Witch's Runes

Summary: Bella is a solitary Witch. After being repeatedly harassed by her classmates in Phoenix her mother sent her to live with her father in Forks, Washington before things get out of hand. Bella was reluctant to leave that is until someone broke into her house and trashed her room destroying everything in it. What will happen when Bella moves to Forks?

Seven people were standing in a circle in the middle of the forest. But these were not just ordinary people, they were a coven of Witches. They were holding hands and chanting. Suddenly one of them, a girl with black hair, froze. Jasper, her boyfriend, came up and crouched down in front of her.

" Alice?" He asked making sure she was okay. Alice snapped out of her trance and a huge smile appeared on her face.

" Someone's coming." She whispered happily to him. Jasper sighed, relieved that she was fine.

" What did you see?" Asked Carlisle.

" Someone's coming." She repeated louder. Everyone in the coven started talking all at once, all except one named Edward. He was the loner and the quiet one of the group.

" Quiet!" Yelled Carlisle. They calmed down. Carlisle turned back to Alice.

" Who's coming?" He asked her kindly.

" A girl. Do you remember Chief Swan?" She asked him. The exchanged grimaces. Of course they remember him. It's nothing personal, but he had arrested each one of them at least once on faulty charges. If something goes wrong in Forks everyone points in their direction. But Charlie Swan has nothing against them, it's just his job.

" Yeah, what about him?" Asked Emmett.

" His daughter is coming here to live with him." Alice answered.

" And what has that to do with us? You only have visions when it concerns us." Said Rosalie. She was getting annoyed at Alice's answers.

" Yes, please tell us what she has to do with us." Asked Esme. Alice looked at each member of the coven, lingering at Edward a little bit longer.

" She's a Witch."