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"Ino, you have pinpointed the location of our target, correct?"

A woman with her hair in two buns at the top of her head stepped into the dark room, her heels clacking. Four women were already sitting at glowing blue computer screens, typing furiously. Occasional beeping noises would come from the machines.

"Yes, Tenten. All the things are in position. It is located precisely 2.567 kilometers north west away from where you are standing. It is in a building called Manulife, on the top floor."

"Good. Sakura?" the same woman asked again, her wood coloured eyes flicking to the said girl.

"I have found out that the guards change their shifts at exactly 11:40 p.m. It takes about two minutes for the new guard to sign in and take up his post. This gives us exactly 20 seconds to steal our target."

"Of course. Temari?"

A girl with four pigtails at the back of her head didn't look up as she answered, "It is confirmed that there shall be no interruptions. I have organized transport for us. Gaara and Kankurou are driving. We must leave at precisely 11:25 p.m. in order to avoid every single traffic light. I have calculated that they shall all be green if we leave at this time."

"Good. Hinata?"

"N-no weapons are required f-for this infiltration, unless by chance we h-have to knock out one of the guards. If our timing is a-accurate, it shouldn't be necessary. H-however, we m-may run into s-some trouble on our way out, i-if the guards come e-early. A-as you can see, th-there are 10 guards on t-the floor beneath our target."

"Understood. Girls, we can relax now. Our mission is tomorrow anyway," the girl called Tenten said, smiling.

All the girls breathed out a sigh of relief and stopped working at their computers. One by one, they got up, switching off their computer screens. The regular office lights came back on with the flick of a switch.

"Dude, Tenten. How long are you going to be able to do missions on weekends only? Can't you just quit your job?" the girl called Ino asked, flipping her shining straight blond hair over her shoulder.

"Ino, it is called a double identity. Why do you think this triad has managed to evade the police for a couple of decades?"

"I suppose..."

"But couldn't you have at least chosen a less tiresome job? I mean, come on. A job as a lawyer is busy to the extreme!" the girl called Sakura commented.

"Yeah, which is why I'm famous and I get an awesome salary," Tenten replied, smirking at the rosette. "This is the reason we can afford to blow up cash on anything we want."

"True, but aren't you rich enough anyway? I mean, come on. Blood Shuriken is basically the richest organization in Asia...even if innocent civilians don't know about it," Temari said.

"It never hurts to have a little extra cash, you know?" Tenten said, smiling. "Anyway, guys, we're going to have to go to bed a little earlier tonight."

"But Tenteeenn, it's Saturday night! I mean, what losers don't go to a night club on Saturday nights?!" Temari exclaimed.

The other girls smiled and nodded. Tenten looked a little doubtful.

"W-we can sl-sleep in tomorrow. G-Gai and L-Lee will wake us up. They don't drink anyway, so I d-doubt they'd come with us. We won't get drunk. All of us have high tolerances f-for alcohol anyway..." Hinata said, fingering her midnight blue hair thoughtfully.

The other girls looked at Tenten pleadingly. Obviously, she was the one who made all the decisions.

"Fine. We'll go to the regular club. Maybe that way I can gain some information..." Tenten said, sighing.

"Yeah! Hey, can we get Gaara and Kankurou to come?" Ino asked.

"Dude Ino! Are you seriously that obsessed with my brother?" Temari asked, a disgusted look on her face.

"Okay, let's go then..." Tenten said, dragging a hand through hair that she had just pulled out of her hairdo, successfully cutting off the upcoming argument.



In Club SHITE...

Five almost scantily clad girls walked into the club where people were busy getting drunk and basically having sex on the dance floor. Two men followed right after, one with spiky dark red hair, and the other with brown. The rosette was wearing a red halter top that exposed most of her midriff, along with black denim jeans. The two blonds were both wearing tight fitting black tank tops with short shorts that exposed both their legs and their stomachs. The remaining two girls were dressed way more 

conservatively. The blue haired girl was wearing a tight white tank top with dark blue jeans and the brunette was wearing a mid thigh length black dress. All their hair was down.

As soon as they entered, they caught the attention of every person in the room, more specifically the men.

"Hinata, come with me. We can do some spying. It's not like we can trust Sakura, Ino or Temari to do any work now," Tenten whispered, indicating Temari who was already gyrating her hips against a hot guy, and Ino and Gaara who were fucking each others' mouths in the far corner, not wasting any time.

Hinata giggled. "Agreed."

With that, the two of them headed over to the bar counter.

"Yo, Hinata, Tenten...how's it going?" a guy with silver hair that defied gravity, and a scar through his left eye said.

"Hey Kakashi, you got any news for us?" Tenten asked seriously, getting straight to business, after having checked that no one was watching. Hinata was busy making sure no one was approaching.

"Still no signs of a new White Orb leader. I'd say they're lying low. It was a shame that they managed to finish of your leader right after you killed theirs, huh...I suppose it is the famed Hong Kong triad wars," Kakashi mused, whispering.

"Hmm. Just get us two screwdrivers will you? With Absolut Vodka as well, not the cheap crap that useless weak bimbos drink who can't tolerate alcohol..." Tenten said.

Kakashi winked, and then said, "Right on, Tenten."

Hinata turned around, her pale lavender eyes downcast, and sadly said, "To think that I was the one who killed my own father."

"It was the right thing, Hinata. He's the one who kicked you out of White Orb in the first place. You had every right to join our side...and thus infiltrate their headquarters and finish him. Don't feel guilty," Tenten said.

Hinata had been kicked out of White Orb at the age of 6 because apparently she had no killer intent, making her sister Hanabi the heir. Tenten's father had tracked her down and recruited her from the orphanage she had been sent to.

A couple of months previously, Blood Shuriken's leader, or in this case Tenten's father, had issued a mission to Tenten's squad to infiltrate their rival White Orb's base, and kill their leader. The mission succeeded, and Hinata was the one who held the gun towards her father and shot him in the forehead. She hadn't seen him in 17 years. Just last month, White Orb had retaliated and killed Tenten's father while he was out. It was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth scenario. Tenten assumed that White Orb had no new leader. She was now the new leader of her triad.

"Here you go," Kakashi said, sliding two orange drinks in front of the two girls.

"Thanks Kakashi," Tenten said, and sipped her drink.

"You know, Hinata, I'm sort of glad that you were kicked out. Otherwise, I would have never met someone so cool," Tenten said, smiling.

"T-Thank you, Tenten."

The two girls had become best friends, training with each other almost every day after school. The other members of their squad (Tenten, Hinata, Ino, Temari, Sakura, Gaara, Kankurou and Lee) had joined at later points.

"Why don't we dance? I noticed that fucktard with the red tattoos on his cheeks eyeing you. Play him for a while," Tenten said, smirking.

Hinata grinned, and said, "It will be my pleasure!"

Tenten smirked playfully, and after giving Kakashi the money, stood up, and sashaying her hips, walked over to a guy who she knew who had been staring at her chest lustfully the entire night. She wound her hands around his neck and he placed his hands on her hips and they danced. Tenten was just having fun, knowing that she'd injure the guy by dumping him right after.


"Guys, move out!" Tenten yelled, indicating the time.

"Yes!" the girls all replied.

Together, they descended the elevator of their office in a solemn silence, fitting for their black outfits. All girls had their hair tied up and were wearing black tight fitting clothes. In their "handbags" were their black masks, along with odourless chlorine gas, pepper spray and a few knives and gadgets.

As if timed, as soon as they stepped outside, a black aston martin vanquish parked in front of them, the window rolling down consequently.

"Get in," a monotonous voice commanded.

"Gaara, step on it!" Tenten commanded.

Everyone was worried. This mission had to succeed, otherwise it would mean humiliation in the underworld. Within 2 minutes of driving at around 70 kilometers an hour, the car purred to a halt in front of the Manulife building with the famous neon green "Manulife" at the top. They had passed all the streets, not having to stop for the traffic lights.


With that, all the girls, whose faces were now covered with black masks, save for eye slits and mouth holes, ran out of the car door. Tenten beckoned for them to follow her, and they found the button that operated the window cleaners. Waiting approximately 2 minutes for the thing to 

come down, they hopped on and started the machine. Thankfully, it was noiseless.

It was currently 11:39 p.m.

Just as they went past the second last floor, they saw the guards filing out of the room. Tenten stopped the machine, and Sakura immediately started to cut a hole into the side of the building, through the glass window. The girls all barrelled inside silently, making sure to not make any noise.

The room was gigantic, and in the middle was their target.

"Tenten, twenty seconds starting now!" Ino whispered.

Tenten stealthily ran forward without making any sound. She sprayed some white coloured gas around the air in front of her, and she was able to see the laser red beams zigzagging across the room. Cursing slightly, she barely dodged one of them.

Finally, she was in the centre of the room, treading delicately towards the object; a microchip, containing most of the police's information on various criminals.

Just as she was about to swipe the chip, a man clad in black swooped down from the ceiling and took the chip before she could do anything. His long hair swished behind him as he jumped back up using the bouncy cord that he had jumped down with. Looking up in shock, Tenten made eye contact, but she couldn't make out the colour of his eyes. Looking further up, she could see around 3 other men crouched on the ceiling.

"Shit!" she yelled, and doing the smartest thing, set the alarm off. Running towards them, her friends helped her out, and, knowing that the window cleaner would be too slow, they clung onto the cords and slipped down, not noticing the friction burn because of their gloves. Running along the road, a black chevrolet skidded across, the doors opening simultaneously.

"Jump in!" Kankurou called.

The girls wasted no time doing so, and as their car sped off, they could spy a helicopter taking off the building, away from the Manulife building that was now wailing with sirens and had red lights flashing.

"Tenten! What happened?!" Temari yelled.

"I don't know! This guy just jumped in front of me and stole the chip just before I could!" Tenten groaned, putting her head in her hands.

"We saw them too late; they were crouched on the ceiling. One had spiky hair like a pineapple, one had...seemingly blond hair, and the other had a duck but haircut," Sakura said, trying to ease the tension in the air.

It didn't work.

"I can't believe we failed this mission," Tenten mumbled.

"Tenten, it's alright," Hinata said.

"Yeah, and anyway, it's not like it matters, we have all the spies in the world who all know information about every criminal. It wouldn't have made a difference..." Ino suggested.

Tenten sighed, a then mumbled, "I suppose."

Silence descended the people in the car and they could all tell that their leader Tenten was in pain. Hardly ever had she failed a mission.

"Anyway, guys, what's more important now, is that we have a new triad to worry about. I couldn't recognize anyone who I managed to see," Tenten said.

"True," the girls agreed.

"Let's just go to bed, kay Tenten?" Temari said.



"Haha, Neji! Success!" a blond haired man called out, clapping his back.

They were in a huge mansion on The Peak, the best locality in Hong Kong.

"Yeah dude, we did pretty well," the guy with the spiky ponytail said lazily.


"Come on, Sasuke, let's get the booze out to celebrate!"

"Idiot, wait! We still need to discuss more important stuff."

"Yes, Naruto, shut up. We have a new problem," the guy called Neji said, running his fingers through his long coffee hair.

"It seems we have a new enemy," Shikamaru mused.

A little silence descended. Even the normally loud blond had a serious countenance.

"I think it is safe to say that we can pursue this new girl triad without worrying about Blood Shuriken. I mean, it doesn't seem like they have a new leader, right?" Sasuke said.

"As the new leader of White Orb, Neji, I would say that you are in a position to do many things," Shikamaru agreed.

"I'll send Kiba or someone to spy on Blood Shuriken; keeping tabs on them or whatever...right now, we can focus on this new triad that has cropped up. The girl seems interesting. Her movements were well calculated..."

"Hmm, wise decision, Neji."

"Whatever..." he muttered, and sat down on his clean white couch.

"Yeah! Time to partay!" the blond cried out, and ran into the kitchen.

"Dude, if you spill anything anywhere, I will beat the fucking shit out of you," Neji said, his voice low, his lavender eyes flicking dangerously with murderous intent.

"Y-yes, Neji," the blond said, chuckling.

"Good, we can get some rest. Tomorrow, in lunch hour, we can do some investigation about this new triad, okay?" Neji said.


"Hey, Neji, why do you bother being a high rank attorney? I mean, you might as well make this triad shit become your full time job...it's less troublesome, like Shikamaru would say!" Naruto said.

Neji sighed. "Ever heard of double identity? It's the only way people like us can evade the authorities."

"I know, but...it's such a waste of time!" Naruto replied.

"Yeah, but the only reason I'm in the triad anyway, is because I was born into it. Ever think that maybe I'd like to live a normal life, just that I can't? And who says I can't do it via being famous in the lawyer world and earn a great salary?"

"I see..."

"Anyway, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow, our new mission officially starts. Investigate mystery woman."


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