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Chapter 1: What?!




It was a beautiful morning in the little village of South Konoha. Birds were chirping happily as they flew by the cheery village people…everything seemed to be going perfectly until…

"Hinata! RUN!" screamed a pink haired 18-year-old girl who wore forest green cargo pants, a black tank top, a backwards-blue baseball cap, and black and red Nike shoes. The girl held a bunch of water-balloons filled with paint in her arms.

"I'm running as fast as I can Sakura-chan!" replied the girl known as Hinata. Hinata wore purple long sleeved shirt, black cargo shorts and blue Nike shoes, her long hair was tied up in a messy ponytail. She too held a bunch of paint filled water balloons.

"Ah crap if we get caught this time we're dead meat for sure!" Laughed the Sakura as they ran through the early streets of South Konoha.

"Oh yeah! But that's what makes it all so fun! The thrill of getting caught ne?!" Hinata joined Sakura in laughter as they sped through the opening shops.

"Morning Mr. Satoshi!" Both girls hollered as they passed the old man. The man just laughed at the girls as they sped past him.

"Don't get caught girls! Oh! Tell your parents I said hello!" Hollered Mr. Satoshi.

"Yes sir!" both girls saluted him before they both turned around…only to see the face of a woman they never wanted to see…until they got home that is…

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" bellowed a woman who looked to be in her 70's. Her white hair was kept in a neat bun and she dressed like a professional businesswoman.

"Oh…" started Sakura

"Crap…" finished Hinata

Both girls looked at each other before…

"RUN!" They both yelled in unison as they turned around and ran the other direction. But before they could get far they ran right into two big heavily muscled men. The girls panicked so they threw the left over balloons at the guys, but when the guys just stood there staring…they both laughed nervously.

"Any ideas?" Whispered Sakura quietly.

"Nuh uh…we could always just beg…for mercy-" The guys cracked their knuckles menacingly.

"A lot of mercy," replied Hinata as she gulped in horror.

"Okay if we stick together…then we'll be fine okay?" Whispered Sakura as they backed away slowly from the big scary men.


"Hinata, answer me!"



"OH PLEASE SPARE ME!! IT WAS ALL THE PINK HAIRED SHE-DEVIL'S IDEA! I SWEAR SHE FORCED ME TO DO IT!" Hinata begged like there was no tomorrow…Sakura just narrowed her emerald eyes at Hinata.

"You traitor…" Hinata just laughed sheepishly before getting up from her knees and smiling nervously at Sakura.

"Just thought…I'd give it a try…Hehe," Hinata laughed nervously while she rubbed the back of her neck. Sakura just rolled her eyes at her best friends goofy antics.

"You two! I knew it was you who destroyed our school for gifted young women!" The old hag pointed a wooden stick threateningly at the two girls.

"We didn't destroy it! We…just gave it a new paint job is all," Sakura tried to look innocent but the headmistress scoffed at her. Hinata just stood behind Sakura while she stared nervously at the old lady. The headmistress then turned towards the girls and gave them a cold hard stare.

"Oh really? Then why don't we go back to the scene of the crime…and see what your parents think of it ne?" The headmistress smirked victoriously when she saw the worried looks both girls sent her.

"Boys please bring the girls to the school," Commanded the headmistress as she led the way to the school.




"This, dear parents is what you demonic children have done to my school," The head mistress motioned towards a huge school that resembled a castle. Though the school was covered with huge splotches of different colored paint. The girls just grinned at each other and whispered booyah while the connected their fists. The headmistress saw this and her face turned red, due to her boiling anger.

"Oh my…I am very sorry! I don't know what came over my Sakura-chan," Sakura's mother begged for forgiveness…and it made Sakura bow her head in a bit of shame. Sakura's mother was her last and only living relative left, her father died of a serious sickness when she was only 5-years-old. Sakura put her hand on her mother's shoulder.

"C'mon mom…please get up," But her mother stayed in a deep bow.

"No Sakura! Honey…what you did was wrong," Sakura couldn't help but feel guilty when her mother stared at her with intense brown eyes.

"I too am very sorry for what my daughter has done," Hiashi gave Hinata such an intense stare that she had to keep her head bowed down. Hinata's mother had died when she gave birth to Hanabi, Hinata's younger sister. Both Hinata and Sakura came from poor families.

"Well we are expecting some kind of payment you know," When those words left the headmistresses lips Hinata and Sakura's eyes grew wide. They both knew that their families were already struggling with payments as it is.

Both girls dropped to their knees and gave the headmistress their deepest bows.

"No ma'am, please don't make our families pay! We are sorry…please we beg of you don't make us pay a fee," Sakura's forehead was pressed into the earth beneath her as she begged for forgiveness.

"Yeah you know we cannot afford it! Please we'll do anything! Just please don't make our families pay!" Hinata too had her forehead pressed into the ground as she spoke with a quiet voice. The headmistress sighed and looked at the two girls.

"Fine I won't make your parents pay…but you two will have to be sent to a boarding school in North Konoha," The two girl's eyes widened in both shock and excitement. But their parents only stared in Horror.

"No! I won't let my daughter go!" exclaimed Hiashi and Haruka in unison.

"It's either that or you pay 500 dollars for repairs," Said the headmistress sternly…both parents had to bite their tongues in order to stop their harsh words from coming out.

"But! There is a catch…since these two like to dress and act like boys so much…they will be attending an all boys school…and only the principal will know their true identities," The headmistresses words hit Sakura and Hinata like a truck running over a chicken.

"A WHAT NOW?!" Screamed Sakura as confusion shone on her features.

"But I can't do anything around boys! I stutter like a freakin maniac around boys! I-I c-can't g-g-g-go…AH IT'S ALREADY STARTING!!" Sakura had to smack Hinata on the head just to get her to stop rambling on and on.

"I will not let my daughter attend a school with perverted, testosterone driven boys-"

"500 dollars then?" Hiashi reluctantly shut up as the headmistresses stared at him evenly.

"If we agree to go…then you can never ask our families for payment…no matter what we do in the…near future," Sakura smirked while she spoke and Hinata had to resist the urge to slap her face…because she knew her best friend was already cooking up a storm.

"Deal…just as long as I get you two hooligans away from me as soon as possible…oh and by the way…you leave tonight at 7 pm. Oh! Another thing, the principal will be meeting you when you reach North Konoha tomorrow," Replied the headmistress before she left with her two bodyguards.

"Geez! That woman pisses the fuck out of me!" Shouted Sakura as she crossed her arms angrily.

"Yeah…well let's start packing…we only have 10 hours before we leave…" Hinata murmured before she and Sakura headed towards their homes.




"Honey…I'm going to miss you! Please stay safe! And remember when a guy tries to grab you…kick him in the ball-"

"MOM! I get it," Sakura groaned when her mom went on and on about ways to hurt a guy. Haruka then got up and embraced her daughter from the back. Sakura just sighed and returned her mother's hug.

"Mom…I'm going to miss you a lot," whispered Sakura.

"Its okay baby, we'll see each other again…now let's finish your packing," With that Sakura and her mother continued to pack the things she needed.




"Now Hinata…just because you are attending a male school…it doesn't mean you can go around liking boys! I mean-"

"Haha…It's okay dad…I'll be fine…plus I heard cousin Neji was studying there," Hinata, continued to pack the last items that she needed for her trip.

"Yes but he won't be allowed to know it's you…or they could find out you're a girl and then they would…oh no-"

"Dad! Calm down! It's not like that's ever gonna happen!" Hinata reassured her worried father with her soft words.

"You're right…" Hiashi hugged his surprised daughter.

'Wow…dad never used to hug me a lot' thought Hinata before she returned her father's hug.




It was 6 pm…

Sakura and Hinata sat on the village monument, thinking things over.

"Hey Hinata-chan…what do you think of this whole ordeal?" Asked Sakura quietly.

"I think it would be a great experience for us…and I am definitely going to be shit scared," Hinata gave Sakura goofy smile.

"Hey Hinata-chan do you still remember our motto?" Sakura absentmindedly played with her short bubblegum hair.

"Of course…we only say it…like everyday!" Hinata then looked at Sakura.

"Pranksters for life!" Exclaimed both girls as they connected fists.

"Hm…we need a goodbye present for the headmistress…" Hinata spoke quietly.

"Yeah…we need to go out with a bang!" Exclaimed Sakura as she and Hinata looked at each other…and they immediately smirked.

"Okay! We only have one hour! I heard that they're putting up a huge portrait of the headmistress onto the school building tomorrow…and everyone knows that they don't check the picture before it goes up so…" Sakura had a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and Hinata had an evil smirk playing on her lips.

"I'll get the paint and you get the brushes! I'll meet you there in 15 minutes!" With that the two girls split up and they went to search for their much-needed equipment.




15 minutes later…

"All right Hinata this picture is gigantic so you hold the top while I open it," Sakura whispered as she grabbed onto the end of the portrait. Hinata just nodded and held onto the top tightly. The picture was about as big as a house…and when it goes up…it's there for everyone to see…

After running for quite a while the picture was finally fully open. Sakura and Hinata ran all the way to the middle of the picture.

"Whoa she's got more wrinkles than I could of ever imagined!" Exclaimed Sakura.

"Yeah! Oh! Sakura-chan we better hurry before it becomes 7 pm!" Sakura nodded at Hinata's words. Sakura and Hinata grabbed two huge paintbrushes and got to work.

The two girls could be seen running up and down with their paintbrushes swerving on the portrait.

6.45 pm…

"Woo! We are done!" exclaimed Sakura as she wiped the sweat off of her brow.

"Yeah! Man this is a classic ne?!" Hinata just jumped up and down in excitement. Sakura then packed up the paint and the paintbrushes.

"C'mon Hinata…help me roll this up…" Sakura and Hinata both grabbed the end of the picture and did their best to roll it all up.

"Man I just wish we would be here to see their faces!" Sakura punched the air after she spoke.

"Oh crap! Sakura c'mon! We need to get out bags and get to the airport ASAP!" Sakura's eyes widened when she heard Hinata's words. The girls then disposed of the equipment and headed home to get their luggage.




"Flight for North Konoha! Anyone? Okay we-"

"Wait ma'am! We need to get on the plane!" Sakura and Hinata panted as they handed the lady their tickets.

"Very well…please watch your step as you enter thank you!" the lady gave them a forced smile before they entered the plane.

"Man I wonder if their cheekbones ever break from smiling so much," Sakura snickered at her own joke…Hinata just giggled slightly.

"Hm…North Konoha…you better be ready for us!" Exclaimed the girls in unison.




North Konoha airport…

"Okay so we are looking for a pink haired girl with a friend…Ah! There!" A blonde woman with hazel colored eyes called over Sakura and Hinata.

"Girls! Over here!" The busty blond woman hollered.

"Oh! You must be…Tsunade-sama?" Sakura hesitantly spoke.

"Hai! And you must be Sakura and Hinata! I have heard a lot about you…" Tsunade let a kind yet confident smile grace her lips.

"Wow I didn't expect such a pretty lady to be the principal of an all boys school," Whispered Hinata, but Tsunade heard it and she smiled.

"Haha…well trust me when I say that…I am a very feared woman around here," Tsunade said this as if she were talking about the weather. Sakura and Hinata paled a bit…but they kept their smiles up.

"Well girls…let's go visit my school…since none of the boys are there today," Sakura and Hinata nodded nervously before following Tsunade.

"Oh and by the way…welcome to North Konoha,"




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