Hello wonderful readers!

I know some of you are digging out your pitch forks and torches and coming to break down my door because I haven't updated in centuries. But I have an excuse! I have lost my muse for a while and couldn't decide where I wanted this story to go. Now here's how you can help me. I have a poll up right now on my profile that I need all of you to vote on. The poll is a choice between what kind of magic the Cullens and Bella use. So it's either visible magic like Eragon (this is just an example, I'm not going to copy anything), where you can see it, or do you guys just want them to follow the pagan religion. Poll end's on July 26, 2009.

Oh! And I plan to go back and edit and add stuff to the previous chapters to make them better.

Your Writer,

Blue eyed vampwolf.