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Call Her Derpy –

Derpy didn't know where she's going but as long as it was away from the battle taking place behind her. The armored figure fight with those 3 children had wreck the room and the damage they caused release more prisoners like the first one who began destroying everything around them. Derpy seeing everyone too busy to keep an eye on her fled the room. (1)

King of Shadows hearing the sounds of battle rushed out of his room to help when he spotted Derpy flying down the hallway. He attack her with a wave of darkness but she duck out of the way, flying into his room as he left the door open. Running back inside King of Shadows created arms made out of darkness trying to grab Derpy while doing as little damage to his room as he did so.

"Stay still!" King of Shadows shouted as Derpy duck around the tanks containing the brains of Rainbowbrite and her friends, as well as the new bodies for them he had created to toy with them.

"No," Derpy shouted as she flew backwards with her butt hitting the controls for the tanks, causing it to overload.

The power surge hit all the tanks feeding power to the brains in the tanks and the bodies they're connected too. Derpy gave out a yelp as the machines around her began catching fire or blowing up. Seeing her distracted King of Shadows grab her in his shadow arms.

"Got you," King of Shadows growled as he's angry in the damage done to his room. He hopes that the brains in the tanks aren't dead as the color kids need to be alive so he could torment them.

A rainbow beam struck King of Shadows sending him flying through the wall of his room. Freed from the shadow arms Derpy look towards who saved her and saw the beam came from one of the tanks holding bodies. Rainbowbrite burst out of the tank not caring how she got her mind transferred to her new body that King of Shadows has kept in front of her and the others tanks just to taunt them. She spread out her arms blasting the front part of the tanks holding her friends, freeing all of them. She looked to her left and her right seeing all of them getting up, revealing that what happen to her happened to them as well. As one they all attack King of Shadows giving him no time to recover.

Derpy flew off down the hallways avoiding guards and the sounds of fighting as it seems the riot she caused has freed more prisoners in the resulting fighting breaking out throughout the base. Robots appeared in the hallway in front of her but were attacked by what looks like a pack of giant moles. What looks like Diamond Dog dress in the top part of a red kungfu shirt is fighting against Changlings. A hairy thing is swinging a club around as it bash bio-soldiers, shouting out 'CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!'. Then there were 3 really big and fat guys she thinks like those people in those tanks, but all of them wore just loincloths who slam their big fat butts together shouting 'Time To Sumo Size' that seem to powered them up before they tore into the attacking cyber ninjas.

Finally Derpy found herself in a large camber where she was quickly struck by webs from Other Mother who had spotted her and gave chase with a group of neo-warriors. The webs wrap around Derpy's body cocooning her in a ball that sent her falling on to a control panel. The control panel that controls the portal machine that opens portals around the world.

"So you're the one who caused all of this mess," Other Mother growled as she used her 4 spider legs to walk towards Derpy.

"Sorry about the mess," Derpy said as she shifted around trying to free herself but she could only move her head. Which all of her moving around press random buttons and switches, activating the portal machine. Opening a portal right in the middle of the JL space station's lunchroom. The heroes who were eating all look in shock at the portal that opened in front of them, as well as Other Mother seeing somehow the pony managed to hit the right buttons and switches to open a portal right in the JL space station.

"You got to be kidding," Other Mother said before she was blasted backwards into the group of neo-warriors by a blast of magic from Mildred who's been learning to use her magic from Inza, Doctor Fate's wife.

"Attack!" Holly shouted causing the heroes to snap out of it and charged through the portal.

The heroes quickly pushed the neo-warriors and Other Mother out of the room getting control of the portal. Supergirl once on the other side of the portal scanned around using her super vision and saw that the base is underground in a frozen wasteland. She flew straight up breaking through the different floors till she burst out of the ground and sent out a signal giving out the location of Joykill's base which is in Alaska. Giving everyone the location to send everything they can to put an end to Joykill once and for all.


Author's Notes -

1 - I'm finally going back to work in finishing this fic.