crotch, he tried to clear his mind a little. He didn't have a test this morning, so why had he set up the "make sure to get up on time" system? What was so important to… a naked form shimmering with water made his family jewels twitch. Oh yeah! He had to hurry to catch the mystery man's train.

Naruto dashed to the shower, using his best soap. Today he was starting his awesome plan: subtle seducing. He had nicknamed the guy "Bastard" because from what Naruto had seen so far he was one cool bastard. The bastard had to be used to being wooed, so he must know every way of wooing, just like Sakura. Thus Naruto had to find an unusual way of doing it. Unlike Sakura, who liked attention, he was sure the dark man would dislike it. Besides he didn't even know his name so he couldn't paint the train with declarations of love… too bad. He had had to find a more subtle way… he had chosen one that wouldn't fail.

As predicted the bastard was in the same car, on the same spot as every time he took the subway. It was perfect. Naruto made sure he had his cap on backwards. He had hidden his orange T-shirt under a brown jacket. That way he just had to take off the hat and the jacket to be unrecognizable, funnily his normal clothes that always stood out would grant him immunity. It wouldn't do if the bastard found out who he was before the time had come.

They had 9 stations before their stop. At the 4th one lots of people boarded the train and it was almost unbearably crowded. The bastard hated that and huddled safely in his corner, glaring at whoever bumped into him, and scowling when he had no choice but to undergo human contact. It was time to act.

As students pushed their way into the car, Naruto slid behind the dark haired bastard, his left arm grabbing the bar. That way he prevented anyone from bumping into his hedgehog, to his left Naruto's arm, behind him Naruto's body, and to the right the row of seats. Was he playing prince charming protecting the princess? Not at all. This way he had the bastard trapped, huddled in a corner, his back to him, his face to the bar and the small wall so he couldn't see Naruto's face reflected on the window.

Gently, in a soft caress, Naruto cupped one of the man's butt cheeks in his right hand, his thumb brushing the hipbone. He heard the barely audible gasp that followed. Yep, his marvellous solution was: molestation.

-To be continued-

(1) It's a literal translation of a French saying: "qui s'y frotte s'y pique" that means "if you go looking for trouble, you'll find it", but I chose to translate it this way because the saying always made me think of a hedgehog.

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