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Pay Evil onto Evil –

The Elite Hunting Club which is a club where people with money pay to kill people. A club whose members of the club and people who work for it suddenly found themselves in the middle of an old quarry. In a deep pit with nothing to use to get out it was just a deep pit with them trap in. They couldn't escape as they found an electric field capping the pit they're all in. Then they saw who was keeping them caged, members of the Outlaws standing all around the rim of the hole they're in.

A large movie screen was setup before them, playing the news. It was a breaking news report revealing their club and who they are being played for the world to see. Then it turn to the image of Sasha who some the members recognized as the leader of the club. He was being brutally beaten by Rorschach who didn't even bother having him tied or strap into a chair. It was just him with Rorschach and Ace in a small room and with Rorschach beating him with little effort. For an hour they watch as Rorschach beat him till he was about to die only to be healed by Ace so he can be beaten again. All through this Sasha pleaded and cried for it to stop and just for Rorschach to tell him what he wants.

"For your members to see their leader beg for mercy," Rorschach finally said as he turns on the screen in front of Sasha showing his beating being broadcast live and a split screen of the club members watching.

Sasha choke seeing his fellow members having seen him cry and beg for his life. And that he was watched by people all over the world. He listened as the news reporter talk how his club and members have done with information taken from the club computers. With the video tapes of all the members killing people and with who they are and what they paid to kill. Being revealed to everyone watching, with nothing they be able to do to swept it under the rug this time not with the Outlaws being the ones who revealed it. (1)

"I showed them what kind of man you really are. A weak man who when face with someone like me is reduced to nothing more than a coward who begs for his life," Rorschach said. "Think of it. If, I let you live you will end up in jail or be executed for what you have done. This video of you begging for your life and you wetting and shitting yourself will follow you forever. You will be the laughing stock of any prison you are sent to. And no one will ever work with you again if, I don't kill you that is. especially after what you're going to do if you choose to do it."

On the screen the club members suddenly found oil being dump on them as Terra release it from a large metal container, making sure she covers them with it. The club members scream as they realized what's in store for them. Some tried to escape but only were met with the electric field that held them causing the ones who tried to climb to fall into the ankle-deep oil the pit is fill with. Black laugh seeing them panic then laugh harder as they panic more as he threw a electric cable into the pit.

Rorschach than presented a switch to Sasha placing it so that it's within his reach. "This will kill all the members of your club. You press it and the cable will light the oil and they will all burn to death."

"What happens if, I don't?" Sasha ask.

Rorschach presented him a metal cup and a small bar of gold. His hand holding the gold became red-hot as he released heat into the gold bar melting it into the cup. With his power he's immune to the harmful effects of heat and cold. He place his finger into the liquid gold and stirred in front of Sasha, before pulling out. He flick a droplet of gold onto Sasha's forehead who scream on contact. The metal quickly cooled but left a deep burn scar on his forehead.

"This club of yours filled your pocket with money. All the lives your club has taken is on your head for starting it. The government people who expected bribes to allow your club to do as it pleases. I have already revealed enough proof to have them arrested and if they avoid being sent to jail, I will just have to handle it myself. As for you. It's time for you to drink what you have earned with all the deaths you have caused," Rorschach explained seeing the look of fear on Sasha's face. "Or you can flip the..."

Rorschach didn't even finish as Sasha hit the switch lighting the oil. Rorschach grab his head and force him to watch as the club members died in flames. The pit became a fire pit as the people trap in it scream as their bodies burn. Some tried to cling to the walls of the pit but from the fire and the flaming oil they're covered with they lost their strength and fell into the flaming pool. Rorschach made Sasha watch till the last member of his club died.

"You get to live and face watch you have done," Rorschach said to Sasha who is cowering in a corner.

"He didn't even thought about it," Ace said.

"Which is why if anyone works for him again, I'll will give him the same choice he made today," Rorschach said as he left the room with Ace locking the door behind them.

Leaving Sasha to sit in the corner waiting for the police to come and arrest him. With him killing his fellow club members on live tv he already knows he will either be executed or get life. And with him being shown what kind of man he is, when he gets to jail, there will be blood in the water. With no chance of him gaining anyone to join him as Rorschach told what he will do if anyone works for him again. (2)


Author's Notes -

1 - Destroying someone's image that they present to the world is sometimes the worse thing you can do to them.

2 - I never did like how that movie ended with the villain getting away with what they did.