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A Subtle Seducing 7

Sasuke smiled as he burned the small piece of paper. So Naruto was inviting him to a restaurant? A good one at that. He didn't know what was going on. It could be a bet with Kiba, but if this invitation was Naruto's apology he accepted it. After all, Suigetsu hadn't helped matters and he sort of owed Naruto for it.

On his way home, the dark haired man stopped at a secluded and old drug store, one that sold unusual items. He needed to use the bathroom so he had ended up purchasing something. Itachi, who lately came by everyday, wasn't a problem. He usually simply sat on the couch reading.

"Evening, Itachi, Kisame" he greeted, leaving his stuff next to his door.

His brother, who was using Kisame's lap as a pillow, tilted the book slightly, taking him in and frowning slightly.

"Something good happened?" asked the shark-like man, voicing Itachi's question. Even if he kept quiet, he was obviously worried about Sasuke's intimate relationship with a certain blonde.

"Hn," replied Sasuke, opening the door to his bedroom, "Suigetsu get out now," he warned.

"I checked the house, Sasuke. You have nothing to get rid of me!" chortled Suigetsu, leaning even more in the bathtub, grinning with one of his teeth poking out, "come join me?"

Sasuke smirked as he approached his friend and dropped the small bag he had purchased earlier in the water.

"Don't underestimate me," he reminded.


Suigetsu jumped out of the bath, waving around madly and screeching. He wildly tried to get rid of the things that had fallen on him… to no avail; the creatures had already attached to his skin.

"Leeches!" shrieked Suigetsu, almost passing out when he noticed one on his arm happily sucking out his blood.

Scrunching his nose in disgust he tried to pull it out but the thing was slippery, flabby, and wouldn't budge. With horror he noticed he had another one on his leg and one on his back. Shaking in anger and revulsion he turned toward a smirking Sasuke.

"I gave you fair warning," reminded the latter, "too bad they didn't choose your dick to fest on, I'm sure it's full of blood."

Suigetsu stormed out of the bathroom, passed an amused Itachi and grabbed a knife to kill the horrible thing and then murder Sasuke with it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," advised Kisame.

"Why?" growled Suigetsu, dropping the knife and coming to face Kisame, trusting him to know better.

"The leech could regurgitate blood in the wound and infect it."

"Fuck… how do I get rid of them?" pleaded Suigetsu.

Itachi's smirk grew and he shifted to let his partner take care of the young man while he went to investigate what his brother was doing. He entered his bedroom to see a suit neatly folded on his otouto's bed. It seemed like he was going out. He sat down on the bed, letting his fingers trail on the soft material. When he heard the shower stop, he started his subtle interrogation.

"Do you have a reunion with one of your teachers?"

This was a normal question that wouldn't make Sasuke suspicious. With some luck it would even grant him an explanation.

"No, simply going out, nii-san," came the muffled answer.

"With your lover?" he bluntly wondered, after all it was an innocent enough question.

"That's none of your business, Itachi. Why so curious?" asked Sasuke poking his wet head out of the bathroom.

"Ahhhhhhhhh you killed me! I'm bleeding to death!"

Both Itachi and Sasuke turned their heads in the direction of Suigetsu's voice, smirking. They could hear Kisame explaining it was normal, because the leeches had put anti-coagulants in his blood. That didn't stop Suigetsu from shrieking. Then they heard a soft thud followed by silence. The question was: had Suigetsu encountered a wall? Or had Kisame lost it and knocked him out?

"You are evil, foolish otouto."

"I've learned from the best, nii-san."

Itachi concealed his proud look by grabbing Sasuke's towel and vigorously rubbing the dark hair before draping it around the small frame and urging his brother back into the bathroom.

"Stay near the heater," he requested.

Sasuke basked in the gentle caring. He would never get tired of it, especially since he had been deprived of it for a long time. He even let him comb and spike his hair. He glanced in the mirror, checking and fixing one or two things under the amused eye of his brother.

Itachi couldn't resist. He poked him on the head, loving how the familiar half-pout, half-scowl graced his otouto's features. He looked at the clock in Sasuke's room, 6 o'clock, and ruffled his hair a little, just to have him scowl again before leaving. He had someone to see before it was too late.


Naruto knew something had gone wrong when he came back from running some errands to find Itachi and Kisame waiting for him in his apartment instead of Kiba. He tried to make a run for it, but was soon dragged back inside and pinned on the floor by Kisame, who looked very sorry… which didn't help in relaxing him.

"Tell me where you are taking by brother tonight," ordered Itachi, using the tip of his shoe to raise his head.

"Go to hell! I'm clean and Sasuke is old enough to know what he's doing!"

Itachi didn't deign answer. He simply sat on a chair while Kisame made Naruto kneel in front of him.

"Save your breath and answer his question, blondie. Trust me, you will avoid lots of suffering," advised Kisame.

Naruto stubbornly kept his mouth shut. At least he knew how his relationship with his brother-in-law would go! Itachi met Kisame's eyes and the latter nodded.

"We can't hurt you, Naruto-kun, but we have other ways to make you talk," warned the shark look-alike.

Naruto stuck out his tongue, crossing his arms on his chest. He wouldn't talk. Itachi smirked, making a shiver run down the blonde's back. The dark haired man opened the suitcase resting against the chair and took out a thin white strip with something bluish in the middle. Naruto blinked, wondering what the hell that was. Itachi simply began to rub it between his hands, the blonde growing more perplexed by the minute.

"Kisame," requested Itachi.

Immediately the dark man pulled up one of Naruto's trouser legs but seemed kind of disappointed. He looked up at Itachi.

"Sasuke will love that," stated the feral man before motioning something to Kisame.

A moment later, after much futile trashing, Naruto was pant-less, his boxers riding low on his hips giving a glimpse of his blonde pubic hair. Kisame was sitting on him, preventing him from moving.

"The hell? You bastard! Let me go!" yelled Naruto.

Itachi stood up and separated the band, slamming one part, bluish side down, on his pubic hair. Naruto blinked… it didn't hurt… what the hell were they doing? Truth serum?

"Speak," ordered Itachi.

"No," replied Naruto.


Itachi grabbed the strip and pulled it off. Naruto gave a loud scream of sheer pain.

"OW that hurts! You! You!"

He stared at his now epilated skin right where the strip had been. It looked horrible and it was all red! And it hurt like hell! It was if they had torn off his skin! Did girls really do that just to be pretty? Holy shit!

"So, feeling inclined to speak now?" asked Itachi sweetly.


Itachi let the other half of the strip dangle in front of Naruto's nose, smirking as the blue eyes zoomed in on it and nervous gulping could be heard.


"I'm taking him to Soul Society at 8!" shrieked Naruto.

Itachi turned on his heels, taking his suitcase with him and flipping open his cell phone as he left the apartment. A chuckling Kisame followed, waving at Naruto.

Wincing, as moving tugged at his sensible skin, Naruto grabbed a bag of ice from his fridge and dialed his boyfriend's number.

"What is it, dobe?" asked the familiar silky voice.

"You told him we were going to the restaurant!" accused Naruto, fuming.

"Him?" wondered Sasuke, sounding perplexed at the blonde's angered tone.

"Itachi," almost spat Naruto.

"I didn't."

"But he knew!" accused the blonde, moving the pack of ice.

"He saw me get ready."

"I told you it had to be a secret!"

"He's my brother and he kinda lives with me!"

"That's the problem," grumbled Naruto, rubbing his abused skin.

"Why all the fuss? And how did you know Itachi knew?" grunted out Sasuke, visibly starting to get pissed by the situation.

Naruto paled, realizing he had made a mistake. He had to find something now or he would end up as shark or weasel food!

"Did he do something to you?" asked Sasuke, his voice gentle but charged with suppressed rage.

"N-no, ha ha why would you think that? See you at the restaurant, hedgehog!"

The blonde hung up wondering which Uchiha would have his skin first. He lifted the pack of ice, one nearly had it already.


Naruto's mouth watered when he looked above the menu at his dead-gorgeous boyfriend. He looked like a business man, all dressed up like that. The discreet glances he gave him, a small smirk plying on his lips only adding to his beauty.

"Have you decided?"

Sasuke immediately ordered his dish, along with a bottle of wine, after checking with Naruto if it was ok.

It was the blonde's turn but before he could utter a word, the waiter spoke, "If you don't know what to choose, mister, I would recommend this one," he leaned and turned a page of the menu.

Naruto's eyes almost popped out of his head. On the damn menu was written in bloody red: "if you try anything I will have you emasculated."

"Or you could choose this one," the waiter turned another page, on which "don't even think of changing restaurants. Have a nice evening" was written.

Naruto looked up at the man, or was it a woman? Long black hair framed his adorable face and his big eyes made him look innocent. How had he introduced himself again? Haku? Naruto tried a pleading look but the young man simply glanced toward a man at the entrance. A big scary man with most of his face covered. Naruto gulped, so he would be turned to a pulp by him if he misbehaved? How nice.

He hurried to order and tried to stop looking at the bodyguard by the door. He jerked when he felt a foot slide against his ankle moving upward. He stared at Sasuke who had simply leaned on his elbows, his dark eyes shining with mischief. Oh dear God.

"I'm glad we are finally having some time alone together. I hope you have planned something nice for the dessert," purred Sasuke.

Could someone save him? He had a horny, flirting hedgehog wanting to be laid and two horrible men ready to gut him out if he did! A teasing foot pressing against his crotch made him whimper in despair.

It ended up being a very nice but frustrating evening. Haku had "dropped" ice on Naruto's precious part, prevented Sasuke from going to the toilet with him, and nearly burned him with his crepe Suzette (1) when he had tried to follow Sasuke to the restroom.

Naruto had a flicker of hope when they left the restaurant. Maybe he could drag Sasuke to an alleyway and fuck his brain out, but no, the big scary man had called a cab for them. Knowing Itachi would be at Sasuke's place and Kiba at his… the night had to end there. Strangely Sasuke seemed pissed but with someone else other than Naruto. He even gave Naruto a heated kiss before getting off the cab.


Sasuke entered his apartment to find Itachi and Kisame, as usual. They had set up camp in his living room for quite a few weeks now. Itachi was reading, using his partner's sleeping body as a pillow.

Sasuke barely hesitated as he stared at Itachi, soon enough the dark eyes so like his own settled on him and a delicate eyebrow rose in question. Slumping near his older brother, Sasuke avoided his gaze, looking elsewhere.

"Did something happen?" wondered Itachi, puzzled by his otouto's reaction.

"No, that's the problem," Sasuke said, "I'm starting to wonder if Naruto loves me," he whispered so low Itachi nearly didn't catch it.

Before he could answer the younger man had stood up, leaving for his bedroom.

"Don't doubt his feelings. I can assure you he loves you more than you can possibly imagine," assured Itachi. Sasuke pretended he didn't hear it.

Itachi laid back on Kisame. Either Sasuke was really having doubts, which was bad, really bad or he knew his beloved brother was pulling the strings, which was equally bad. He had to make the lab hurry.

"'m going 'morrow 'tachi" mumbled Kisame in his half slumber.

Sasuke calmly closed his door and marveled at his self control. It was a miracle he hadn't throttled his beloved and manipulative big brother! That was why suddenly everything seemed to go against Naruto and he. The damn bastard was preventing them from consummating their love. As to why he had no idea, but it had to be for his "own good" as Itachi would say. Maybe some tests to see if Naruto wasn't suffering from some kind of disease. At least Itachi seemed to like the blonde, since he had reassured him.

If he wasn't certain he would end up locked in his own bedroom, Sasuke would have confronted his aniki. He knew better. It was all Itachi's doing as he had suspected for a while now. Of course Itachi would go that far, even though he'd told him to get laid, his brother was nicknamed weasel for a reason! Now that he knew for sure, things would change, even if he had to elope with the moron!


Naruto wondered what the perverted teacher could want with him. If Kakashi asked him to go buy some porn or something along those lines he would make him eat his Icha Icha paradise books. He didn't have the slightest hope that the man had checked Sasuke's thesis. To think that awful teacher had dared summon him was beyond him. Every time he did it was for something totally stupid.

Grumbling, he opened the door only to be grabbed by the collar and dragged inside the room by none other than Sasuke. He gaped as the man simply started to undress, undoing his buttons as if it was the most normal thing in the world to strip in his teacher's office. Not that he minded.

"Hurry up, it's 10 am. Kakashi is supposed to be here now but since he's always late you have 30 minutes to fuck my brains out."

Without protesting Naruto locked the door, made sure the curtains were closed, and went back to Sasuke. He was sitting on the desk, the fly of his pant undone, his shirt open, head slightly tilted, his dark hair shadowing his face, only making his lust filled gaze stand out. A tie came around his waist and dragged him forward, making Naruto stop staring.

"I know your hands are good, how is your mouth?" taunted Sasuke, tipping back his head, offering his neck.

Naruto grinned, grabbing Sasuke's hips and kissing the skin displayed. He started at the jaw, a kiss, a nip, a lick, leaving a trail down to the collarbone. All the while his thumbs gently rubbed the hipbones, as he massaged that perfect ass. He bit down on the shoulder, earning a moan and hands tangling in his hair, scratching gently.

"Do we have enough time" Naruto mumbled against the neck he was marking as his own, "for this?" his hand left the hip to cup the front of Sasuke's pants.

He grinned as the young man arched and rubbed against his fingers, letting out a needy growl. Neither of them would last long, they had waited for far too long. The right hand never rivaled a tight hot body and the feel of another skin.

"No," replied Sasuke, bringing Naruto's lips to his nipples and moaning as they were licked.

"Condom and lube?" asked the blonde between teasing nips on the hard and pink little buds.

Sasuke froze, pushing Naruto away gently, giving him a peck as an apology that soon turned into a full out devouring kiss. The dark haired man ended up sitting on a table full of papers as Naruto ground against him, kissing the living daylights out of him as his hands roamed everywhere they could reach, scratching just enough to send insanely good shivers.

"I ahnnn don't have ahn any," managed Sasuke, unbuckling Naruto's pants.

"Me neither, weren't you prepared?"

Naruto stopped; if they weren't going to go all the way it would be better if they didn't work each other up too much… even if it was too late. He was already dripping in his boxers.

"Since I know Kakashi-sensei is always late, when I heard you were called I dashed here. It wasn't planned," bit out Sasuke, crossing his arms on his chest.

The blonde nearly melted at the unconscious pout his lover was wearing. So unbearably cute! With any other person he would have just thrown him on the table and fucked his brains out, condoms and lube be damned. He was clean and pretty sure Sasuke was too, spit and precome would be lube enough… but Itachi had to be counted in the equation. He didn't want to be emasculated or worse!

He winced as Sasuke got down from the table. If there was a God in this world he was a jerk. However, Sasuke didn't fix his clothes; instead he began to open the drawers, turning them inside out.

"He's such a pervert he has to have some somewhere!" grumbled Sasuke, still searching.

Or maybe God, in his mighty greatness, had created Kakashi in this world just to provide them lube and condoms? Not losing a second that could be used in hot sex, the blonde helped his hedgehog with his quest. One duck vibrator and other unmentionable things later found them empty handed.

"I can't believe it," cried Naruto, "with all the weird stuff he has, he doesn't have the basics?"

Sasuke's eyebrows were twitching, from frustration or because the vibrating duck was dark blue like his hair, none would know. His eyes were scanning the room looking for somewhere they might have missed and landed on his thesis, still resting on his teacher's desk, unread.

It hit him like a ton of bricks. He grabbed the pack of paper and wondered if he should be happy or throttle the man. Under it were several boxes of condoms and lubes… hidden under his damn thesis! He turned toward Naruto, ready to launch on a rant about that perverted old geezer that served as his teacher.

However, he didn't have the time to form a single word. Naruto had captured his mouth and thrown him on the desk, his thesis scattered on the desk and floor. Sasuke was spread on top of the papers, startled, hair disheveled, chest naked, legs dangling, and arms pinned down by Naruto. The blue eyes roaming on him held so much lust he could have come right there. He had been desired before, but such intensity, possessiveness, and domination were a first.

Before he could even process it, his pants and boxers were down around his knees, Naruto between his legs and a lubed finger inside him making him thrash wildly on the desk. His hands tried to grab something, fisting on paper as he arched in pleasure.

"Ahhh hnnn oh yes… just like that hnnnn!"

Naruto looked at the gorgeous man writhing under him, moaning for him, closing around his fingers and moving in tune with him, impaling himself as deep as possible on him. The blonde drank everything from the half lidded dark eyes to the open mouth forming incoherent sentences speaking of desire, the back arching on the desk, heavy breathing, the hands alternately fisting and scratching the paper.

"N-Na ahhhn ruto hnnn! Come ahnnn inside hnn."

This was it. The dark and proud man, panting and wanton, all traces of his perfect control gone. That was how Sasuke wanted it, hard and fast. He needed someone to take control, to make him surrender, to possess him. Not being in control didn't mean being a powerless, whining, teary, girly thing. Oh no, it was a different kind of control, one that made the other person lose it completely for you, obey all the wordless commands, and turn into your obedient slave.

A hand closing on his wrist, almost digging inside, made Naruto snap out of his reverie, and reminded him of what he had just thought. The dark, annoyed and impatient eyes that glared at him made him grin.

"Don't sting, Hedgehog. I'm going to give you the best fuck of your life," he promised lowering his pants and boxers, finally freeing his painfully hard desire.

He pulled his fingers out of Sasuke, licking his lips at the distraught sound that followed. He put on a condom and wrapped a hand around his pulsing flesh, smearing lube on it and almost losing himself in the awesome friction.

"Tell me, there was hair here before, right?" asked a silky voice, the smirk obvious in the tone.

Naruto blinked, looked at the greatly amused Sasuke who had a delicate eyebrow raised in question, and down to where he was looking. At his crotch where a puff of hair was missing right where he had been waxed thanks to Itachi. He groaned in remembrance and embarrassment.

"Don't ask," he grumbled.

"Then stop me," smugly replied Sasuke, spreading his legs and lifting his ass in invitation.

Naruto purred, grabbing his lover's hips in a grip that might bruise and dragging him to him, enjoying the moan of pleasure that escaped those sinful lips. Sliding into the cradle of Sasuke's hips, he plunged into him in one go, earning a scream of utter ecstasy. He started rocking, shoving hard with his hips, and pushing the man into the hard wood under him.

Naruto let one hand trail on the toned abs, feeling the muscles quiver at his touch. He growled possessively, feeling his orgasm building. Not only was Sasuke tight, he was clenching around him on purpose. He was also helping Naruto thrust deeper into him with his legs, forcing Naruto to completely enter him hitting his sweet spot with accuracy. The blonde groaned as his movements became jerky.

"Is that all you've got?" teased a voice that wasn't breathy enough for Naruto's taste.

He pulled out completely, shivering from the loss and desire burning him. He dragged Sasuke to him, ruffling the papers on the desk. He glided his hands between Sasuke's legs, caressing the soft skin of his thighs before lifting the pretty legs above him, letting them rest on his shoulders.

Grinning at the glazed look of anticipation his lover was giving him, he laid on him, bending Sasuke's supple body. They shared a kiss, languid and slow. Naruto took this opportunity to seize Sasuke's nape, bending his neck as he gripped his arms, pinning him mercilessly under him. Then he slammed back into Sasuke, the latter moaning for him as he rocked deep and hard into his body. His hedgehog was muffling his sounds by biting his lips, making Naruto want him even more.

"Ahhnnn Naruto ahhhhh."

The blonde let go of his hold, gripping the hips to pound harder, his rhythm jerky as he finally reached completion. He dragged Sasuke down with him as the latter buckled against him in ecstasy. He gave a small whine of disappointment at not feeling Naruto's seed fill him and instead kissed the blonde as they rode the last of their orgasm. Finally the dark-haired man's legs slid off Naruto's shoulders to wrap around his hips, keeping him buried in that delicious heat. They were panting, Naruto resting on Sasuke's chest, smelling his scent and taking in his spent look.

"Do you think we have time for round two?" asked Naruto sheepishly, pushing his hips forward, making Sasuke moan.


Both heads jerked toward the door against which the infamous perverted lazy teacher was resting, his eyes twinkling, and a key dangling between his fingers as if mocking them.

"Not that I would mind of course. Go on with the show," he added winking at Sasuke, sending a shiver of pure horror down his back, "I didn't know you were so vocal," he teased, before turning to Naruto, "aww you won. I have to check his thesis now… too bad you just destroyed it with your fooling around."

They had both hurriedly dressed up. At the last sentence, Naruto raised his hands to show his innocence and shrieked, "I swear I had nothing to do with it!"

He didn't know what Kakashi was talking about, but the glare adorning the now red face of his lover didn't bode well and he didn't want to be on the receiving end of his wrath.

"Oh? Then you won't have your prize," replied Sasuke.

He grabbed Naruto by his shirt for a fast kiss before leaving with a wave and a satisfied smirk.

"By the way, you have another copy under your desk Kakashi-sensei," he added, closing the door.


When Itachi went home to his little brother's house with Kisame holding the supermarket bags, he found said otouto on the couch reading his book. He lifted a delicate eyebrow and Sasuke smirked. Kisame glanced between the two ravens before going to put away the groceries all the while keeping an eye on the scene. He didn't want to miss whatever was going to happen.

"Why so smug, foolish otouto?" asked Itachi sitting on the couch, Sasuke giving him some room.

"Kakashi will finally read my thesis," replied the young man.

Itachi frowned. That couldn't be the cause of Sasuke's pleased expression… and he looked relaxed too. There was something fishy and it wasn't Kisame.

"How did you do it?" he prompted, seeing as how his otouto wasn't going to enlighten him.

"He caught Naruto and I jumping each other. I assume he had bet we wouldn't manage before you had finished your tests," explained Sasuke, tilting his book just enough to look straight at Itachi's eyes.

A half-smile graced the older of the two. He shouldn't underestimate Sasuke, should he? Fondly he poked the white forehead.

"He actually had the guts to go for it… you should keep this one."

"That's the plan, nii-san, that's the plan," answered Sasuke, going back to his reading, looking smug.


Two weeks later Sasuke was seriously wondering why he had chosen such a dobe and how the hell the aforementioned moron had managed to seduce him to start with. Oh yeah, molestation… in the train no less.

"Please Sasukeee!" pleaded the blonde nightmare.

"No, shut up now or I'm kicking you out!" threatened the angry teacher.

He hadn't planned to let him enter in the first place, but the blonde had ringed, kicked and knocked until he gave in. It was nice to have Naruto around for a nice evening, a nice fuck and things along those lines, but it was another business to have him around when he was trying to work.

"Come on, it's been two hours straight! I'm bored and you need a break!"

A book connecting with his thick skull was his sole answer and Naruto sat back, sulking. He had thought he could coax the moody man into some nice activities but the prick was a workaholic! It was Sunday for God's sake. Even God himself had taken a break but almighty Uchiha Sasuke was still working, even when he had a sexy as hell guy in his house ready to do anything he wanted… oh. Naruto grinned mischievously; he knew a way that would force Sasuke to stop working. It was a wonder he managed to concentrate even with Naruto babbling in his ears - to think the asshole dared tune him out– but there was no way he would be able to fight his own body.

He padded to the hi-fi system and looked through the CDs he had steadily brought in. He had been so happy when Sasuke had made room near his CD-player for them. Then he had started to bring in other stuff that soon had had some room made for them. It was nice to know he had a place in his hedgehog's apartment… and heart, even if he had had to work his ass out for this one.

Aw, aw baby, yeah, ooh yeah, huh, listen to this
Spy on me baby use satellite
Infrared to see me move through the night
Aim gonna fire shoot me right
Aim gonna like the way you fight
And I love the way you fight

When the music blared in his ears Sasuke let his head fall on his laptop. He was going to viciously murder him, cut him in small pieces and feed him to Kisame! He turned to yell at Naruto to put on the damn earphones but ended up gaping instead.

Now you found the secret code
I use to wash away my lonely blues well
So I cant deny or lie cause you're a
Sexbomb sexbomb you're a sexbomb uh, huh

If Naruto had been merely stripping he wouldn't have been surprised. But he was not… he was already naked, dancing to the tune, his movements leaving nothing to the imagination. His blue eyes were not leaving Sasuke for a second as he moved his hips toward him, his erection standing between his spread legs.

You can give it to me when I need to come along give it to me
Sexbomb sexbomb you're my sexbomb
And baby you can turn me on baby you can turn me on
You know what you're doing to me dont you. ha ha,
I know you do

Sasuke was already hard when Naruto settled on his lap, brushing his face and upper body with his fingers without ever really touching him.

No dont get me wrong aint gonna do you no harm no
This bombs made for loving and you can shoot it far
I'm your main target come and help me ignite ow
Love struck holding you tight hold me tight darling

Naruto grinned in victory at the clouded eyes and the hardness pressing against his thighs. Sasuke grabbed his nape and pulled Naruto to him, kissing him deeply as they battled for dominance. Naruto sneaked his hands under Sasuke's T-shirt and gasped when he was unceremoniously shoved off his lover.

"I have work to do, dobe."

"You're the hugest prick I've ever met!" growled Naruto.

Sasuke slowly turned in his chair, a small smirk tugging at his lips.

"Thanks, I will let you suck it if you behave."

"Teme!" yelled Naruto, huffing as he put his pants back on and sulked.

"I have work to do, Naruto, unlike others," replied Sasuke, willing his hard on to go away. It irked him that the blonde managed to get under his skin so easily.

The dark haired man was back to working, oblivious of his surroundings. The faster he was done with it, the faster he could go to Naruto. He hated being with the blonde when he had work to do, because it spoiled the fun. When he was with the fox he wanted to be with him completely with nothing to drag him away. But he wasn't going to tell that to the dummy.

"I'm bored!" yelled Naruto after looking at 5 minutes tick by on the clock.

"Then do some work!" snapped Sasuke as he lost his trail of thought because of the interruption.

"I have nothing to do," grumbled Naruto, not that it was true, but he had nothing he felt inclined to do.

"Do the essay I assigned as an exam," offered Sasuke, standing up and pulling out from his bookcase the Foucault books that Naruto would eventually need.

The blonde grimaced but figured that it would at least keep his mind busy and if he didn't understand something he had his hedgehog of a teacher right there to explain. It was funny how Naruto understood everything when they were in class and Sasuke explained Foucault's ideas but when he read his notes he couldn't understand one thing… and he wouldn't even start on how unreadable Foucault's books were!

After scribbling on several sheets of paper, pulling his hair out to finally end up with a good outline and good ideas he started to write his paper. Now the question was, was he right in his explanation of what biopower was?

"Sasuke?" he called.

The latter nearly snapped his pen in half in anger at being interrupted again. Then he noticed it had been a good hour since he had been left alone. He turned on his chair.


Naruto brought over his draft, not feeling guilty in the slightest for using his teacher as reference. After all, Sasuke had given them his e-mail address and checked his students' work to help them. He was just doing that live.

Sasuke took the paper and started reading it, soon taking a red pen to mark corrections and criticisms. He was outlining things, circling others and writing comments on the margins. Naruto felt himself get hard… he was aroused by Sasuke marking his paper! It was totally different from him working on his thesis. He had the same serious and concentrated look but there was something different, an aura that he didn't have when working, and it was fun to see him react to what Naruto had written, shaking his head, nodding, rolling his eyes, huffing… it was so damn hot! Not to mention the way he checked things, scribbling down notes, the fast yet smooth and hard movement of his wrist when he circled something.

"It's pretty good, Naruto, here," said Sasuke giving him back his paper and turning to go back to his thesis.

Pleased by the compliment, he looked at all the corrections, not understanding everything. He was tired of trying to find out the answers. His head hurt. Anyway it was far easier to just have Sasuke explain him.

"Hey, Hedgehog, can you explain this to me?"

"No," said the dark-haired man, not lifting his head from his desk.

Sighing he pushed away his thesis. He had reached a dead end and would need some rest before being able to solve it… and maybe some help from a teacher or Itachi. Maybe even Kakashi since he had finally started to read his thesis. He looked at the clock. It was 4 pm. He needed to grade some papers before being free for the day.

"Please? Pretty please?" pleaded Naruto.

"Naruto, this is your work and it's going to be graded, so do it yourself. You have a brain, don't you? Make it work."

Sasuke printed some work form his students and started going through them. He didn't notice the heated look he was receiving from Naruto. The latter neared, placing his hands on both sides of his lover's chair.

"Come on, sensei," he whispered huskily.

"No, don't even try that on me," answered Sasuke, his voice having the unwavering tone he used with his students.

"I will make you answer, hedgehog-sensei," assured Naruto, turning Sasuke's chair harshly toward him.

"The hell!" protested Sasuke before feeling his heart skip a beat at Naruto's feral look.

He gasped as he was unceremoniously grabbed by his collar up to the blonde's face, the chair slamming against the desk. He didn't have time to protest when he was crushed against the window adjacent to his workplace. Naruto had slipped a knee between his legs, making Sasuke's breath catch and heating his body.

"I can hear your breath hitching, hedgehog," purred Naruto, licking the shell of his ear sending shivers down his spine.

Nails, racked up his stomach from under his shirt like claws, his muscles quivering under the attention. Composing himself, he glared at Naruto, his fathomless black eyes tinted with lust, his hand fisted on the horrid orange T-shirt and he shoved hard. Only to be pushed back against the glass, feeling it tremble at the shock. He opened his mouth for a nasty remark but was silenced by a forceful kiss. He groaned, grabbing hold of Naruto's blonde locks and tugging.

"Ahnnn," he moaned as the leg against his crotch began to rub pleasantly, making him harder.

"Don't fight me. You know I will make you mine," growled Naruto, nipping at the sensible neck as he undid Sasuke's buttons.

"Wasn't your purpose to make me talk?" pointed out Sasuke smirking.

"I will make you scream first, sensei."

"Try it," grunted the dark-haired man as one of his nipples was pinched.

He loved this pushing, dominating side far too much. Naruto slid his finger in one of Sasuke's pant loops and tugged, pulling the man against him as he snatched his shirt off. He used this opportunity to turn Sasuke around and shove him against the cold window.

Instinctively Sasuke protected himself with his arms, but it didn't prevent his face and upper body from pressing against the glass as Naruto rocked against him. The cold against his heated skin, the warm breath ghosting on his neck made his body tremble with desire. He wanted it hard.

Naruto bit down on Sasuke's nape, knowing how that aroused his lover. From the corner of his eye he saw the train pass by and grinned. His first glimpse of the hedgehog had been from the train right after he had come out of the shower. Now that tight ass and well defined gorgeous body were totally his. His to touch, to caress, to fuck, to please. He undid the belt and let the pants and boxers drop from the slender legs. Sasuke kicked them away and moaned as Naruto started to pump his precious part in time with the shove of his hips.

"Ahhnnn Naruto… more…"

He didn't need to be asked twice. He pulled down his pants and dug his fingers in Sasuke's soft hips bringing him to him, enjoying the sound of the dark haired man's hands and face sliding on the glass. Stretching he opened one drawer. He had put lube and condoms in it when he had noticed that he had a tendency to fuck Sasuke on his desk. It wasn't his fault the bastard worked too much… and liked him pouncing on him randomly. And Naruto loved having to work hard to have him writhing under him.

He blinked as he felt Sasuke struggle just when he had reached the condoms. Sasuke managed to turn and they started wrestling, biting lips and shoulders, pulling on hair. Finally he slammed him back face down on the window. Fine, if he wanted it like that, he would oblige. Itachi had checked him after all. He squeezed a good amount of lube on his precious part and without warning, still pinning Sasuke on the glass, he thrust in.

"Naruto!" moaned Sasuke, biting his lips to prevent a scream of sheer pleasure from escaping.

The blonde sucked on Sasuke's nape making the latter shake in ecstasy, one free hand wrapping around Sasuke's arousal as he slowly rocked in his lover's body. With his other hand he grabbed the slender chin, forcing the man to look outside at a train passing.

"Is it making you hot, sensei, to know one of your students could see you?"

Sasuke growled low, only making Naruto want him more. He began to pump him, feeling his hedgehog tremble as he tried not to meet his lover's slow rhythm. He wouldn't resist long, soon he would be impaling himself on his own.

"To see you naked, pinned to your window and being taken by me?" continued Naruto, whispering in his ear, his voice clouded by lust.

Sasuke's eyes began to close but Naruto shoved him hard against the glass, earning a yelp as his hedgehog's hot body met with the cold surface. His face, arms, chest and even part of his crotch were against it, a display he would enjoy seeing if he wasn't so busy fucking the proud man.

"Ahhh hnnnn."

Another train passed and Naruto grabbed the pale hips, pounding faster. He enjoyed how the window clouded with Sasuke's shaking breath, how it shivered from the abuse, the sound it made each time the slender body was slammed against it only to be pulled back and shoved back into it. The cold only made the pleasure more intense, outlining it.

"Anyone could see you. They just have to look this way to see you spread for me."

He gave a little kick with one foot, pulling apart Sasuke's legs, sliding deeper inside him.


The mumbled sounds escaping Sasuke were slowly turning into screams.

"I wish I could see you like that, dripping on the glass, your nipples pressed against it again and again. Your face tinted red and lips parted as you scream in pleasure. Me sliding in and out of you, making you shiver and push back to meet my thrust."

"Hnnn! Ahnnn!"

Naruto grinned, Sasuke was moving with him, his nails scraping on the window as he moaned and screamed, body writhing. It was always tricky to use dirty talk with Sasuke; it could blow up in your face if you didn't choose your words carefully, but if you managed, it was worth the risk.

"Naruto, harder," grunted Sasuke, closing his inside on the blonde on purpose.

Gripping the offered hips, Naruto obliged, his teeth nibbling at Sasuke's neck as he rammed him against the window.

"Ahhh ahhh hnnnng."

The dark-haired man began to spasm, yelling Naruto's name, his eyes fluttering close as butterflies appeared behind his eyelids. He felt his completion build in him, rushing in his veins until finally his orgasm took him, bringing down the blonde in his fall.

They were breathing hard, Naruto leaning on Sasuke still pressed on the window. Finally the blonde decided to move, he nudged the chair until it was behind them and slid his arms around his lover's waist before stumbling backward, ending on the soft chair. Sasuke gave a low moan as Naruto's softening member nearly left him only to be pushed back inside him. Naruto had learned early that Sasuke enjoyed keeping him in his body. Sometimes he would even grow hard inside him, starting round two.

Sasuke settled against him, his head thrown back, resting on Naruto's shoulders. He was so beautiful, relaxed like that, distraught and spent, lips pink from the kisses. Gently, the blonde let his hands trail on the toned body, brushing and mapping the skin.

"Hnnn yes…" murmured Sasuke, starting to move on him.

He was too tired to raise and impale himself on Naruto so he simply rolled his hips agonizingly slowly. The last remains of his previous ecstasy made his body prickle. He could feel Naruto hardening in him and it made him moan and push against him. He firmly grabbed the strong hands and guided them on him, sliding down his sides, resting on his nipples, on his neck, down to his thighs. He loved that Naruto let him do as he pleased, that he knew just how to move his fingers to make his body sing.

He heard the front door opening and in one smooth and accurate movement threw the letter opener toward it. They heard a yelp and the door slammed close as it stuck in the wooden frame. Suigetsu wouldn't risk another sneaking in for at least one good hour.

"Nice aim, hedgehog," praised Naruto, spreading Sasuke's legs.

He started to grind gently to bring them to a less mind blowing release. Sasuke had wounded his hands behind the blonde neck, his back arched.

"Mmm just like that, ahnnn Naruto."

How he liked this part of Sasuke too! He captured his lips in a languid kiss as they reached their second orgasm, like a small wave. As they rested, Naruto gave Sasuke a hickey on the neck, marking him as his.

Lazily they parted, Sasuke dressing while Naruto cleared the mess they had made on the window. Once finished, the blonde hugged his hedgehog, nibbling on his ear.

"So, what the hell did Foucault mean by subjectivation?"

Sasuke's eyebrows began to twitch. Seriously, why had he decided to date such a damn stubborn moron?

ooooooooooooo End ooooooooooooo

(1) It's a crepe served with alcohol that is set on fire in front of the customer.

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