Chapter 3

Chapter 3


"Tony! Come play on the swings with me." 5 year old Bella said.

18 almost 19 year old Anthony DiNozzo smiled at his little sister before swinging her into his arms and taking her outside. Just as they got to the door, a smash was heard from upstairs and Tony knew his parents were fighting again.

"Tony, why do they fight?" Bella asked.

Tony looked down at the little girl in his arms and said "I don't know bambino (baby). I don't know."

Tony and Bella played on the swings for a little bit and Tony asked "How was school today Bella?"

Bella launched into a full description of her day and it kept her distracted from their parents who were now screaming at the top of their lungs.

Fast forward 7 Years:

A 12 year old Bella was crying. 18 months ago her and her mother had moved to Baltimore to be close to Bella's older brother Tony who was a cop. Bella idolized Tony. Now he was leaving.

"Bella bambino please don't cry." Toby said as he packed around his baby sister who was sitting on his bed sobbing.

"Bu—bu—but why do you have to le—le—leave?" Bella sobbed.

Tony stopped packing and sat next to her. He pulled her into his lap smoothed down her hair as she cried.

"I have to leave bambino because my work is in Washington." Tony explained.

"But why couldn't you stay in Maryland and be a police officer still?" Bella asked.

"Because Bella, I think I will enjoy working at NCIS then I will working at the BPD. I will miss you heaps mi carina (my dear little one) but I have to leave." Tony said.

That afternoon after Tony's gear was all packed in his car, he turned to his mum and sister.

He hugged his mum and said "I love you mama. Take care."

His mother wiped the tears from her eyes and said "Be careful." Tony smiled and kissed her forehead again.

Tony looked back towards the front door of the house. Bella was standing in the doorway crying softly. Tony opened his arms and Bella came running before throwing herself into his arms.

"Now carina, you need to take care of mama. Be strong. I'll try and visit and I'll try and write. I love you Bella." Tony said as tears came to his eyes.

"I love you too Tony." Bella said.

With one final kiss on the forehead, the brother and sister separated. Tony got into his car and drove off, looking back only once to blow a kiss to the two girls he loved eternally.

--End Flashback—

"DiNozzo." Gibbs said as he tapped Tony on the face.

Tony's eyes opened and he found himself surrounded by the team, Abby, Palmer, Ducky and Director Sheppard. Tony groaned and sat up slowly.

"What happened?" He asked.

"You passed out. You were looking at the picture of your sister and you passed out." McGee said.

Tony stood up and looked again at the picture. Bella sure had grown. He had seen her in passing at their mother's funeral as he had to work a case. She had grown from a cute young girl into a dazzling young woman.

Tony growled at the thought of someone hurting his sister and his eyes flashed with fury.

"We have to find her boss. We have to find her so I can kill the bastard that hurt her." Tony said. Tony's eyes began to tear up and they lost the fierceness.

Ziva wrapped him into a hug and whispered comforting words to him as the control he had been keeping broke and he cried into his girlfriend's shoulder.

"Abby, we have gotta find this guy fast before it kills Tony." Gibbs said. Abby got the hint and raced down to her lab to keep looking.

Suddenly Ziva's phone rang but as Ziva was busy, McGee answered it for her.

"Agent David's phone." McGee said. He listened for a bit before turning to Ziva and saying "Zeev, it's Petty officer Mike Keenan, you know Isabella's boyfriend. He says he has some important news for you."

Ziva carefully let go of Tony who had now stopped crying. She walked to her phone and said "David."

After listening for a while she said "Ok I will need both you and Mark to come here. Charge you airfare and hotel bookings to NCIS but get here as soon as you can…. Yes…. Ok bye see you soon."

Ziva hung up and said "Petty officer Keenan apparently received a phone call today from Isabella's kidnappers."

Tony was instantly at attention. "Well what was the call about?" He asked.

"The petty officer wouldn't say but it had something to do with his work." Ziva said.

"Ok. McGee, I want to know what our two petty officers jobs were, where they were stationed everything. Ziva, you check out DiNozzo's sister's life. I want to know everything about her. Tony, you can either go home or you can help Ziva." Gibbs said.

"I want to help Ziva. I know nothing about Bella's life after she was 12." Tony said.

Gibbs nodded and walked to the elevator where he pushed the button to Abby's lab to see if Abs had anything.