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Goodbye Mother –

In the Batcave Thomas Wayne sat next to the bed that held the body of his wife. In his world the death of their son drove her over the edge creating a void that was once his wife. A void that she felt could only be filled by the suffering of everyone around her. She became a mad dog who chases after things but has no idea of what she'll do once she gets what she's after. Now she's dead after learning that her son of this world became Batman. Running blindly and falling into a pit.

"Bruce it's time for me to return to my world," Thomas said turning his head to see his son standing behind him.

"What happen?" Bruce ask seeing his mother dead again.

"She couldn't handle you becoming the Batman. She ran and fell into a pit, she just gave up, letting go of her life," Thomas answers.

Bruce didn't say anything as he stood next to his father from another world. The other members of the Bat family watch from afar letting the father and son have time alone. For even with her becoming a complete monster, she was once a mother and wife who lost her mind.

"It's little wonder Thomas became what he is," Talia said standing with the other women of Bruce's life.

"And she was even more of a monster then Joker was. She took down both Starfire and Annie," Selena said.

"Which is the only reason why he managed to escape from me," Andrea said.

"Funny how Thomas is scarier then Bruce is," Selena adds. (1)

"Yes he is," Talia said having gotten a good feel about her father in law over the last couple of days. In her long life she has met people like him before and they're never to be taken lightly. Then she remembers that there is one person who is even more scary then he is.


Outlaw Base -

In the hidden base of the Outlaws, Megan is being introduced to the members of the Outlaws and how things work in their group. She decided to join up with them as she is willing to kill to end the threat that Joykill and his gang are. Kazuma and Catherine the two newer members of the Outlaws are showing Megan how to operate the power armor and Omni-tool she's been given. She knows the value of having good equipment as she had often had to run from others who were just better armed and equipped.

"This is more advance than any of the tech that, I have ever come across," Megan said looking over the power suit and weapons.

"The suit increases your strength and endurances. You'll be able to survive hits that would kill you otherwise. The Omni-tool creates a shield around you and is a personal computer," Catherine explains.

"Anything that helps me in killing Tirek," Megan said.

"You're really out to get him," Kazuma said.

"I'm not going to stop till he's dead. After what he has done. All of them. Those monsters that Joykill has gathered together all have to die," Megan said.

"I never thought that those old cartoon villains would ever be of any kind of threat. I saw the My Little Pony movie where you defeated Tirek," Catherine said as she grew up watching some of those cartoons when she was younger.

"You grew up watching me. But watching something on tv is completely different from reality. I was nothing more then a 11 year old girl who work on a horse ranch in Oklahoma, when a flying pink pony pegasus name Firefly fell into the well. She had came seeking help to stop Tirek who had killed Queen Majesty. That show you watch never explores just how would a kid hero's youth would be affected by being forced into the role of a monster killing hero and into a mother figure for an entire species and being forced to shoot the dog more times. Then, I like. I couldn't even see my younger brother and sister as my siblings anymore. I simply took so much responsibility for them, and our parents were always so busy that they just aren't apart of our lives growing up. The real me isn't the one you watch on tv," Megan explains.

"It did look so easy and carefree," Catherine said.

"The villians are silly," Kazuma adds.

"Well you can plainly see the cartoon villains aren't jokes. You two saw what happen at the school. The villains might be lame in your eyes but when it comes right down to it all of them are complete monsters," Megan said causing the two to shut up. (2)

"And they're not playing around as they know that there's more then one world out there," Trixie said walking up to them. She's been spending time with Megan and visiting Pippi Longstocking who is still under bed rest. Wildcat doesn't want her to push herself unless she is needed.

She isn't alone as Lurky is with her, as with Purple Pieman and Mr. Mint. The others who came from different worlds had come along also. They saw that the Outlaws are the ones who are spear heading this battle against Joykill and have decided to join them to fight. Mildred Hubble and Holly Hobbie, with Custurd are still staying with the JL.

"Purple Pieman? Lurky? I would have thought you two would have been with the other villains," Catherine said.

"No my dear while Lurky was just a lackey he never would do what those villain have done. I and my sister were invited to join Joykill's group. I may have wanted to have the strawberry fields for myself but not that way. I saw what happen to Rainbow Brite and her friends... I don't want to be that kind of villain," Purple Pieman said.

"Which is why we're here to join up with the Outlaws. The JL are doing what they can, but it's the Outlaws who are doing things to stop Joykill," Mr. Mint said.

"What did Rorschach say?" Kazuma ask.

"I told them they can join as long as they follow the rules and pull their weight," Rorschach said entering the room.

"Got a lead?" Megan ask as she asked him to inform her when there's a lead to Joykill.

"Nothing solid but worth checking out," Rorschach said.

"Good enough," Megan said grabbing the gear.

"You two come along and see what you'll be dealing with," Rorschach said to Kazuma and Catherine.

"Right," Catherine said.

"What are we going to be checking out?" Kazuma ask.

"A group that deals with kidnapping people just so people with money be able to kill them anyway they want," Rorschach said bluntly.

"There are people like that here?" Mr. Mint ask.

"The villains we deal with are evil but there is one thing that makes them better than what, I use to deal with. At least they don't hide their evil," Rorschach said.


In the hanger -

Stuart the Haunted Tank was having his metal body being repaired by repair drones and his ammo dumps refilled. After every mission, all the equipment are repaired and geared up to be ready for the next one. Being the grizzly war vet of the group, he's the one who has seen the most action and the horrors of war. Which leaves him to be the one who keeps the cool head in the heat of battle and leads the others. He's also the one who been put in charge of getting the new members of the Outlaws in order. As he's been in charge of leading soldiers before, he's the choice in giving out the orders. Rorschach while the leader of the Outlaws, doesn't have the experience in leading others. He has done a good job so far but once his group expanded in numbers, he can handle keeping everyone in line, but for leading them... It's up to him to lead them. (3)

"Ok it should work now," Pey'j said having help in repairing the Pelican Dropship. Jade is piloting the ship.

"Stay back," Jade said as she hits the jets and lifts the ship off the ground. The ship still needed to be tested to make sure all the parts are working.

"Set it down," Pey'j shouted. Jade nodded and did just that setting the ship back on the ground. Pey'j and the repair bots quickly went back to work on the ship.

Stuart having watch them in his ghost form walk to the other part of the hanger to see how the others are doing. Jade would be the one flying the spare dropship giving additional air support. While Pey'j would be the mechanic as he quickly got the hang of fixing the machines.

On the other part of the hanger Polly Pocket and Wordgirl are testing their new power armors on some test drones. Coldcast and Menagerie are watching the two and giving them pointers as the fought the hard light drones. Both of them have the super strengths down but they needed the combat skills to use them. The other members of the Outlaws are elsewhere, Hat and Black are off doing something and the 3 Frankenstein sisters are in the lab which he doesn't want to know. As for the kids, Ace and Terra are together in the twin's room helping them with the aftermath of their school being a bloodbath.

Cherry Merry and Penny are off to the side with the younger girl working on a computer. Cherry Merry has appointed herself as the cook along with Purple Pieman, seeing that none of the other members are cooks. He also put them in charge of the supplies along with Mr. Mint who also not fit for the battlefield, making sure all the ammo and fuel cells are full. He knows that not everyone is fit to be a soldier but even those who do little more than refill the ammo or making sure the supplies are being restock or replace, do matter to keep everything running. She has brought Penny a snack who is working on the com links to make sure that their coms won't be hack into. He saw she'll be useful in keeping everyone in touch with each other.

The dog Courage, well he's scared of just about everything, but the twins like him around and his old unit did keep a dog with them during the war. He's with the twins being their cuddle buddy, helping them deal with their lost. Sometimes you just needed someone who gives you unconditional love.


Author's Notes -

1 - Remember the Thomas Wayne Batman makes his son look like sunshine and rainbows. And his Joker his wife is even worse than the mainstream Joker. Only the one in the Dark Knight is on her level.

2 - When you think about it the old school cartoon villains like No Heart, Tirek, and Professor Coldheart can easily be up there with the likes of the Joker or any big bad anime villain if they were ever allowed to be as bad as they really are, instead of being the kid friendly villains.

3 - Rorschach is the leader of the Outlaws but Stuart is the one who gives out the orders in battle. As he's a war vet and is the Sargent of the group.