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Chapter Eleven: Festival part 2!


"Sakura…I couldn't bear the thought of mom loosing you," Those words had done it…Sakura turned around and facing Sasori with her tear stained face.

"Why are you telling me now…niisan,"

"Sakura, please just let me explain this properly…" Sasori suppressed all the different emotions he was feeling and came off a bit more irritated than he had meant to. His younger sister stood there staring at him with tears gently falling down her cheeks.

The red head sighed and began to take a few steps closer but she immediately snapped back to reality and took a step back, holding up one hand while wiping her face with the other.

"No not now nii-san…I don't want my whole day to be ruined," Sakura roughly wiped the last of her tears before looking at her brother's figure and letting out a tired sigh. She turned around without another word and hauled the unconscious Ino back onto her shoulder.

'Ah…I'm not going to let this get to me…Geez no more crying Damnit' Sakura regained control of her emotions. The pinkette began to walk away without another word.

"I won't let you runaway Sakura," Sakura stopped in her tracks and glanced back at Sasori with a cool look before she let out an audible sigh. The redhead seemed to be a little surprised with the hint of annoyance in her attitude.

"Nii-san, stop being a drama queen. I am not running away. I just thought that not announcing the fact that I was leaving seemed cooler and more dramatic. So cool that I'd turn to ice…" Sakura smirked to add to her 'coolness' and began to make her way back to the festival.

"…Right," Sakura…that was actually so lame I had to suppress a cringe. Sasori stood there for a while with a blank expression, not being able to comprehend how she could say such a lame line with a straight face. After a while Sasori scratched his head and followed after his…odd little sister.

"How she swings from one mod to another baffles me. Ah, I feel like I'm forgetting something," Sasori stopped for a moment to think but Sakura was getting farther away so he shook away his thoughts and picked up his pace.


"Hn," Itachi walked out of an alley way while dusting his clothes off.

"Now, to figure out why I woke up behind a dumpster in an alley way…" Itachi leaned against one of the buildings and began to recap on the previous events.

"How strange…I can't remember. I must have hit my head quite hard," The Uchiha closed his eyes and started coming up with different scenarios that could have lead to his current situation.

"I recall myself being with Sasori…and then the rest is blank. Maybe…" Itachi's eyes widened and his body stiffened.

"No…he couldn't have-no he wouldn't have any reason to…" Itachi felt a wave of betrayal wash over his entire body before he stopped and seriously thought about.

"Ha…no, Sasori would never trip me up, causing my head to hit a brick wall, and drag my body behind a dumpster…no he would never-" Itachi gasped and stood with a jolt.



A shadow lurked between the hand-made food stalls, eyes shining in a mischievous manner. The figure's movements were so elegant that it eased through its obstacles with ease-

-that is until said figure tripped on a plastic bottle and got oh so friendly with the ground.

Hinata quickly scrambled to stand and dusted her self off with her head held up high, pretending as if nothing happened…which completely failed as people sent the poor teen stares of concern and particular stares that one would send to a moron.

"Alright Hinata! We can do this! Now is the time to start operation 'split'!" Hinata hyped herself up for her plan while she tightened the bandana around her head as if to emphasise her 'determination'.

"I won't do anything bad to either of them because I'm only…investigating," Hinata chuckled to herself as she began following Naruto and his date from a distance. Yeah…no matter how much you look at it this is what you would call…stalking.

Hinata continued her attempt at stealthy-ness as she followed the couple through the mass of bodies. When her targets stopped at a food stall she quickly darted to the opposite stall, hiding around the corner. Hinata focused her hearing on the two teens.

"Yeah so then Sasuke and I just drove off!" Hinata's ears perked at the sound of that sexy boyish tone that always seemed to drive her-ahem…she came to the conclusion that Naruto had just told the girl about one of his adventures.

"Hahahahahahaha," Hinata's eyes narrowed at the high pitched laugh that filled the air. Any moron could make that out as a fake laugh-

-"Glad you enjoy it!" Hinata had to sigh…this was Naruto…

"That stupid bimbo with her fake laughs! I would be totally genuine with the guy!" Hinata seethed in her little corner. Just hearing that unbearable pitch over and over again was enough to drive her up a wall.

"Oh c'mon…'Hahahahahahaha' she says! Damn airhead," Hinata scoffed and folded her arms across her chest. She was too annoyed to keep an eye on the two so she turned her head…only to come face to face with…another face. To be specific, it was a blue-ish face.

"Gah!" Hinata had to step back as the guy was so close their noses were almost touching.

"Hm…why do you laugh like a…retard?" Hinata scrambled backwards and stared at the towering figure with a gaping mouth.

"What…do you mean!" Hinata placed her hand over her chest, hoping it would slow down her rapidly beating heart.

"Oh well…I was just wondering why you were laughing in a pitch that made it seem like someone squeezed your…marbles-"

"Why are we talking about marbles?"

"No, uh, I meant family jewels,"

"My family has no jewels! You lie!" Kisame grunted in annoyance.

"Your sacks,"

"Sacks...as in potato sacks? I don't have any sacks with me-"

"Your nuts!" Kisame's patience with this fool was wearing thin.

"Oh if you wanted nuts they're selling them over there for only-"

"Your balls man! Your god damn balls!" Kisame huffed as he watched the confusion on Hiroki's face slowly turn to realisation…to which he inwardly screamed 'finally!'

"You should have said so earlier! Haha! You can win a few bouncy balls at that stall over there-"

"OH MY BUDDAH^&%!%#$#$" Hinata watched with slight worry as the tall shark-man's face twisted in agony while he tried to pull his own hair out.

"Poor guy…it's alright…we all go a little crazy at times you know," Hinata patted Kisame's shoulder while sighing, earning an exasperated look from the taller man.

"I am not going crazy. You are just an imbecile!" Kisame stood up straight and aimed for the shorter boy's neck-

-only to have the shorter boy duck out of harm's way as if he were searching for something.

Kisame sucked a deep breath…trying to calm himself down and fight against the overwhelming urge to kill the moron.

"Oh shit…they got a way! Got to go find them," Hinata turned and was about to dash in the direction she thought Naruto would have gone to but a strong arm held her back.

"What are you doing anyway?" Kisame watched the boy in front of him wring his wrists, looking quite guilty over something.

"Well…err how do I put this I was…no actually you could say I was…no well you see-who are you?" Hinata looked on at the gigantic man with 'clueless' written all over her face. Kisame was taken aback by the complete change of subject…

"Oh…well I'm Kisame, Hoshigake Kisame. And you are?" Kisame calmed down completely now that there were no more frustrating answers.

"Oh well I'm Hyuuga Hiroki! Nice to meet you and all but why are you still hanging with me?" Kisame felt a little insulted but by the boy's face he knew it was an innocent question.

"Well…okay I was going around buying another ton of food because I finished my first batch! Then Deidara and I had a race to all the stalls until some little girl called us fat! Then Deidara ran away and I ran the other way so-" Hinata blanched at the taller male. He was babbling and she wasn't really keen on listening to his whole life story of the day.

"Right. Well I have to go investigate something! I'll see you later!" Hinata tried to make a quick getaway but was halted by a small whimper. She gulped and rigidly turned back to see a pouting Kisame…which wasn't really a pretty sight.

"Alright…you can come with but we can't be seen or heard! We're going to follow a certain couple and see what they get up to okay?" Kisame lifted his brow in suspicion as he watched Hiroki's shifty eyes.

"So we're basically going to…stalk someone,"


"No I'm pretty sure it's stalking,"

"Whatever, it doesn't sound too bad! Just don't drop your sacks if we get caught-"

"I already told you I don't have any sacks-"

"Oh for the love of-NO we are not doing this again…I fear for my sanity. Anyway lead the way…stalker," Hinata stuck her tongue out at the male before weaving through the crowd of bodies, trying to spot blonde and orange.

Hinata and Kisame stayed in the shadows as they crept around the crowd of people. The pearl-eyed female did her best to ignore that annoying feeling of getting caught red-handed. Her nerves must have been on overdrive because the feeling was almost palpable…almost like she could hear her own fear as if it were someone breathing quite loudly. As if those inhales and exhales were right down her neck-

-"Oh my Buddha! Kisame! Stop breathing so loudly! And stop breathing on me! This is where we should be stealthy!" Hinata crossed her arms across her chest while she grumbled at the tall male.

"Ehehe…erm…yes well you see I don't do very well with stealth. I'm more of a charge in head first kind of guy…and creeping around makes me nervous!" Hinata sighed in frustration at the whining male and waved her hand to shut him up.

"Ok whatever…but once we find them our plan is to split them up yes?" Hinata smirked when Kisame nodded eagerly.

"Right then…now how to split them up…" Kisame and Hinata stopped everything for a moment and just stood there thinking.

"Ah!" Both Kisame and Hinata had come up with an idea at the same time.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking!" Kisame looked excitedly over to the shorter boy, waiting for the answer.

"I think I am!" Kisame smirked smugly and held his head up high at Hiroki's answer.

"Good, then this means we're going to wait and observe how the two act and then we will-"

"Hit the girl over the head with a hammer-"

"Er…no…I was thinking more along the lines of-"

"Tackling her into oblivion,"

"Grr…no! I meant without causing too much of a scene! For instance we could-"

"Strategically place a severely slimy banana peel in front of her-"

"OH DEAR KAMI IN HEAVEN! Alright Kisame calm down…no I will not relive this stupidity again. Anyway…we are going to observe them and see how they behave, yes? Then we will –No do not interrupt me or I will shove my foot where the sun does not shine- somehow lure them away from each other and viola! Successful split up," Kisame crossed his arms across his chest, looking slightly heroic.

"My saviour! Alright now that the plan is sorted out let's go find them!"


"No…I refuse to believe Sasori would ever…oh no what if my theory of…oh my…" Itachi was crouched down against the wall looking as if he were in the midst of an internal battle with himself.

With a sudden jolt of loyalty and guiltiness the handsome Uchiha shot up into a standing position and crossed his arms over his chest, a passive look adorning his features.

"No. Sasori would never rape me…no matter how sexy I am. Our friendship is strong and our bonds stronger…this sounds contradictory coming from my mouth for some odd reason-"

"Hn…" With the shock of not being able to sense someone else near him Itachi slowly turned around to see a slightly disturbed looking red-head.

"Ah…you heard all that scary panda-child?" Gaara narrowed his eyes at the older man but nodded his head anyway. Itachi looked a little annoyed but sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Well I'm guessing you were with that boy with abnormal pink hair so you're also from All Boys Konoha high right?" Itachi eased back into his usual blank look as he spoke to the tall red head.

"Hm…what's it to you?" Itachi smirked at the boy's show of hostility but he didn't do anything other than shrug.

"Sasori and I chased you two but somehow I ended up here…come now panda-boy with insomnia…let's go find our friends," Gaara closed his eyes and took in a deep breath in order to calm the need to feel the older boy's face crushed against his fist.

"Che…Go by yourself," Gaara made a move to walk away but was stopped by Itachi's passive tone of voice.

"You're looking for your pink haired boyfriend and I'm looking for mine-"


"Ahem…you're looking for your pink haired boyfriend and I'm looking for…my red haired friend. So it's better if we look for them together," Gaara stared at the older man questioningly.

"Look, I have no business with you whatsoever so leave me alone before I beat you to a bloody pulp," Gaara tried to leave it at that but once the older Uchiha let out a chuckle, snapping Gaara's patience. The redhead growled before lunging for the older boy.

Itachi smirked, easily avoiding his punch and grabbing Gaara's extended fist, twisting it around until he had Gaara slammed against the brick wall. The younger boy winced when he face met with the solid brick wall.

"Don't be so ferocious panda-child. I'm not a bad guy. I need you to take me to your friend…who is most likely with the person I'm looking for," Itachi sighed at the unnecessary violence.

"Why must I help you? First of all I don't help people out. Second…you creep me out," Itachi was about to retort but then he shut his mouth and thought over the last bit and sadly…he agreed with the younger boy. He sighed for the second time and let go of the boy.

"This is a win-win situation as we both know you are not allowed you of the school grounds…without a chaperone and I find my friend," Gaara glared at Itachi knowing he was right. Without another word the redhead whirled around and stomped off angrily. Itachi stood there with a blank expression before shoving his hands into his pockets and following after the temper mental redhead.

"That's more like it…Pandas are friendly creatures,"

…And a vein pops.


"Hiroki…pssst Hiroki! I found them come here!" Kisame snickered to himself as he called the moronic boy over.

Hinata's pearly orbs widened at the news and she quickly made her way over to the shark man without hesitance. Once she reached the tall man's side she peered around the stall corner and there was Naruto and his date leaning against a small make-shift counter. Hinata's eyes softened at the sight of the bright boy but they immediately blazed in fury when they shifted over to the girl who was practically draping herself over him.

"Okay so do you remember the plan Kisame?" Kisame shot the younger boy a worried look and opened his mouth to say something only to close it…before opening it once again.

"I…came up with it so yes I remember…now the questions…do you?" Hinata rolled her eyes and the stupid shark-person and huffed.

"Yes…I do remember…though I think it would be better if we had some sort of you know…hammer action in there-"

"Enough with the hammers and the knives and the rubber duckies! Lets'…just get this over and done with," Kisame sighed and rubbed his temples before patting the kid on the shoulder and sneaking off to do his part.

"Okay Hinata…we can do this! Just channel Sakura-chan's strength I we get weak!" Hinata grinned when she remembered her best friend's insane strength coupled with uncontrollable…violence. Yeah okay maybe not the best person to channel during an operation which needed to be handled delicately.

Hinata shook her mind clear and focused on her blonde target. She just needed to wait for the signal…and then she'd jump in for her part.

Pearly orbs caught something blue-ish near the far right and immediately recognised it as Kisame, her partner in crime. Once she caught site of what exactly was in his hands, excitement began to bubble within her. It was almost her turn.

'Remember Hinata…handle this delicately!' Hinata reminded herself before waiting for Kisame to make his move.


"FREE DIAMOND RINGS THE SIZE OF AN ERASER!" As soon as those words flew out of the older boy's mouth, every girl in the vicinity turned their heads, including Naruto's date. They all looked like predators…eying out their prey.

"Oh dear gods in heaven…I think this was a mistake," Kisame squeaked out before he broke into a desperate run. The second his feet began to move…the crowd of teenaged females roared in a feral manner before beginning their chase. Within the span of five minutes the area was clear of all females…only leaving the guys…and a very confused Naruto.

"Right…and this isn't 'causing much of a scene'? Meh I got what I wanted!" Hinata giggled and came out from behind the stall, walking up to Naruto as if she too were confused about the commotion.

"Hey Naruto, do you know what just happened?" Hinata acted as if she had no idea what was happening. Though in her mind she was cheering her accomplice on to survive the stampede.

"Oh hey Hiroki, no I'm just as lost as you are…anyway what have you been up to?" Naruto turned to the shorter boy and flashed him one his bright grins that could instantly lift your mood. Hinata's eyes softened at the sight and she grinned back at the blonde boy.

"Nothing much, just been working the stall and…observing the crowd," Naruto chuckled and scratched the back of his neck.

"Oh that's a bummer! You should go and grab yourself one of these girls…and man trust me…they laugh at anything," Hinata narrowed her eyes and forced a smile onto her lips.

"Yeah…I bet they do. With that annoyingly fake laugh, no?" Naruto stopped and stared at the pearly eyed boy in front of him. Hinata hoped she hadn't seemed obviously jealous.

"Bro…who cares! They're hot! Don't tell me you really are ga-"

"No Naruto I am not gay. I'm just used to seeing beauties like the ones back home," Hinata smirked…she had a plan. HAHAHAHA…

"Beauties back home? Whoa wish there were some of them here…haha why do you know any Hiroki-kun?" Naruto waggled his eye brows to add to his teasing effect but Hinata had other plans.

"Yes…and she's related to me…I could you know…introduce you," Hinata inwardly pumped her fist in victory when Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief.

"R-R-Really now…ahem…well if you want to I mean you don't have to-"

He was rambling, a sign that he took the bait.

"Yeah she's really great! Has the same eyes as Neji and I," Naruto grinned because everyone knew that Hyuuga eyes were fantabulously awesome and other could just suck it…except for Sakura-chan though! She had pretty eyes too! Hinata grinned at her logic.

Hinata didn't want to use herself as an example because he might get suspicious so she decided to use the closest person to her profile.

"Alright Naruto-kun, just imagine a female version of Neji-niisan! There you have it! A true beauty!" Hinata was overflowing with pride at her example. Naruto however, didn't feel the same way. His grin dropped into a frown and his eyes narrowed as he tried to imagine a female version of Neji…it wasn't going so well.

Neji, Hyuuga Neji. Female version…

The long flowing chocolate coloured hair. Good. Translucent lavender orbs. Great. Pale complexion. Superb. Broad shoulders. Alright. Strong jaw line. Tolerable. Muscled physique. A bit over board. Permanent scowl. Bad. Stick-up-the-ass attitude. Awful. Now put all of that into a pale pink and frilly dress. Abominable. Monstrous. Horrifying. Hell no.

"Like…Neji you say…haha well you see I have to be uh…well I'll see you later Hiroki and don't go through the trouble of hassling your uh relative!" Hinata was too shocked to speak as he looked at the look of fear passing through those cobalt orbs she liked so much.


"Please….please do not bother her with the likes of me! Byes!" With that the blond left the other boy in a stunned silence.

"W-What did I do wrong?" Hinata grabbed her bandana covered head and hit herself a few times before dragging her feet to her dorm so she could sulk for the remainder of the day.



"Gaara! Come out you stupid panda!" Sakura ignored her older brother and adjusted Ino on her shoulder before calling out for the redhead once again.


"Gaara I got Ino so c'mon!" Sakura was getting tired of screaming and all she wanted to do was lie down. Her body was still sore from the earlier beating.


"Gaara, we'll get our asses handed back to us by Tsunade if we don't get going now," Sakura groaned when the shoulder Ino was resting on ached in protest at the foreign weight.


"What nii-san?" Sakura turned around to face Sasori with a bored look. Sasori scowled at this but he sighed and motioned for her to pass the unconscious girl over.

"I'm fine Sasori-niisan…It's not her, it's my shoulder," Sakura grumbled when she adjusted Ino again so it could be more comfortable for her.

"I know it's your shoulder. I relocated it when you were unconscious," Sakura winced at his tone. She sighed as it reminded her of when they were kids and he'd tell her off for being reckless.

"Nii-san its fine-"

"No it isn't fine Sakura! Why are you so reckless? You were up against a whole gang for heaven's sake! Why did mother send you here? Does she not care-"


"Sakura why did she-"

"This was my fault and my fault alone nii-san don't blame mom," Sakura sighed and explained in a bored tone as she glanced back her brother with a small smile. Sasori almost stopped because that was a genuine smile. He didn't deserve those.

"Niisan stop being a mood killer! It is okay I'll explain to you back at the dorm. Just help me find that stupid panda-"

"Who's a stupid panda?" Sakura laughed and went to explain.

"Oh well it's that redhead, Gaara-," Sakura stopped and noticed the voice was more boyish than her brother's.

"So you're calling me a panda right in the open Haruno?" Sakura stopped in mid-guffaw and slowly turned to the owner of that malicious voice.

"…Gaara…strong, handsome, could-beat-my-ass-in-a-second- Gaara, old friend…" Sasori stared at the two teenagers and sighed. He also happened to notice Itachi appear beside him…staring at him accusingly. And he knew why.



The two stared at each other until Itachi began to speak…

"Hey…yeah so I woke up behind a dumpster…"

"Oh yeah…sorry about that,"

"Okay I'm not going to beat around the bush did you rap-"

"No I did not touch you Itachi. Get those fantasies out of your head. I heard a scream and we both ran…you ran into me and fell back against the brick wall until you landed behind that dumpster," Sasori felt sorry for his friend's mental issues. The guy was smart as hell and menacing in his own passive way but leave him to his thoughts for a while and hell breaks loose.

"Oh how humiliating. So my sexiness didn't tempt-"

Sasori secretly marvelled at how the Uchiha could talk in such a way while keeping up his blank mask.

"Itachi, I do not find you sexy in any way,"

"I see…so I ended up-"

"Yes you did that yourself,"

"And yet in my state of vulnerability you still did not-"

"Itachi, as one of your best friend, I advice you stop entertaining such…thoughts,"

Sasori gave Itachi a slightly worried look as the Uchiha returned it with a simple nod of his head. Sasori worried for his mentally unstable friends sometimes and just how in the Buddha's name he had ended up with them. Sasori glanced back at Itachi and the two stared at each other blankly for a while in utter silence…

"Sasori," Itachi cleared his voice.

"Itachi," Sasori nodded his head.

"I'm not gay," Itachi clarified blankly

"I know," and Sasori nodded


The two looked back to the front and noticed that both Sakura and Gaara had stopped their arguing and were currently giving them slightly horrified looks. Sasori closed his eyes and began to the rub the bridge of his nose while Itachi stood there with a blank look.

"Right…anyway…Gaara I know you have your anger management issues and all but please don't kill me?" Sakura let out a nervous chuckle before adjusting Ino on her shoulder. The redhead only gave her a menacing glare.

"Insulting me in between every sentence that comes out of your mouth isn't helping you Haruno," Gaara smirked when the shorter of the two huffed in anger.

"Yeah, well I'll stop when you stop acting like such an asshole," Sakura straightened her back, wincing a little but still managed to look Gaara straight in the eye. Gaara on the other hand didn't understand the strange feeling of intimidation he felt course through his veins, though it was gone as soon as it came.

The air between the two got thick with tension and Sasori realised how serious the situation was getting. His sister had been roughed up enough for a week today and he took a step forward with the need to protect her. However he was quietly held back by Itachi, much to his annoyance.

"What are you-"

"They're young boys Sasori. They need to do this by themselves," Sasori bit his tongue so he wouldn't say anything that would risk Sakura's identity.

"Yes but S-" Sasori stopped himself as he realised he had forgotten what Sakura's alias was. Worried honey coloured eyes shifted towards his younger sister as she glared right back into the taller boy's menacing stare.

Anything…even a single word or sentence could set the two off at this moment…

"You can't hurt me," Sakura took a step closer and her grip on Ino tightened in anticipation. Their chests were only an inch away. Gaara smirked at Sakura's bravery but he angled his head in a way that allowed him to look more frightening.

"Oh really? Want to bet on that…pinky?" Sakura growled as she narrowed her emerald orbs at glaring jade.

"Right now…yeah I'm pretty confident," Sakura smirked, much to Gaara's annoyance. Gaara for a moment thought he was staring at a girl when he saw the smirk. He inwardly scolded himself for having such…thoughts. He couldn't deny the high cheek bones, flawless pale skin, plump pink lips and those stunning orbs.

Gaara stopped all thoughts…he was DUDE for heaven's sake! Oh hell no!

"You're going to die today Haruno!" Gaara made to swing his fist but Sakura used Ino's body to block, which effectively stopped the redhead.

"I'm with child-I mean injured!" Gaara snarled and went in for another hit but Sakura ducked and forced her aching legs to bolt in the direction of their school. Gaara laughed at her lame attempt at escape and followed after.

Sasori and Itachi walked after the two. Sasori had to squash the desperate need to run after the two but it would look suspicious to the older Uchiha.

"Ah shiiiiit! My lungs are gonna dry up!" Sakura panted as she ran for her life, constantly adjusting her blonde friend. The pinkette was still pretty fast despite the extra weight…though Gaara had always excelled in all sports.

"You're dead pinky!" Gaara was nearing them and Sakura couldn't help but feel the rush of adrenaline fill her system, urging her to go faster.

"The walls…I'm almost safe! I SEE THE WALLS!" Sakura was almost crying in happiness when she spotted the familiar walls of their school.

"Almost there-"

"Gotcha!" Sakura's eyes widened in fear as she felt the strong grasp at the back of her shirt. She felt herself falling and she knew Ino would get injured if she didn't do something.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shiiiiit!

Sakura tugged Ino down by the legs and made sure her head was safely cradled against her shoulder. Sakura prepared herself when Gaara instantly let go of her shirt causing her to tumble forward.

"Ah fuck!" Sakura's shoulder took most of the impact as she tightened her hold on the unconscious Ino. Gaara on the other hand lost some of his rage at the pained face the pinkette was making…it almost made him feel bad. Almost.

"Ugh…" Sakura slowly rolled Ino off of her as she automatically grabbed hold of her shoulder with her free hand.

Sasori heard his sister's hisses of pain when they had finally caught up and immediately ran to her side. Auburn eyes narrowed at the pained shoulder and began to assess the wound, though when he found nothing was seriously injured he sighed.

"You're shoulder's alright kid, its just sore since you landed on it, especially since it was dislocated earlier on," Sasori grabbed Sakura's hand and put it on her lap before placing his own over her injured shoulder. The pinkette closed her eyes and let her older brother take care of it.

"I'll try to relieve some of the pain, ne," Sasori started after getting nod from his younger sister and began to gently massage the injury.

"Ugh…Damnit care to be a little nicer?" Sakura bit her lip and tried to suppress her girlish whimpers with all her might.

Gaara watched the two and couldn't help but feel the concern radiating fro the older boy. He didn't understand how one could care so much for someone else…his eyes narrowed in confusion and without knowing, he was tracing over his tattoo. He snapped out of it soon and let out a grunt before picking up the forgotten Ino.

"Che. I'll let you off this time pinky," With that Gaara began to walk back to the school, inwardly denying the foreign feeling of guilt creeping up his spine.

"I will get you back ! I SWEAR IT!" Sakura's chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath after screaming so loudly. Sasori smirked at the pinkette and sat back after finishing his massage, only to tease her.

"No matter how much anger you put into that…it still sounds ridiculous-"


"Sorry, what?"



Sasori noticed Itachi crouching beside him and stared back blankly into the Uchiha's narrowed and calculating gaze…

"Why don't you ever massage my injuries hm?"

Sasori let out a long sigh…


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