Third Eye

Summary: Fortunately or unfortunately, Allen Jones's third eye opens. Can this give him the capability to help the ones he loves?

Characters: Amy Dumas, Allen Jones, Trish Stratigias/Jason Reso, Dawn Marie Psaltis/Chris Irvine, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Adam Copeland, Billy Dumas and many more to come.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone you recognize.

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Chapter Five: Hidden Message


Amy let out a sigh of relief as she handed back Billy's release papers to the nurse. After few days of being in the hospital, they both could finally leave. The slight problem was neither of them wanted to head back home… back to the place where their parents were murdered. Fortunately for the two of them, one of Allen's siblings offered his house, which he wasn't using. This specific house was just a few streets away from Dawn and Chris's home. Apparently, the brown haired man made up some excuse so it could happen. He also volunteered to stay with them in case the unlikable happens. Amy was very thankful for the help her friend has given them, considering that he had a lot of things to go through because of his third eye.

The redhead began walking back to her brother's hospital room… another topic soon filling her mind. It was her parents' funeral tomorrow and there was no way she was looking forward to it. She wasn't prepared to say her finally goodbyes to her parents and she knew she could say the same for Billy. How I wish this was all a nightmare. That I would wake up and my parents are still here… She thought. And Allen's third eye would be closed.

"There you are." Jeff said once she entered the hospital room. "We were kinda wondering what was taking you so long."

"Sorry about that." She mumbled. "Are we ready to go?"

Chris gestured towards Allen. "We are… once he snaps back to reality. He's been staring blankly at the wall since a while ago."

Dawn tapped the brown haired man's shoulder. "Alien… Are you okay?" She made a face. "Please don't tell me you're staring at a ghost."

"Whoops… Sorry." He shook his head and smiled apologetically.

The whole group split into two smaller groups. Billy, Allen, Trish, Dawn and Matt were going straight to the Dumas' temporary home while Amy, Adam, Jeff, Chris and Jason were going back to the Dumas' own home to get clothes and other important necessities. "I really need to look for a new house for Billy and myself. I don't think we can live in our house again… especially after what happened." The redhead spoke to no one in particular as she sat on the passenger's seat of Chris's car. The blonde man sat on the driver's seat while Adam, Jeff and Jason sat on the back seat.

"Don't stress yourself so much about that." Jeff replied. "You can think about that after the funeral."

"Or you could just ask Allen if he could ask his brother if he could lend you his house for the meantime." Adam suggested. "He's not even using the house anymore so I don't think it would be a problem."

Chris fastened his seatbelt. "He's got a point but Jeff is also right. We can think about that after the funeral tomorrow." He waited until Allen's car, which had the brown haired man, Dawn, Trish, Billy and Matt, left before he drove the car out of the parking lot as well. "Do you think the police would allow us to get inside the house? The investigation is still ongoing and the house has been secured."

"I think they would." Jason folded his arms over his chest. "It's not like they could deprive Ames of her things."

The rainbow haired man ran a hand through his colorful locks. "Maybe they could give us an update about the case. They haven't reported to us in a while."

They could only hope that the case made any improvement.


The other group already reached the house of Allen's brother. "Go straight to room, Bill. Get some rest." Allen suddenly felt his head ache as he spoke to the younger Dumas. His hand shot straight to his forehead and massaged it. "There are three bedrooms… Just choose what you want."

"Looks like you're the only one who needs the rest." Billy commented. This obviously meant that his sudden headache didn't go unnoticed by his friends.

"I'm fine… Seriously." He shook his head, flopping himself on the sofa. "No worries."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Why won't you both go and have rest." She sent them pointed look when they looked like they were going to protest. "I insist." The two muttered something under their breath but they obliged nonetheless.

"This isn't good." Trish bit her lower lip. "Allen hasn't been himself at all."

"He's still learning how to cope with his third eye." Matt replied. "That isn't easy at all."

She sighed, settling on one of the couches before she spoke. "I just hope that things will be better for him one day. I feel so bad for him."

"He'll be fine someday. I'm sure of that. I think I could say the same for Ames and Bill." Dawn joined the conversation. "They're going through hell… But I know this will end." Matt and Trish knew that she was right. They had to stay positive for their friends' sakes… No, it wasn't just that. They had to stay positive for the entire gang's sake.

"I just can't help but wonder why of all people, Allen's the one who got a third eye. We all know that he's a devout Christian… He attends all those prayer groups and whatever. What could this possibly mean?" The blonde woman asked.

Matt sat across her, running his hand through his long black hair. "Everything happens for a reason. That's the only thing we could hold on to for now."


"Ms. Dumas." A police officer greeted her once she and the rest of her friends exited the car. "What can we do for you?"

"We were hoping that she could get some of her things. She and her brother are moving into a temporary house until they find a new one." Jason replied for his friend. "And we were also wondering if we could get any update about the investigation."

The officer nodded soon enough. "I'm Officer Ted Robinson. I'll escort you for today." Everyone followed in silence as they entered the house. Everything that happened on that fateful night flooded back into Amy's mind, causing tears to form in her eyes. The house looked the same as it did that night… sans her parents' corpses of course. Chris and Jason stayed near the redhead, Adam lead the way to her former room while Jeff stayed at the back of the group. They watched in silence as the investigators continued to do their work.

"Here you go." Officer Robinson opened the door that led to Amy's room for them. "Just call for me if you need anything."

Jeff nodded in reply. "Thanks."

"So we could do this a lot quicker… Maybe we can just split up? Some could get Billy's stuff." Adam suggested. "The sooner we get this done, the earlier we can get her to the house."

Chris and Jeff were the ones who helped the redhead pack her clothes while Jason and Adam took care of Billy's clothes. In the midst of pulling shirts out of the younger Dumas' closet, Jason's phone began ringing in his pocket. "Trish? Is there a problem?" He asked once he answered the call, causing the other blonde man to pause and look at him.

"Yeah…" She bit her lower lip as she looked at the scene in front of her. Allen was still asleep on the bed, clearly having another nightmare. Matt was on one side of his bed while Dawn was on the other. They were both trying to wake him up but they were very unsuccessful. Billy was asleep in his room. The others figured out that it would be better if they allow him to rest first. "Al's not waking up again."

"Oh, shit…" Jason made a face. This made Adam a lot more curious. "Is he shaking again or something?"

The blonde woman glanced at her friend. "His head is moving like crazy. Does that count?"

"Damn it." He ran a hand through his short hair. "We'll go back as soon as we can."

"What's happening?" Adam asked once his best friend stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

Jason frowned. "Al's not waking up… possibly having another nightmare again."

"Oh, God…" The taller man looked around Billy's room. "We just have a few more to go. Let's finish this so we can get back."

The two Canadians packed the remaining clothes as fast as they could. They soon informed Amy, Jeff and Chris about what was happening to their brown haired friend. They all hoped they could finish as soon as possible so that they could help out. Back in the house, Trish, Billy, Dawn and Matt watched helplessly as Allen stayed asleep on the bed. His bed moved from left to right, giving a clear indication that he was having a nightmare again.

"Oh my god…" Dawn covered her mouth with her hand. "What are we gonna do. We have to wake her up."

Matt let out a sigh. "I tried shaking him as hard as I can… It's no use. He still won't wake up."

"Maybe we could –" Trish was cut off by the sleeping body… who was now mumbling. "What is he saying?"

"Is he awake now?" Dawn asked, unable to mask the fear and concern on her face.

Billy knelt beside the bed and leaned closer. "I can't understand it."

"Al, wake up." Matt tried shaking his friend again to wake him up. "Allen, please. Wake up. Allen –" There was no need for him to finish what he was saying. Allen sat up from the bed, wide-eyed, sweating and panting. His friends let out identical sighs of relief, thankful that their friend is now awake… but they were still worried about his condition.

"Thank heavens you're awake." A smile now replaced the fear on the brunette's face. "What happened, Al?"

Allen tried his best to control his breathing. "S-Same nightmare…"

Billy frowned. "The one with my parents?"

"Yeah…" He nodded. "They were a-asking for the s-same thing, Bill… They w-want me to h-help them…"

"What does this all mean?" The frown on the younger Dumas' face deepened as he spoke to no one in particular. "How can you do what they're asking you?"

Matt put a hand on his shoulder. "Neither of us have the answers to that. We're all just as confused as you are."

"What we feel is nothing compared to what Allen feels." Trish interrupted them softly before she turned her attention back to Allen. "Do you need water or anything?"

"Water would be great." Allen gave her a shaky smile. His breathing was slower now and he looked calmer than he did moments before. The petite blonde left the room to get the glass of water while Dawn moved to the other end of the room to call Adam and inform them about the latest development.

Allen looked at Billy. "I'm sorry…" He whispered.

He rolled his eyes good naturedly. "What are you apologizing for?"

"I still haven't figured out how I could help your parents…"

"Allen Lloyd Jones… You don't have to worry about that." Billy rolled his eyes again. "Just concentrate on getting better and coping with that third eye of yours, okay? We'd think about that issue with my parents some other time."

"The police would take care of the case for now." Matt added. "C'mon, get some rest."

He lied back on the bed and sighed. He still wasn't able to tell them that there was something that was new in that dream. Mrs. Dumas kept saying black over and over again. He didn't know what she was referring to. He did try asking in his dream but that was also the same time that she and Mike Dumas fell lifeless on the ground.

What could black possibly mean?


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