Untitled- NCIS Story

The Bonds that keep us Sane

An NCIS Story

Chapter 1

"I am so glad we got these 2 weeks of leave." Petty officer Mark Bennett said to his best friend as they drove through the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

"Me too. I can't wait to see Izzy. I can't believe that it has been two months since I have seen her." Petty officer Michael Keenan said. His mind went to his beautiful girlfriend with her long chocolate brown wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"Man, hold out on those thoughts until I'm asleep. First, I want some of Izzy's world famous Vegetarian Lasagna and Chicken Parmigiana." Mark said with a smirk.

Both men laughed and Mark sped up the car a little bit.

About 20 minutes later the two petty officers pulled up in front of a 2 storey house. They parked the car in the driveway and walked up to the door.

After knocking a few times and not getting an answer, Michael pulled out his key and unlocked the door. The lights were switched off but when the two men turned the lights on, they instantly wished they hadn't.

The green walls were streaked with blood, bookshelves had been overturned, the TV was smashed and there was what looked to be a bullet in the wall.

The two men instantly began calling out for Izzy and when she didn't answer, they ran through the house. When they got to the kitchen, they stopped. In front of them was a man dressed in black. He was holding onto a very beaten Izzy.

"Izzy!" Both men yelled.

The man in black spun around and without hesitating, pulled a gun from his pocket and shot both Mark and Michael in the arm before running out the back door with Izzy slung over his shoulder.


Over in Washington at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs stepped out of the elevator drinking his regulation cup of coffee from Starbucks.

When he got to the bullpen he was greeted with the sight of Tony sitting on Ziva's desk, Abby sitting in McGee's lap and Ducky and Jimmy standing in front of the plasma, all 6 of them chatting.

Gibbs smiled and his smile grew when he saw Jenny walking down from MTAC. His smile faltered however when he took in the look on Jenny's face. She indicated for him to join her in MTAC and it was only then did his team realise he was there.

"Hey boss, what's—ok later." Tony said as Gibbs flew past him and up the stairs.

He opened the door and walked in. He realised Jenny was talking to the NCIS director in Maryland.

"Gibbs" Director Booth said. Gibbs acknowledged his presence but turned to Jenny.

"Ok, I'll send my best team of agents to talk to them. Thank you director." Jenny said before the connection was cut.

Jenny turned to Gibbs and it was then he noticed she had tears in her eyes. He put his coffee down and wrapped Jenny in a hug. Her sobs lightened after a while before stopping completely.

"Now, do you feel up to telling me what's wrong?" Gibbs asked.

Jenny walked over to the printer and pulled off a sheet of paper.

"NCIS agents in Baltimore got a report of two Petty officers who had been shot in a house. Upon entering the house, agents noticed that it was a bloodbath. Blood was streaked along the wall, the house was in ruins. Neither of the men lived their instead the house belongs to a 19 year old woman. She is dating one of the petty officers and they had just gotten two weeks of leave so they decided to visit her. The two men reported that a man dressed in black had beaten the young woman and was carrying her out of the house when they interrupted. The man turned and without blinking shot both of them. He then took off with the woman." Jenny said.

"So, why would you be sending us?" Gibbs said still not catching on.

"Jethro, the house belongs to a young woman by the name of Isabella Emilia DiNozzo." Jenny said gravely.

"Oh god!" Gibbs said. Jenny could only nod.