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Freakout –

"Slade and his daughter Rose found themselves on the run as their old foe once again reappeared in their lives. The only thing they can do is to run as they're chase by their unbeatable foe," Freakazoid said as he chases after the fleeing forms of Slade and Rose by having his arms out in front of him like Superman does when he flies.

"Slade tosses a bomb behind to try to stop Freakazoid. But Freakazoid counters by pulling out a bat and hitting it out of the ballpark. Rose stops and pulls out two machine guns and sprayed the alley behind her. Freakazoid jumps into a large trash can, which quickly is riddle with bullet holes. To her shock Freakazoid jumps out without a mark on him. He laughs and pulls out a bottle of water and drinks it, and water starts leaking out of his body from the many holes that now covers it," Freakazoid said explaining everything that is happening.

"Why is he narrating this?" Rose ask her dad as she hostler her guns and started running again.

"Don't ask questions just run," Slade said as he continues to run with Freakazoid still behind them.

"Both Slade and Rose have been on the run for days trying to escape Freakazoid who just won't leave them alone," Freakazoid said as he runs in Superman style.

"Stop talking!" Rose shouted back.

"They have tried to fight Freakazoid in some very exciting battles, which we can't show because it be much too expensive for a cheap show like this," Freakazoid said continued to talk.

"We're not on a TV show!" Slade shouted.

"Yes but since this is a fan fiction the sheer task of writing the fighting scene would be like writing the fight scene of the last part of Return of the King and would be too hard and would never be as good as watching the real thing," Freakazoid explains.

"We got to get away," Rose said as she couldn't stand being with the crazy superhero. He keeps on talking like people are watching them or reading about them. He's crazier then Joker is.

"Comeback and let's play!" Freakazoid shouted who is now in his Freakazoid car.

"Where did he get that?" Rose ask as she continues to run.

"Forget trying to use logic just run!" Slade shouted as they continue to try to run away from the crazy nut behind them.

"Of course, I'm a crazy nut," Freakazoid said to the readers as he hit's the rockets sending his car flying down the alley. (1)


In Joykill's lab -

In the chambers of the changelings a lone grey colored, yellow mane, cross-eyed Pegasus was flying as fast as her wings could take her. She flies pass many pods containing ponies from the two worlds that they called home. Since the attack the ponies have been kept trap in the pods being used to feed the ever growing army of Changelings, who fed upon their love. They're also being used to feed the Youmas who feed upon their energy.

"Stop her!" Chrysalis shouted pointing her drones to the fleeing Pegasus who gotten free when her pod had burst open after one of the drones drop it.

Derpy had no idea where she is or how she got here, all she knows that Changelings are after her and that she doesn't know where her daughters are. All she knows she has to escape from wherever this place is if any help would come to the others. Derpy flew into a room with the changelings right behind her and hit the panel slamming the door shut behind her.

Inside the room are Morgana and Voltage who are going over some of the information that was taken from a world that Morgana took great interest in. She discovered a city on the bottom of the sea called Rapture. The city is in decay and damage from a civil war that had happen there. What caught her interest is the power the air breathers had found at the bottom of the sea and what they had created using it. Morgana having gotten use to the advance technology and seen what it can do that even magic couldn't. While having that pirate world as a power base would suit her, having another would do as well.

Joykill took an interest as well sending those crab warriors and robots to take it. They managed to take the whole city and took many as test subjects. The Splicers as they call themselves are just too deformed with benign cancers and tumors littering their bodies, let alone their minds. But what really got his interest is the Big Daddies and Big Sisters projects that was done in the city. Took many warriors and robots to capture them alive, but it was easy to lure them using those little girls as bait. Then there is the subject that Morgana and Voltage are looking at trap in a stasis field. She was found on the surface with a group of those little girls and a older woman who turned out to be her mother. They trap her in a stasis field before she could cause them trouble, as she had already killed dozens of the crab warriors before hand.

"Look one of those ponies managed to escape," Morgana said to Voltage turning her attention to Derpy.

"Don't mind me," Derpy said trying to find a way out as the way she came in has Changelings waiting for her.

"I'll get her," Voltage said as she blasted Derpy with one of her lightning bolts.

"Stop it!" Derpy shouted as she was electrified but due to her being a Pegasus who controls the weather, her body is able to take lightning strikes. (2)

Derpy flew backwards with her rear end hitting a large piece of equipment sending it falling into some more equipment. Morgana and Voltage could only watch as one after another one piece of equipment fell onto another till they hit the control board maintaining the stasis field, causing it to blow up. The blast sent pieces of equipment flying with a large piece hitting the two villains sending them crashing into a mass of computer equipment that fell on top of them.

Derpy who was untouched could only look around seeing the damage she had caused without even trying to. She wonders what she's going to do now, but that train of thought left her as the door open and Changelings came bursting into the room. Only for them to be frozen in midair sending their frozen bodies falling and breaking on the floor. Derpy turn to the one who save her and saw the armored figure that was held in that light thing walking towards her.

"Where am I?" the strange creature shouted at her.

"I don't know, I woke up here like you," Derpy shuttered trying to keep the armor giant from attacking her.

"So you're the one causing the trouble," Tirek said walking into the room.

"No it can't be you're Tirek," Derpy said horrified seeing the monster of the old tales alive and standing in front of her.

"Ah you know of me," Tirek said remembering how the two princesses of the sun and the moon recognized him. As it seems that universe is a possible future world of his own.

"I'm going to be getting home one way or another," the armored figure shouted ready to fight.

"Kids take care of her," Tirek orders as Danny ghost his was into the room, with Juniper and Jake.

Derpy could only watch as the armor figure and the three young kids charge at each other.


In the JL Base -

Megan sat in a small room with Batman and Rorschach who wanted to learn why Joykill sent such a powerful force to come after her. The other members are at X Middle school helping with the clean up. Many of the students were killed even with Terra and the twins there to fight the bugs, there were just too many of the bugs for them to handle. The whole school is under lock down as the heroes hunted down any remaining bugs that might have survived the freezing and to find any child who's still hiding.

"It was just another day at Dream Valley with me and my younger brother and sister visiting the ponies. That's when Tirek came back along with an army of black insect like creatures that caught all of the ponies in webbing. They attack me while, I was with Firefly far from the others. The Rainbow defeated them but by the time we got back to the estate it was too late. Everyone was trap in green pods the estate in ruins and Tirek was waiting for me to return. I lost our rematch," Megan explains.

"How did you escape?" Batman ask.

"Somehow, I managed to escape during a power surge that happen at their base. I grab the Rainbow of Light after, I was freed from the pod Other Mother kept me in. She made me watch as she killed my little brother and sister with me unable to do anything. I escape into the strange machine that brought me into that place. Ending up in another world for years before, I managed to find a way back. I'm guessing time pass faster in that world then here. And as, I was flying through the portal Joykill's forces attack my ship and you know the rest," Megan explains.

Batman tighten his fist almost drawing blood hearing how Megan was force to watch as her brother and sister died in front of her. Rorschach eyes narrowed beneath his mask, remembering the information for when he meets her.

"Let me through the Great and Powerful Trixie must see Megan," Trixie voice shouted from behind the door. The door slide open revealing the blue unicorn who stood in the doorway staring at Megan.

"A pony," Megan whispers seeing a pony one of her ponies alive and well. Memories long suppress came flowing back, of the times before Tirek came back and destroyed her world.

"And you're Megan the Rainbow Warrior who saved all pony kind in the ancient past," Trixie said seeing the legend sitting in front of her.

"You know her?" Batman ask.

"All ponies have heard about Megan the Rainbow Warrior who defeated Tirek the ancient demon lord, thousands of years ago," Trixie explains.

"One version of me anyways. Tirek came back and this time he won," Megan said sadly. "The rainbow of light couldn't beat him this time."

"Joykill wouldn't have sent such a large force to capture you unless you or that rainbow was a threat," Rorschach pointed out.

"That's what, I figured out also. No matter what, I will kill Tirek and Other Mother along with the rest of their gang," Megan said.

"They won't be easy to deal with," Batman said seeing the same look the Pipi has in her eyes to take revenge on Joykill.

"I spent years in a world where space flight is a common place. Met different aliens and things that, I don't even want to think about while there. I had to survive by doing things, I'm not proud of and had to kill just to see the next day. I was just 14 at the time that, I escape and found myself in another universe. The only thing, I had was the rainbow. I became an outlaw doing things to earn money and search for a way back. I'm 25 now and spent those years fighting and killing. I'm more then ready to face them," Megan stated.

"When that time comes to face them it will be shown if you're ready," Rorschach said.

"With your help we will save the others," Trixie said feeling hope raising in her.

Batman got a message on his Omni-Tool from his father. Telling him to come home as soon as he can. His mother had finally came home to visit.


Author's Notes -

1 - Freakazoid has been following Slade and Rose for all this time. Which is why they're doing everything that they can do to get away from him.

2 - Since Pegasus live in the clouds they would be able to handle being struck by lightning, hot and cold weather as they do control it.