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Final Chapter –

Bruce Wayne step outside of the penthouse overlooking much of Gotham, deep in thought. The attack on Joykill's base took place a month ago and they're still cleaning up the mess. They stop the base from blowing up but after Rorschach killed Joykill the surviving members of his group fled. Two other members were killed during the attack, King of Shadows was killed by Rainbow Brite and her friends, Chrysalis was gunned down and her Changelings with their queen dead shattered to the winds. Then there was No Heart who met his end after being knock into a incinerator, Batgirl didn't switch the machine on but simply refused to save him and watch as he was burn to death. She told him she didn't kill him but that doesn't mean she has to save him either. (1)

Then came what to do with all the prisoners that Joykill and his group captured from other universes. They managed to send most of them back like the ponies but others because of what Joykill did to their worlds using them as testing grounds, there wasn't anything left for them to return to. Both Strawberry Shortcake's group and Rainbow Brite's group had their worlds destroyed and are stuck in this world. They're getting help with Rainbow Brite's group wanting to become superheroes to make good use of their new powers.

He's giving the homeless prisoners without a place to go to some help, like the other members of the JL. Aqua Man is housing the ones who live underwater, like the two merfolk with their young son. The other members are doing their best to help others like Eleanor Lamb's group of Big Daddies and Big Sisters to undo what was done to them to make them into what they became. Which is a common thing found with a child name Painwheel who was made into a living weapon, or a girl name Chara who snap because of what happen to her, along with another girl in a yellow raincoat who never spoke a word. They're getting help to return them back to normal, there are reports and sightings of some teen heroes who seem to be brainwashed like the Titans were but they escape. There are many who escape in all the confusion during the battle with sightings of them now and then. He reviewed the data on the prisoners with many of them very dangerous if left on their own. The Outlaws and JL are on the lookout for them.

Speaking of the Outlaws they're helping with some of the worlds that they managed to find to return prisoners to their own worlds. They're currently trying to free monsters from a vast underground world under a mountain. They're asking for help from the magic users of the JL to undo the magical seal that keeps the monsters underground and keeps the mountain from being damaged. But they already release the monsters from the Underground as they called it by opening a portal to their world and opening another portal to outside the mountain. But breaking the magical barrier would allow the monsters to freeing travel and allow them to get their belongings.

"Bruce come on it's a party," Selena said to him being his date to this party.

Bruce was about to say something with the main doors burst open with a figure that both of them haven't seen in years. A group of gunmen are pointing their weapons at the party guest while the man in the center calmly walk into the room. The man is easily identifiable by his pale bald head and white and yellow suit. He believes himself to be the world's smartest criminal. The villain known as Egghead.

"Egg-cellent party you all having here. Don't mind me, I'm just here for the party favors," Egghead said.

"Egghead you're back?" Tim ask who is with Annie on a date.

"Oh yes, I am back. Seeing how that fellow Rorschach has killed off most of the other villains. I have decided to come back to show how it's done. It nice to fight Batman again without all of those other villains getting in the way," Egghead said.

"I don't think so evil doer," a voice spoke up.

"You're not Batman," Egghead said looking around the room along with his men.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night," a voice called out as smoke appeared on a table. "I am the batteries that are not included.

A short duck wearing a purple costume who isn't wearing any pants appeared on the table once the smoke cleared.

"I am Darkwing Duck," the crime fighting fowl shouted out.

"Why can't you do something like that?" Selena ask Bruce watching the scene.

"Darkwing Duck?" Egghead ask scratching his head.

"What you never seen or heard of my cartoon show?" Darkwing ask.

"Oh your one of those people who were taken from their home universe by Joykill," Egghead said.

"Yup and seeing how the JL are still looking for my universe to send me back. I decided to help them out by kicking the butts of villains like you," Darkwing said.

"Really now," Egghead said as he pulls out an egg and throws it at Darkwing's face which blew up on contact. But to Egghead's surprise Darkwing face was only covered in black ash before he rub it off.

"Oh ho, boss he's still like a cartoon," one of Egghead's henchmen said.

"That's right I am," Darkwing said as he pulls out his gasgun. "Let's get dangerous."

"And why can't you have a catch phase like that," Selena said as she and Bruce watched Darkwing kick butt.

"I don't need one," Bruce said.

"Sure you don't," Selena said.


In another Universe -

Inside the former Space Ranger's HQ space station that over looks the capital planet of the galaxy they're in, a meeting is taking place. The surviving members who were inside the base at the time are in the room, some like Oogie Boogie had reformed back to normal, along with Kain who lost most of his body after fighting the heroes. No Heart, King of Shadows and Chrysalis had fallen during the attack. It's been a month since the attack with Voltage taking command with Joykill speaking through a comlink stating that he's recovering from the attack. Voltage step on the platform where Commander Zeb Nebula once spoke to the space rangers, where she type into the computer console on the platform. A large computer screen appeared above her.

"Greetings fellow members of the Council," the voice of Joykill spoke to his fellow council member's minds revealing he's a telepath.

"You have mind powers?" Mimete ask who like Jadeite were off world when the attack came.

"Yes, I'm one of the most formidable telepaths in my universe," Joykill mind spoke.

"Didn't work too well on Rorschach didn't it," Professor Coldheart said.

"His mind couldn't be effected but it didn't stop me from hurting him. The Outlaws and the JL have completely destroyed the base in my universe but of course this is why I planned ahead and expanded our operations to other universes setting up other bases. Always good not to put all of your eggs in one basket," Joykill said.

"What now after we lost our main base and 3 of our members?" Jadeite ask.

"And, I know Batman well enough that he will not stop looking for us," Kyodai said.

"And there is still what the heroes did to us," Garlic Jr said.

"Revenge will come but in due time. It's time to rebuilt and expand the Council," Joykill said.

"Which is why, I like your style," a tall man wearing purple armor and wearing a purple cape said entering the room followed by hornets, robots with brains in jars and little bug like creatures. He is Emperor Zurg the most powerful evil overlord of his galaxy. With him are his killer robots called Hornets, Brain Pods and the Grubs who are moving into their new base outside of their home planet.

"Meet Emperor Zurg who Garlic Jr helped in taking over his galaxy," Joykill said.

"Those rangers fought well but fell," Garlic Jr said.

"Remember when you transformed after Buzz crash his ship on top of you after you killed his team. Oh that face, I had it framed," Zurg said laughing as he handed Garlic Jr a framed picture of Buzz before he was killed.

"Yes that was fun," Garlic Jr said looking at the shock look of Buzz captured in the picture right before he killed the ranger.

"You do know the heroes have fought evil galaxy wide overlords," Morgana said before looking at Kain. "Even beings like Kain here."

"It's the reason why, I have been busy even before the attack," Joykill said.

Teleporters were activated opening portals to other worlds, bringing in beings that Joykill and some of the other members of the Council had met and helped.

Lord Dominator


Saruman the white

Darkstorm leader of the Darkling Lords

Quan Chi

Shang Tsung

Doctor Gero

Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Albert W. Wily


Professor Norton Nimnul

Dr. Barbara 'Babs' Blight


Count Dooku


General Parvo

Queen Morgana

Master Cyclonis


Hawk Moth

The Queen of the Crown


Warhok and Warmonga


The Dark Dragon

Vlad Masters known as Plasmius

Auntie Roon (2)

The computer screen turned on showing the top of a table on the platform Voltage is standing on.

"We are all here for different reasons and have different goals. Some of you, I have saved and others I have offered my services. All of you bring something different to the table that will help all of us get what we want in each of our own universes. All of you, I have picked because of one thing that other villains lack, being able to work in a group without the backstabbing disorder so common in villains. To get control or they no longer need help or just for laughs," Joykill said.

"So true. It's so hard to find good help without worry of them betraying you," Professor Norton Nimnul said.

"But here in the Council there's no need for that. There is no need for backstabbing another member when we're all working together. There's no single planet or universe to fight over as there's are an infinite number of universes out there to be taken. Should there be a time where any of you find yourselves with your backs to the wall, you can always just call in some help from other members or retreat to another universe to pull yourself together," Joykill said.

"With me having my galaxy under my control you can always just come here. Or just to look over all of my surplus weapons and killer robots that, I have just laying around gathering dust," Zurg said.

"It's time to build up our strength and numbers. The heroes of your worlds will fall and be under your rule. Then and only then when all of your goals are done is when I'll return to my world for my revenge against my heroes," the computer screen showing the top of a table showed a small green worm crawling into view.

"There be no longer and need for me to hide behind a mask or a bio-suit. But show who they have really been facing. And they will know the might of Mister Mind," the worm said staring right at the screen. (3)


Author's Notes -

1 - Worked in Batman Begins

2 - List of different universes that the villains came from.

Buzz Lightyear

Wander Over Yonder

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil

Lord of the Rings

Rick and Morty


Mortal Kombat


Sonic the hedgehog


Megaman X

Rescue Rangers

Captain Planet

For Honor

Star Wars


Road Rovers

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice

Storm Hawks

Class of the Titans

Miraculous Ladybug

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Mummies Alive

Kim Possible

Invader Zim

American Dragon: Jake Long

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

3 - Unlike the other villains in Captain Marvel comics he's one of the few Captain Marvel villains who isn't Played For Laughs even before Post-Crisis.

I'll might continue this in another story.

Also a shout out to kaisershin who guessed right.